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Friday 25th May 2018


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Dimboola District Tennis | Clean sweep for winning teams

Article Category  Sport
Date Published  Tuesday, February 13 2018
Author  Scott Stewart

Dimboola District Tennis | Clean sweep for winning teams
All winning sides in Saturday’s round of Dimboola and District Tennis Association claimed a clean sweep of points when round 12 took place over the weekend.

Rainbow and Brim dominated respective clashes to give them both a mathematical chance of making finals as the fight for a top four finish comes down to the final two rounds of the home and away season.

Friday night’s clash between Rainbow and Warrack Maroon saw Rainbow claim all five points on offer, while Brim did the same to Dimboola in a one-sided clash at Brim.

Ladder leader Antwerp continued on its winning way with a clean sweep of points over Jeparit, while Hopetoun made it a quadrella of dominant performances when they claimed all points against Arkona.

The clash on Friday night saw Rainbow dominate from the outset as an undermanned Warrack Maroon were unable to stay in the game going down 17 sets, 160 games to one set, 55 games.

With six substitute players from Rainbow, the match was played between six men and six ladies and it was Rainbow who dominated the mixed section, winning all six sets and claiming the opening point 54 games to 21.

The Men’s section was a repeat of the mixed doubles as Rainbow claimed all six sets with the closest match taking place between Marc Edelsten and Adam Gould and Greg and Connor McKenzie which went the way of Rainbow 9-5 in a 54-14 games clean sweep.

The ladies section saw Rainbow complete its dominance of the night winning five of the six sets, with Maroon’s Ellie Baxter and Jan Greenwood winning their side’s set 9-7.

Brim claimed a strong win over Dimboola, dominating the Men’s section before complementing its win with a good performance in the ladies section.

The match, however, started with a closely fought mixed doubles section which came down to the final set.

A tie-breaker opened the section which underlined the closeness of the contest as Brim’s Kyle George and Kylie O’Connor claimed the openng set 9-8 before Dimboola’s Anthony and Rachel Baker hit back claim the second set 9-7.

Brim claimed the next two sets and opened up a lead when Steve Murphy and Simone Lindsay won 9-1 before David Stewart and Merrily Keam won 9-7 to see Brim lead three sets 34 games to one set, 25 games.

The next two sets went the way of Dimboola with Tony Goss and Danni Haebich winning 9-3 to close the margin to three games before Will Schilling and Billie Barber closed out a tense tie-breaker in the final set.

With sets tied, Brim had done enough and claimed the section 45 games to 43.

The remainder of the day belonged to Brim with its Men’s dominating its section, winning six sets 54 games to 24 games.

Brim’s ladies won the final two sets to ensure a 45 to 27 games win after Dimboola won two of the first three sets.

Casey Quick and Simone Lindsay started well for Brim winning the opening set 9-4 but when Billie Barber and Danni Haebich won 9-5 and Breanna Eldridge and Kate Clark won 9-4, Dimboola led the section but Brim was able to close out the section winning the remaining sets 9-2, 9-2, 9-1.

A highlight for Dimboola was when youngster Harry Clark played his first game of senior tennis when he substituted for an injured Jenny Haebich in the ladies section.

Antwerp has maintained its ladder leadership after dominating a clash with Jeparit, five points to nil.

Playing six men and six ladies, Antwerp did not drop a set for the day with the final Men’s set being abandoned when Bo and Brett Smith were called away to a fire.

The mixed section saw Antwerp win all six sets, 54 games to 18, before the ladies section went the same way when Antwerp won all sets, 54 games to 19.

The Men’s section saw Antwerp dominate throughout and finished the day winning all five completed sets which saw them finish 45 games to 11.

Hopetoun maintained its second placing and remains one point behind Antwerp after claiming all five points in a dominant display against Arkona.

Hopetoun won the day 15 sets, 156 games to three sets, 95 games with a dominant display in the mixed doubles to open the day.

