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Friday 16th November 2018

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More lighting needed at new freight hub

Article Category  Current News
Date Published  Wednesday, April 18 2012
Author  Wayne Lovett

A new rail-freight provider has called for additional infrastructure to be installed at the yet to be completed Wimmera Regional Intermodal Freight Hub at Dooen.

Speaking at the Wimmera Regional Transport Group meeting last night, Horsham Councillor Bernard Gross said that there has been a change in conditions for the freight hub, since the project began.

At present, freight continues to be handled at the Horsham Rail Yards.

Cr Gross said "The operations at the Horsham Rail Yards are principally all-day activities."

He said that the area of concern was the inspection of carriages and wheels by rail personnel. Presently, if the inspection carriages needed to be performed at night, it would be done by a rail worker using a torch.

Cr Gross said "In the last few weeks, the rail operator has engaged a new train provider with terms that most of the loading will be at night."

He said they no longer wished to use torches and requested that extra lighting be provided at the facility for night time inspections.

While the new facility has flood lighting installed as part of the original plan, the extra lighting requirement will come at a cost.

Cr Gross said "We'll be talking with the State Government about the extra cost."

He added, "We don't expect that this will delay the project and we will proceed to have the freight hub operationally ready by the official opening day on June 28."

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Thank you to our local business sponsors.


Thank you to our local business sponsors.


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