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Tuesday, October 24 2017


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Flood strategy open for public comment

Article Category  Dimboola Courier > Current News
Date Published  Tuesday, September 19 2017
Author  Wimmera CMA

Flood strategy open for public comment
Wimmera catchment leader David Brennan is inviting the community to have a say on the region’s long-term flood management.

The Wimmera Floodplain Management Strategy Steering Committee has released a draft Floodplain Management Strategy. It is open for public comment until October 13.

Mr Brennan, Wimmera CMA chief executive and committee chairman, says the committee welcomes input into the strategy.

“This project has been a team effort as many organisations have a role in flood management – either prior to, during, or following a flood.

“The committee has considered regional risks and, in consultation with relevant authorities, has developed actions to manage these risks.

“While we have gained a lot of information from the community through recent flood studies, we still encourage people to review the strategy and provide comment.”

Above - Dimboola Weir during the January 2011 floods. The floods prompted a statewide and now a Wimmera strategy for floodplain management. - WimmeraCMA Photo

The aim of the strategy is to document flood risks and actively take measures to manage and minimise these risks, and hence minimise the consequences of floods to life, property, community and the economy.

“This strategy is a roadmap for the work that should be undertaken to build a flood resilient Wimmera community,” Mr Brennan said.

The project steering committee includes Wimmera CMA, GWMWater, VICSES, Barengi Gadjin Land Council and Wimmera councils.

The committee started working on the Wimmera strategy following the release of the Victorian Floodplain Management Strategy in April 2016.

Both initiatives came out of recommendations from inquiries into the record flood events of 2011.
The project is funded by the Victorian Government.

The draft document can be accessed on the Wimmera CMA’s website

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