Playing six men and six ladies, Hopetoun claimed five of the six sets played to have them up 51 games to 37 with Jacob Holm and Zali Brown starting with a tense tie-break win, while two other sets were decided 9-7.

The Men’s section was dominated by Hopetoun who claimed six sets and won the section 54 games to 21, while the ladies section saw a tight struggle take place.

Hopetoun claimed the opening set 9-2 before Arkona’s Kristin Klinge and Kaylene Pietsch won a tie-breaker to level sets.

Zali Brown and Dana Schache teamed for a 9-4 win in the third set and when Jonti George and Bridget Williams won the fourth set in another tie-breaker, Hopetoun had secured the ladies section.

Teams shared the last two sets as Hopetoun won four sets, 51 games to two sets, 37 games.


Antwerp 47  148.80
Hopetoun 46163.54
Warrack Gold   35.5106.81
Arkona 34109.64
Warrack Maroon 29.596.46
Brim 2686.13
Rainbow 24100.60
Jeparit 1675.04
Dimboola 1257.74.


Rainbow 5 points, 17 sets, 160 games d Warack Maroon 0 points, 1 set, 55 games.

Mixed: Marc Edelsten, Rowena Keller d Connor McKenzie, Ellie Baxter 9-6, Adam Gould, Tracey Tregenza d Greg McKenzie, Jan Greenwood 9-5, Eddie and Lauren Hallam d Mitch Hadley, Liz Doyle 9-5, Simon Clugston, Stef Newton d Jacob Cocks (sub), Phoebe O’Halloran (sub) 9-2, Rhys Boehm, Sharyn Gelligen d Matt Thomas (sub), Bridie O’Halloran (sub) 9-1, Seamus O’Halloran, Colleen Petschel d Aiden Gelligen (sub), Georgina O’Halloran (sub) 9-2.

Men: M. Edelsten, E. Hallam d G. McKenzie, M. Hadley 9-4, S. Clugston, R. Boehm d J. Cocks, M. Thomas 9-0, M. Edelsten, A. Gould d G. & C. McKenzie 9-5, S. Clugston, S. O’Halloran d J. Cocks, A. Gelligen 9-0, A. Gould, E. Hallam d C. McKenzie, M. Hadley 9-3, R. Boehm, S. O’Halloran d M. Thomas, A. Gelligen 9-2.

Ladies: R. Keller, L. Hallam d E. Baxter, L. Doyle 9-2, S. Newton, S. Gelligen d G. & P. O’Halloran 9-0, R. Keller, T. Tregenza lost to E. Baxter, J. Greenwood 7-9, S. Newton, C. Petschel d G. & B. O’Halloran 9-1, T. Tregenza, L. Hallam d J. Greenwood, L. Doyle 9-8, S. Gelligen, C. Petschel d P. & B. O’Halloran 9-0.

Antwerp 5 points 17 sets, 153 games d Jeparit 0 points, 0 sets, 48 games.

Mixed: Luke Reichenbach, Ebony Spokes lost to Tim Jorgensen, Abbey Greig 4-9, Brett Schultz, Lil McKenzie lost to Don Clark, Heather Jorgensen 2-9, Chris Ca-ayon, Raylene Werner lost to Chris Avery, Emily Polack 1-9, Bo Smith, Erin Preston lost to Shane Bond, Kellie Laverty 5-9, Jake Smith, Rebecca Schultz lost to Basil Jorgensen, Samantha Baker 5-9, Max McKenzie, Mikayla Smith lost to John Polack, Lucinda Newton 1-9.

Men: L. Reichenbach, B. Smith lost to T. Jorgensen, S. Bond 4-9, C. Ca-ayon, J. Smith lost to D. Clark, B. Jorgensen 1-9, L. Reichenbach, B. Schultz lost to T. Jorgensen, C. Avery 4-9, C. Ca-ayon, M. Mckenzie lost to D. Clark, J. Polack 0-9, J. Smith, M. Mckenzie lost to B. Jorgensen, J. Polack 2-9.

