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Friday 23rd March 2018


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Firewood collectors reminded to check before heading out

Article Category  Dimboola Courier > Community Interest
Date Published  Thursday, March 8 2018
Author  Forest Fire Management Victoria

Firewood collectors reminded to check before heading out
With the recent opening of the Autumn Firewood Collection on 1 March, Forest Fire Management Victoria reminds firewood collectors to check where designated collection areas are in their local area as well as local weather and forest conditions before venturing out.

Forest Fire Management Victoria’s Acting Grampians Regional Manager Forest and Fire Operations, Taina Scott said: “Firewood is a diminishing resource across Victoria, therefore we cannot guarantee that firewood will be available at all sites for the entire season.”

“In many locations, firewood will be of mixed variety, size and quality, and if recently felled, may also be green; it is recommended that green wood is cut and stored for 12 months before being burnt to maximise heat output,” Ms Scott said.

“We are aware that many people travel long distances from outside of the local area to secure premium wood supplies, particularly Red Gum.

“There is currently a limited supply of Red Gum across the Grampians region. For this reason, we cannot guarantee that Red Gum will be available from any currently open firewood collection area.

“The felling of any trees for firewood by members of the public is strictly prohibited, and we also remind firewood collectors to stay within collection limits.

“This includes taking a maximum of two cubic metres per person per day and a maximum of 16 cubic metres per household per financial year to prevent households stockpiling large volumes of firewood and denying others a supply.

“It is illegal to take more than the allowed amount, or to sell firewood that has been collected from public land without an appropriate permit or licence.

“The illegal collection of firewood has the potential to negatively impact on forest environmental values through the removal of habitat.

“We have video surveillance cameras installed in many firewood collections areas, and Forest Fire Management Victoria staff are always out and about, patrolling parks, forests and reserves to ensure people are doing the right thing.

“Under the Forest Act 1958, people who break the rules face an infringement notice of $634, or a maximum penalty of one-year imprisonment or a fine of up to $7,928 or both, if the matter proceeds to Court.

You can find out where Firewood Collections Areas are on the Forest Fire Management Victoria website

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