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Monday 26th February 2018


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West Wimmera Cricket Association | Round Two

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Date Published  Monday, October 23 2017
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West Wimmera Cricket Association | Round Two
Round two of the West Wimmera Cricket Association season featured a win by the reigning premiers in the match up of the teams from last season’s grand final, and a close win to the Nhill Tigers which keeps them undefeated.

Winiam lost to Jeparit

At Winiam the home team had the opportunity to bat first, and made a strong start with openers Dylan Webb (22 runs) and Brodie Cramer (25) putting on a stand of 47 before the first wicket fell.

From this point the Jeparit bowlers took control of the innings and the remaining wickets all fell for just another 42 runs, leaving Winiam with a total of 89 runs to defend.

Justin Knorpp led the Jeparit bowling with four wickets for 13 runs, with Jack Crowhurst and Adrian King taking two each and Liam Preston one.

Jeparit also made a strong start to their innings, with Crowhurst making 13 of an opening stand of 36 with Jason Hutson (above) who went on to make 28.

Although the Redbacks endured a period in the middle of the innings where they lost three wickets for five runs when they were still thirty runs from the victory target, a partnership of 54 between Michael Preston (31) and Steven Leach (14) saw them past that total.

A quick undefeated 15 by Adrian King at the end of the innings took the total to 154 for the loss of 7 wickets at the end of the allocated overs.

Brayden Purchase, Brad Clark and Grant Eastwell all took two wickets each.

Nhill Tigers defeated Kiata

The Nhill Tigers remain undefeated after an 11 run victory over Kiata.

Batting first, the Tigers made 183 runs, with 53 from James Philip dominating the innings and useful contributions from Daniel Garoni (30), Ritchie Dodds (23), Ben Pollock (23) and Brady Alexander (22).

Six Kiata bowlers shared the wickets, with Shaun Alexander the best with 3 for 30. Liam Albrecht and Josh Cramer took two each.

Todd Alexander opened the Kiata innings and dominated the scoring with an unbeaten 66, and Trevor Polkinghorne contributed 40 and Josh Lees finished with 19 not out at the end of their 40 overs, but the team finished an agonising 11 runs short of the target.

Aaron Cramer took two wickets to be the only Nhill bowler to take more than one wicket.

Round Three Preview

Next week another one day round of games will be played, with Winiam hosting the undefeated Nhill Tigers and Jeparit at home to Kiata.

Winiam v. Nhill Tigers at Winiam
Jeparit v. Kiata at Jeparit

Ladder - after Round Two

   Points %
Nhill Tigers 12 1.411
Jeparit 6 0.86
Winiam 6 0.844
Kiata    0 0.965

Round Two Results

Winiam lost to Jeparit

Winiam First Innings

D Webb ct J Preston b. J Crowhurst    22
B Cramer ct J Preston b. L Preston 25
B Clark ct M Preston    b. A King 14
B Marra   b. J Knorpp 12
M Purchase      b. A King 1
N Sparling ct J Preston b. J Crowhurst 2
G Eastwell   b. J Knorpp 0
B Quick ct & bowled b. J Knorpp 0
B Bryan not out   6
B Purchase   b. J Knorpp 0
J Gurry absent    
Sundries     7
TOTAL   89

Jeparit Bowling

     O    M    R    W
G Grinter 3 0 3 0
J Crowhurst    8 1 29 2
J Knorpp 7.4 1 13 4
J Preston 3 0 7 0
L Preston 4 0 28 1
A King 6 2 6 2

Jeparit First Innings

J Crowhurst    ct J Gurry b. B Pruchase    13
J Hutson   b. B Clark 28
J Knorpp ct M Pruchase    b. B Pruchase 9
L Preston   b. B Clark 2
M Preston   b. G Eastwell 31
S Leach ct B Clark b. B Marra 14
H Jamieson ct B Marra b. G Eastwell 2
M Leach not out   3
A King not out   15
Sundries     37
TOTAL   7 for 154

Winiam Bowling

     O    M    R    W
J Gurry 8 1 25 0
B Cramer    3 0 7 0
B Purchase 8 0 30 2
B Clark 8 2 20 2
G Eastwell 7 0 36 2
N Sparling 1 0 5 0
B Marra 2 0 7 1
B Quick 2 0 15 0
D Webb 1 0 4 0

Nhill Tigers defeated Kiat

Nhill Tigers First Innings

R Dodds   b. J Cramer    23
D Garoni ct T Alexander b. J Lees 30
J Philip ct T Polkinhorne    b. S Alexander 53
A Cramer ct J Cramer b. T Alexander 15
B Alexander ct L Albrecht b. S Alexander 22
L Dahlenburg    ct J Lees b. D Dickinson 6
B Pollock ct T Polkinhorne b. S Alexander 23
A Dickinson ct J Mock b. J Cramer 2
S Smith not out   2
S Kessler bowled L Albrecht 0
D Harris ct J Cramer b. L Albrecht 0
Sundries     7
TOTAL   183

Kiata Bowling

     O    M    R    W
J Lees 4 0 25 1
L Albrecht    6.5 0 18 2
T Alexander 8 0 40 1
J Cramer 8 1 30 2
J Mock 2 0 23 0
S Alexander 6 0 30 3
D Dickinson 3 1 15 1

Kiata First Innings

T Alexander not out 66
J Mock ct A Cramer b. B Pollock 7
T Polkiinghorne    ct B Pollock b. R Dodds 40
L Albrecht ct S Graham b. S Kessler 17
J Cramer ct S Graham b. A Cramer 8
S Alexander   b. A Dickinson    5
D Dickinson ct L Dahlenburg    b. A Cramer 8
J Lees not out   19
Sundries     2
TOTAL   6 for 172

Nhill Tigers Bowling

     O    M    R    W
L Dahlenburg 4 1 12 0
B Pollock    8 1 31 1
J Philip 4 0 15 0
A Dickinson 8 2 25 1
R Dodds 4 0 19 1
D Garoni 1 0 4 0
S Kessler 4 0 29 1
A Cramer 7 0 36 2

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