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Thursday 26th April 2018


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New regulations support safe farm chemical use

Article Category  Ag and Environment
Date Published  Thursday, July 20 2017
Author  Agriculture Victoria

New regulations support safe farm chemical use
Victorian farm chemical users are set to benefit from reduced government red tape regarding requirements for agricultural and veterinary chemical use.

The Agricultural and Veterinary Chemicals (Control of Use) Regulations 2017 come into effect on 23 July, 2017.

Agriculture Victoria Acting Principal Policy Officer Michael Laity said the regulations had been updated to ensure they remained the most effective means of regulating agricultural and veterinary chemical use in Victoria.

Victorian farm chemical users should note that the regulations include the following changes:

  • simpler and more flexible record keeping requirements for farm chemical users;
  • amended product labelling and advice notes requirements for veterinary practitioners and stockfeed manufacturers;
  • clearer notification responsibilities for aircraft or mister spraying near sensitive services;
  • additional aerial spraying equipment options for pilots;
  • recognition of permits issued by the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA) to use ‘restricted use’ chemicals not in accordance with the product label (off-label), which will reduce duplication in government processes; and
  • introduction of a new offence regarding the possession of certain high risk unregistered chemicals.

    Under the new possession offence, people may no longer keep chemical products containing arsenic (note this excludes currently registered copper chromium arsenate products); fenthion; fenthion-ethyl; parathion; parathion-ethyl; parathion-methyl; or strychnine.

    "These are all high risk unregistered chemicals that pose significant risks to human and animal health, the environment and trade," Mr Laity said.

    "Responsible agricultural and veterinary chemical use is critical to protecting and enhancing consumer confidence and market access."

    "Farm chemical users are advised to check if they have any of these chemicals in their possession, and to take steps to safely dispose of them via a licenced waste disposal company or chemical collection program, such as ChemClear."

    Unwanted chemicals can be registered for collection with ChemClear by phoning 1800 008 182 or visiting the ChemClear website.

    For more information about the current Regulations and agricultural and veterinary chemical use in Victoria, visit the Agriculture Victoria chemical use website here

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