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Friday 23rd February 2018


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Dimboola claim win in first round of tennis for the season

Article Category  Dimboola Courier > Sport
Date Published  Monday, October 9 2017
Author  Scott Stewart

Dimboola claim win in first round of tennis for the season
Dimboola & District Tennis Association returned to the courts on Saturday with a full round of matches being played with Dimboola and Rainbow playing out a thrilling contest at the Health & Fitness Centre courts in Dimboola.

Home side Dimboola prevailed in the closest result of the weekend when they claimed a six-game win, three points to two.

Playing five men and five ladies, the final result was not decided until the last two sets of the day with Dimboola coming out on top eight sets to seven.

Rainbow started well in the mixed doubles, winning the first three sets of the day with Jason Bigham and Rowena Keller claiming a tie-break win in the opening set before Ryhs Boehm and Tracey Tregenza won 9-5 and Ed and Lauren Hallam claimed a 9-7 win to ensure the opening point of the day.

Dimboola hit back to claim the last two sets which saw them lead on games 38 to 36 but trailing Rainbow three sets to two.

The men’s section belonged to Dimboola when they claimed a four sets, 36 games to one set, 28 games victory.

Josh Cook and Jake Miller started well with a 9-7 win before Tony and Corey Goss teamed for a 9-3 win.

When Miller and Corey Goss claimed a 9-3 win, Dimboola had secured the men’s section as the ladies fought out a tooth and nail battle to the end.

Rainbow’s Rowena Keller and Lauren Hallam started well claiming a 9-4 win before Dimboola’s Karen Bridgewater and Macy Laverty bounced back with a 9-4 win.

The next two sets were shared to level sets at two-all before Tracey Tregenza and Georgina O’Halloran won a close 9-7 battle to ensure Rainbow its second point, three sets, 35 games to two sets, 31 games.

Reigning premier Hopetoun started its defence in winning style when they claimed all five points on offer against Jeparit.

Playing a full complement of six men and six ladies on the Jeparit courts, Hopetoun claimed victory five points, 14 sets, 144 games to four sets, 73 games.

A winning start in the mixed doubles saw Hopetoun ensure the opening point winning the first four sets before Ash O’Halloran and Yolande Hutson claimed a 9-4 win to claim their side’s only set as Hopetoun won five sets, 49 games to one set, 24 games.

The men’s section was a tight battle before Hopetoun ensured victory when they claimed a four sets, 44 games to two sets, 27 games win.

Taylor Donnan and the returning Coleman Schache enjoyed a good battle in the opening set with a 9-7 win before two 9-0 wins gave the visitors the first three sets.

The ladies section was dominated by Hopetoun who won five sets, 51 games to one set, 22 games.

Jacob Holm made a successful return to the court after sitting out all of last season with a knee injury to win two sets for the day, as Donnan, Schache, Mal McLean, Zali Brown, Jonti George and Terri Cook won their three sets for the day.

Warrack Gold made a winning start to the season when they claimed a four points to one win over Brim on the Brim courts.

Playing four men and four ladies, Gold prevailed nine sets, 105 games to three sets, 54 games.
A clean sweep in the mixed doubles saw Gold claim the opening point, four sets, 36 games to Brim’s 14 games.

The men’s section produced some strong tennis throughout the day with three of the four sets being decided in tie-breakers.

Brim claimed the point, three sets, 30 games to one set, 33 games with Gold’s Cameron Clyne and Dave Nitschke claiming a 9-3 win to give their side more games.

But Brim won the three tie-breakers to ensure the point in an even day of tennis.

Gold’s ladies dominated the day claiming four sets to win the point 36 games to 10.

Arkona produced a winning start to the season when they defeated Warrack Maroon on the Health & Fitness Centre courts.

Arkona claimed the day four points, 10 sets, 115 games to one point, five sets, 84 games.

A winning start in the mixed doubles had the home side on its way after Nick Pietsch and Elizabeth Klinge claiming a tie-break win in the opening set before Maroon’s Sean McKenzie and Zannie Malone levelled sets with a 9-3 win.

But the remaining sets belonged to Arkona who claimed the last three sets to claim the opening point four sets, 36 games to one set, 25 games.

The men’s section belonged to Arkona who claimed four of the five sets to win 43 games to 25 with McKenzie brothers Connor and Sean claiming their side’s win 9-7.

Warrack Maroon was able to turn the tables in the ladies section when they won a tight three sets to two win, 34 games to 26.

Teams shared the first four sets before Ellie Baxter and Elodie Greenwood claimed a 9-2 win in the final set to ensure victory.

Three sets winners for the day were Mitchell Jorgensen, Chris Rae, Megan Hutchinson for Arkona while Zannie Malone won her three sets for Maroon.


Dimboola 3 points, 8 sets, 105 games d Rainbow 2 points, 7 sets, 99 games.

Mixed: Isaac & Breanna Eldridge lost to Jason Bigham, Rowena Keller 8-9, Jake Miller, Kate Clark lost to Rhys Boehm, Tracey Tregenza 5-9, Josh Cook, Karen Bridgewater lost to Ed & Lauren Hallam 7-9, Corey Goss, Rachel Baker d Dean Tregenza, Phoebe O’Halloran 9-3, Tony Goss, Macey Laverty d Matthew Thomas, George O’Halloran 9-6.

