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Thursday 26th April 2018


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West Wimmera Cricket Association | Round 4 - Day 1

Article Category  Sport
Date Published  Monday, November 6 2017
Author  Dimboola Courier

West Wimmera Cricket Association | Round 4 - Day 1
After play on the first day of round 4 of West Wimmera cricket, Kiata have put themselves in a prime position to inflict the Nhill Tigers’ first loss for the season.

In the second game Winiam was unable to field a team and were forced to forfeit to Jeparit.

At Davis Park the Tigers were invited to bat and made a strong start with 24 runs on the board before the first wicket fell.

Opener Dan Garoni was dismissed for 20, and it was only middle order batsman Ritchie Dodds with 23 who scored more in Nhill’s total of 131 off 57.2 overs.

The leading Kiata bowler was Todd Alexander who took 4 for 31, including both of the openers, and in a disciplined spell second change bowler Dom Colombera (above) took three lower order wickets for a frugal 24 runs from 12 overs, with 5 maidens.

Josh Cramer also took two wickets and Liam Albrecht one.

After dismissing the Tigers, Kiata had 12 overs to make a start on their run chase and have already reduced the victory target by 58 runs, for the loss of two wickets.

Openers Todd Alexander (15 runs) and Liam Albrecht (9 runs) have set a good foundation for the innings and Josh Cramer will resume next week on 25 not out as they pursue the remaining 74 runs they require for a first innings win.

If they can maintain a brisk scoring rate next week, Kiata can create the opportunity to push for an outright victory.

Although Kiata will go into next weekend with some confidence, the Nhill Tigers are not out of contention as they have the bowling resources to take the wickets and the batting to also set up the chance of an outright win.

Round Four - day one results

Jeparit defeated Winiam by forfeit.

Nhill Tigers v. Kiata at Davis Park

Nhill Tigers First Innings

D Garoni ct S Alexander    b. T Alexander    20
L Dahlenburg      b. T Alexander 6
S Gusman   b. J Cramer 7
B Pollock ct D Dickinson b. T Alexander 3
R Dodds ct T Mock b. L Albrecht 23
B Alexander ct T Mock b. T Alexander 15
A Dickinson ct S Mock b. D Colombera 19
T Dickinson lbw b. D Colombera 6
L Smith not out   13
S Graham   b. D Colombera 1
D Harris   b. J Cramer 5
Sundries     13
TOTAL   131

Kiata Bowling

     O    M    R    W
J Lees 7 3 19 0
L Albrecht 11 3 21 1
T Alexander 14 4 31 4
D Colombera 12 5 24 3
Shaun Alexander    5 1 13 0
J Cramer 5.2 1 17 2
D Dickinson 3 2 5 0

Kiata First Innings

T Alexander ct S Gusman    b. R Dodds 15
L Albrecht ct D Garoni b. B Pollock    9
J Cramer not out   25
J Mock not out   0
Sundries     9
TOTAL   2 for 58

Nhill Tigers Bowling

     O    M    R    W
L Dahlenburg    6 1 31 0
B Pollock 2 0 15 1
A Dickinson 3 0 5 0
R Dodds 1 0 1 1

Dimboola Courier photo.

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