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Friday 25th May 2018


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Police focus on road safety this long weekend

Article Category  Current News
Date Published  Thursday, January 25 2018

Police focus on road safety this long weekend
Police will turn up the heat on irresponsible drivers over the Australia Day long weekend as part of Operation Amity.

State Highway Patrol, Road Policing Drug and Alcohol Section and Operations Response Unit members will support police around the state during the four day focus on speed, distraction, seatbelt compliance, fatigue, drink and drug driving.

Road Policing Command Acting Assistant Commissioner Glenn Weir said we don’t want a repeat of last year where three people lost their lives on the roads over the long weekend.

“Sadly one pedestrian and two drivers going about their everyday lives are no longer here,” A/AC Weir said.

“We also head into the weekend with 13 lives lost this year. A life lost every second day is just not acceptable so we’ll be doing all we can to clamp down on dangerous and poor driver behaviour.

“We want everyone to enjoy the warm weather and the long weekend, and we know many families will be looking to take advantage of the last weekend before school is back. As always it’s a timely reminder to look out for one another not only on the roads but to the streets and car parks for pedestrians as well.”

“Over the last five years 11 of the 14 lives lost over the Australia Day weekend occurred on country roads. So with the increase of traffic expected on our rural roads it’s vital motorists plan their trips, take regular breaks and drive to the conditions.”

“During the last two months we’ve seen people engage, time and time again, in risky and unacceptable behaviour on the roads, risking not only their lives but the lives of others.

“We’ll be stepping up and doing our part, however each and every person on the roads needs to make a choice to drive to survive.”

Last year traffic offences detected across the state included:
  • 243 disqualified/suspended drivers
  • 379 unlicensed drivers
  • 888 unregistered vehicles
  • 3043 speeding offences
  • 372 mobile phone offences
  • 441 disobey sign/signal offences
  • 299 seat belt offences
  • 66 vehicles impounded
  • 268 drink drivers
  • 136 drug driving offences

Operation Amity 2018 started at 12.01am this morning and will conclude at 11.59pm Sunday 28 January.

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