Men: J. Cook, J. Miller d J. Bigham, R. Boehm 9-7, T. & C. Goss d D. Tregenza, M. Thomas 9-3, J. Cook, I. Eldridge lost to J. Bigham, E. Hallam 0-9, J. Miller, C. Goss d R. Boehm, M. Thomas 9-3, I. Eldridge, T. Goss d E. Hallam, D. Tregenza 9-6.

Ladies: B. Eldridge, R. Baker lost to R. Keller, L. Hallam 4-9, K. Bridgewater, M. Laverty d G. & P. O’Halloran 9-4, B. Eldridge, K. Clark lost to R. Keller, T. Tregenza 2-9, R. Baker, M. Laverty d L. Hallam, O. Halloran 9-4, K. Clark, K. Bridgewater lost to T. Tregenza, G. O’Halloran 7-9.

Hopetoun 5 points, 14 sets, 144 games d Jeparit 0 points, 4 sets, 73 games.

Mixed: Rory O’Halloran, Ebony Spokes lost to Jacob Holm, Zali Brown 2-9, Ben Inkster, Sue Bell lost to Taylor Donnan, Dana Schache 1-9, Chris Ca’ayon, Amanda Brownsea lost to Coleman Schache, Gina Boehm 4-9, Liam Preston, Raylene Werner lost to Mal McLean, Jonti George 5-9, Ash O’Halloran, Yolande Hutson d Oliver Hallam, Courtney Jones 9-4, Max McKenzie, Maddison Price lost to Jonty Bellinger, Terri Cook 3-9.

Men: R. & A. O’Halloran lost to T. Donnan, C. Schache 7-9, L. Preston, M. McKenzie lost to J. Holm, O. Hallam 0-9, R. O’Halloran, B. Inkster lost to T. Donnan, M. McLean 0-9, L. Preston, C. Ca’ayon d J. Holm, J. Bellinger 9-7, B. Inkster, A. O’Halloran lost to M. McLean, C. Schache 2-9, M. McKenzie, C. Ca’ayon d O. Hallam, J. Bellinger 9-1.

Ladies: E. Spokes, A. Brownsea d D. Schache, G. Boehm 9-6, R. Werner, Y. Hutson lost to C. Jones, J. George 6-9, E. Spokes, S. Bell lost to D. Schache, Z. Brown 1-9, R. Werner, M. Price lost to C. Jones, T. Cook 1-9, S. Bell, A. Brownsea lost to Z. Brown, G. Boehm 4-9, Y. Hutson, M. Price lost to J. George, T. Cook 1-9.

Warrack Gold 4 points, 9 sets, 105 games d Brim 1 point, 3 sets, 54 games.

Mixed: Lachie Stewart, Amanda Marshman lost to Phil Huebner, Emma Koschitzke 2-9, David Stewart, Casey Quick lost to Cameron Clyne, Lauren Kellett 5-9, Patrick Lindsay, Merrily Keam lost to Dave Nitschke, Lynley Clyne 3-9, Cameron Blinman, Molly Stewart lost to Chris Kellett, Carolyn Morcom 4-9.

Men: D. Stewart, P. Lindsay lost to C. Clyne, D. Nitschke 3-9, L. Stewart, C. Blinman d P. Huebner, C. Kellett 9-8, D. & L. Stewart d C. Clyne, P. Huebner 9-8, P. Lindsay, C. Blinman d D. Nitschke, C. Kellett 9-8.

Ladies: A. Marshman, C. Quick lost to E. Koschitzke, L. Clyne 1-9, M. Keam, M. Stewart lost to L. Kellett, C. Morcom 2-9, A. Marshman, M. Keam lost to E. Koschitzke, L. Kellett 1-9, C. Quick, M. Stewart lost to L. Clyne, C. Morcom 6-9.

Arkona 4 points, 10 sets, 115 games d Warrack Maroon 1 point, 5 sets, 84 games.

Mixed: Nick Pietsch, Elizabeth Klinge d Connor McKenzie, Ellie Baxter 9-8, Gordon Klinge, Tracey Jorgensen lost to Sean McKenzie, Zandria Malone 3-9, Mitchell & Olivia Jorgensen d Todd & Kelly Krahe 9-5, Trevor McBain, Emily Polack (sub) d Mitch Hadley, Elodie Greenwood 9-1, Chris Rae, Megan Hutchinson d Jonti Hunter (sub) Erin Slater 9-2.

Men: N. Pietsch, M. Jorgensen d C. McKenzie, T. Krahe 9-8, G. Klinge, C. Rae d M. Hadley, J. Hunter 9-1, N. Pietsch, T. McBain lost to C. & S. McKenzie 7-9, M. Jorgensen, C. Rae d T. Krahe, J. Hunter 9-2, T. McBain, G. Klinge d S. McKenzie, M. Hadley 9-5.

Ladies: T. & O. Jorgensen lost to Z. Malone, K. Krahe 4-9, E. Polack, M. Hutchinson d E. Greenwood, E. Slater 9-5, T. Jorgensen, E. Klinge lost to Z. Malone, E. Baxter 2-9, O. Jorgensen, M. Hutchinson d K. Krahe, E. Slater 9-2, E. Klinge, E. Polack lost to E. Baxter, E. Greenwood 2-9.
Ladder: Hopetoun 5 points, 197.26 percent; Warrack Gold 4, 194.44; Arkona 4, 136.9; Dimboola 3, 106,06; Antwerp 2.5, 0; Rainbow 2, 94.29; Warrack Maroon 1, 73.04; Brim 1, 51.43; Jeparit 0, 50.69.

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