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Thursday 26th April 2018


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New road rules apply from tomorrow

Article Category  Community Interest
Date Published  Friday, June 30 2017

New road rules apply from tomorrow
Whilst the new law requiring motorists to slow to 40 kilometres per hour when passing emergency vehicles displaying flashing red, blue or purple lights has been well publicised, there are other new road rules and clarification of existing rules that will also be enforced from tomorrow, the 1st of July .

Approaching and passing stationary or slow - moving police vehicles, emergency vehicles, enforcement vehicles and escort vehicles

A 40km/h speed limit applies when passing a stationary police vehicle, emergency vehicle, enforcement vehicle and escort vehicle with flashing red, blue or purple lights or sounding an alarm.

Use of mobile phones by cyclists

The same restriction on the use of a mobile phone that apply to motor vehicle drivers will now apply to cyclists, those travelling in or on a ‘wheeled recreational device’ and drivers of a vehicle that is not a motor vehicle. The current penalty for a breach of this rule is an on-the-spot fine of $476.

Cyclists and coaches can now use bus lanes

Riding a bicycle and driving a coach in bus lane (unless otherwise signed) is now permitted.

Intersections with bicycle turning lights

A motor vehicle turning at an intersection with bicycle turning lights must now give way to any bicycle in or near the intersection or crossing the road that the vehicle is entering.

Other road rules that have been changed to clarify when they apply include the following:

Stopping in a loading zone

This rule has been clarified to include the requirement that a goods carrying vehicle should be only used in a loading zone to pick up or drop of goods.

Making a vehicle secure

The rule was amended to allow a refrigerated food transport vehicle to be left running for the purpose of food safety.

Vehicle must not be driven with an empty bicycle carrier attached

This rule has been removed.

Buses at level crossings

This rule that required buses to stop between 3-12 m from boom gates, and must not change gears as they cross the crossing has been removed.

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