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Thursday 26th April 2018


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Dimboola District Tennis | Warrack Gold into grand final

Article Category  Sport
Date Published  Tuesday, March 20 2018
Author  Scott Stewart

Dimboola District Tennis | Warrack Gold into grand final
Warrack Gold has advanced to the grand final of Dimboola and District Tennis Association after a strong win over Antwerp at Dimboola on Saturday.

On the Health and Fitness Centre courts, Gold set up a grand final clash with reigning premier Hopetoun when they defeated Antwerp four points, 11 sets, 131 games to one point, seven sets, 116 games.

In windy conditions, the mixed doubles started an even day’s tennis with two sets being decided in tie-breakers and another three sets decided 9-6.

Gold’s Phil Huebner and Emma Koschitzke opened proceedings when they enjoyed a good battle against Tim Jorgensen and Abbey Greig in the opening set with the Gold pair coming out on top 9-6.

The next two sets proved pivotal to Gold’s chances as Scott Stewart and Rikki Nitschke and Cameron Clyne and Lauren Kellett both won their matches in tense tie-breakers.

The first tie-breaker saw Stewart and Nitschke win a tense battle 10-8 in the tie-breaker after being down early in the set, while the second tie-breaker saw the Gold pair win 7-5 which gave the visitors a three sets to nil lead.

Antwerp’s Nathan Jorgensen and Kellie Laverty sprung to an early lead before eventually claiming their team’s first set 9-6, while Shane Bond and Lucinda Newton claimed a second set 9-6.

Gold, however, secured the opening point of the day when Dave Nitschke and Wendy Hewitt claimed a 9-5 victory in the fifth match which gave their side a four sets, 48 games to two sets, 45 games win.

The remaining two sections were evenly split with Antwerp dominating the Men’s section and Gold claiming a clean sweep in the Ladies section.

Antwerp’s Tim Jorgensen and Chris Avery opened the Men’s section with a 9-7 win, coming from 7-6 down before Don Clark and Shane Bond claimed a 9-3 win in the second set.

Gold was able to claim a vital win in the third set when Huebner and Stewart combined to claim the third set 9-6 which saw Antwerp lead two sets to one 24 games to 19.

But that would be the last joy for Gold as Antwerp claimed the remaining three sets to claim the section five sets to one.

Clark and Albrecht teamed for a 9-3 win before Bond and Albrecht dominated the last set 9-1. The final set to come off for the day was the fifth set which was won by Nathan Jorgensen and Chris Avery who claimed the last three games to break a six-all deadlock and claim a 9-6 win to give their side a 51 games to 29 win.

The Ladies section was where Gold claimed a stranglehold on the contest when the visitors claimed the section 54 games to 20.

Emma Koschitzke and Lauren Kellett started the clean sweep of wins with a 9-0 win before Wendy Hewitt and Carolyn Morcom won the second set 9-4.

Koschitzke then combined with Rikki Nitschke to claim a tight 9-7 win in the third set as Hewitt and Lynley Clyne dominated the fourth set 9-1.

When Nitschke and Kellett teamed for a 9-3 win, Gold had won its 10th set for the day to secure the overall result before Morcom and Clyne won the final set of the day 9-5.

The day’s tennis was marked by both teams who wore black arm bands to acknowledge the recent passing of tennis stalwart Brian Koschitzke who produced an incredible record with Bangerang in the former Warracknabeal and Yarriambiack Tennis Associations that included 20 premierships from 28 grand finals from a 36-year career.


Warrack Gold 4 points, 11 sets, 131 games d Antwerp 1 point, 7 sets, 116 games.

Mixed: Phil Huebner, Emma Koschitzke d Tim Jorgensen, Abbey Greig 9-6, Scott Stewart, Rikki Nitschke d Don Clark, Heather Jorgensen 9-8, Cameron Clyne, Lauren Kellett d Chris Avery, Emily Polack 9-8, Mark Phelan, Lynley Clyne lost to Nathan Jorgensen, Kellie Laverty 6-9, Dave Nitschke, Wendy Hewitt d Nathan Albrecht, Samantha Baker 9-5, Chris Kellett, Carolyn Morcom lost to Shane Bond, Lucinda Newton 6-9.

Men: P. Huebner, M. Phelan lost to T. Jorgensen, C. Avery 7-9, C. Clyne, D. Nitschke lost to D. Clark, S. Bond 3-9, P. Huebner, S. Stewart d T. & N. Jorgensen 9-6, C. Clyne, C. Kellett lost to D. Clark, N. Albrecht 3-9, S. Stewart, M. Phelan lost to N. Jorgensen, C. Avery 6-9, D. Nitschke, C. Kellett lost to S. Bond, N. Albrecht 1-9.

Ladies: E. Koschitzke, L. Kellett d A. Greig, S. Baker 9-0, W. Hewitt, C. Morcom d K. Laverty, E. Polack 9-4, E. Koschitzke, R. Nitschke d A. Greig, H. Jorgensen 9-7, W. Hewitt, L. Clyne d K. Laverty, L. Newton 9-1, R. Nitschke, L. Kellett d H. Jorgensen, S. Baker 9-3, C. Morcom, L. Clyne d E. Polack, L. Newton 9-5.

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