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Friday 25th May 2018


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Council approves 2017/2018 budget

Article Category  Current News
Date Published  Monday, August 28 2017

Council approves 2017/2018 budget
Hindmarsh Shire Council adopted its 2017-2018 budget last week after giving consideration to a number of public submissions they received.

Hindmarsh Shire Council Mayor Debra Nelson said that the budget is balanced.

“The budget has a good balance of initiatives, designed to grow our economy and improve the amenity and liveability of our Shire, as well as maintaining our existing service levels together with maintenance and renewal of our assets,” she said.

“Hindmarsh Shire Council’s rates and charges income accounts for less than 50% of the income required to provide services and maintain assets and infrastructure throughout the Shire and as a consequence are reliant on Federal and State Government funding to make up the shortfall.”

The Dimboola Community Civic Hub Project
State Government funding from the Living Libraries’ program will ensure that the development of The Dimboola Community Civic Hub project will commence this year, despite Council’s disappointment in not securing federal funding for the project.

The project now has a budget of $0.7 million instead of the original $1.6m, but revised plans will allow for further development as funds become available.

Dimboola and Rainbow Skate Parks
The State Government also supplied matching funds to allow the construction of new Skate Parks in Rainbow and Dimboola.

“Tenders for these two projects are expected to be awarded in the next month and construction is expected to take 2 to 3 weeks for each park,” Cr Nelson said.

Read more about the skate park projects here - Funding secured for new Dimboola and Rainbow Skate Parks (January 16, 2017).

Above - an artist’s rendition of the new Dimboola Skate Park.

Albacutya Bridge
“The Albacutya Bridge is nearly 100 years old and due for replacement. Council recognises that the bridge is an important piece of infrastructure, particularly for the agricultural related businesses in the area, and allocated funding last year of $500,000 and has committed further $325,000 in the current budget towards the estimated replacement cost a total of $ 3.3 million.

“Unfortunately, Council has no capacity to fund this project without a significant contribution of funds from other levels of Government. Despite an unsuccessful application to the Building Better Regions Fund, Council will continue to seek funding for this vital project,” Cr Nelson said.

A load limit was placed on the Albacutya Bridge in January 2016. Click here to read more - Load limits for Albacutya Bridge (January 12, 2016)

Other Funding Initiatives
“Council recognises the importance of our volunteers and business owners and will continue to provide support to both groups through our Community Assistance Grants and Business Assistance Grants Programs.

“Likewise funding for the Youth Council and Town Committees will continue to empower these groups to achieve some great outcomes for our communities,” Cr Nelson said.

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