Ladies: E. Spokes, R. Werner lost to A. Greig, S. Baker 3-9, M. Smith, R. Schultz lost to E. Polack, K. Laverty 5-9, E. Spokes, L. McKenzie lost to A. Greig, H. Jorgensen 4-9, M. Smith, E. Preston lost to E. Polack, L. Newton 3-9, L. McKenzie, R. Werner lost to H. Jorgensen, S. Baker 1-9, R. Schultz, E. Preston lost to K. Laverty, L. Newton 3-9.

Brim 5 points, 13 sets, 144 games d Dimboola 0 points, 5 sets, 94 games.

Mixed: Kyle George, Kylie O’Connors d Isaac and Breanna Eldridge 9-8, Hugh Keam, Casey Quick lost to Anthony and Rachel Baker 7-9, Steve Murphy, Simone Lindsay d Corey Goss, Jenny Haebich 9-1, David Stewart, Merrily Keam d Jade and Kate Clark 9-7, Josiah Keam, Leanne Stewart lost to Will Schilling, Billie Barber 8-9, Patrick Lindsay, Molly Stewart lost to Tony Goss, Danni Haebich 3-9.

Men: K. George, S. Murphy d I. Eldridge, C. Goss 9-4, D. Stewart, P. Lindsay d W. Schilling, T, Goss 9-4, K. George, H. Keam d I. Eldridge, A. Baker 9-8, D. Stewart, J. Keam d W. Schilling J. Clark 9-2, H. Keam, S. Murphy d A. Baker, C. Goss 9-0, P. Lindsay, J. Keam d T. Goss, J. Clark 9-6.

Ladies: C. Quick, S. Lindsay d B. Eldridge, R. Baker 9-4, M. Keam, M. Stewart lost to B. Barber, D. Haebich 5-9, C. Quick, K. O’Connor lost to B. Eldridge, K. Clark 4-9, M. Keam, L. Stewart d B Barber, Harry Clark (sub) 9-2, K. O’Connor, S. Lindsay d K. Clark, R. Barry 9-2, M. & L. Stewart d D. Haebich, H. Clark 9-1.

Hopetoun 5 points, 15 sets, 156 games d Arkona 0 points, 3 sets, 95 games.

Mixed: Jacob Holm, Zali Brown d Nick Pietsch, Meaghan Pohlner 9-8, Taylor Donnan, Dana Schache d Russell Hunter, Elizabeth Klinge 9-3, Coleman Schache, Remy George d Mitchell Jorgensen, Kaylene Pietsch 9-7, Anthony Schache, Jonti George d Trevor McBain, Kristin Klinge 9-7, Alex Kavoor, Courtney Jones lost to Gordon Klinge, Laura Herben 6-9, Nathan and Bridget Williams d John O’Dwyer, Petra Wolthuis 9-3.

Men: J. Holm, C. Schache d N. Pietsch, R. Hunter 9-2, A. Schache, A. Kavoor d T. McBain, J. O’Dwyer 9-7, J. Holm, T. Donnan d N. Pietsch, M. Jorgensen 9-6, A. Schache, N. Williams d T. McBain, G. Klinge 9-2, T. Donnan, C. Schache d M. Jorgensen, R. Hunter 9-2, A. Kavoor, N. Williams d J. O’Dwyer, G. Klinge 9-2.

Ladies: Z. Brown, R. George d M. Pohlner, L. Herben 9-2, J. George, C. Jones lost to K. Klinge, K. Pietsch 8-9, Z. Brown, D. Schache d M. Pohlner, E. Klinge 9-4, J. George, B. Williams d K. Klinge, P. Wolthuis 9-8, D. Schache, R. George d E. Klinge, L. Herben 9-5, C. Jones, B. Williams lost to K. Pietsch, P. Wolthuis 7-9.

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