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Wednesday 22nd May 2019

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DMSC 2015 Captains announced

Article Category  Community Interest
Date Published  Monday, October 13 2014

DMSC 2015 Captains announced
The Dimboola Memorial Secondary College student body has voted Andrew King and Mikayla Smith as its 2015 school captains.

Campaigning for the joint positions began two weeks before the end of third term with voting taking place during Fridays form assembly. The results were announced at recess.

Mikayla and Andrew, pictured with Acting Principal Anne Gawith, will begin duties as school captains later in the year at school assemblies after the year 12s finish. They will represent the school at official ceremonies within the wider community such as Australia Day and Anzac Day.

The pair will take over from Georgina Moore and Hannah Ryen.

Two male and five female students campaigned for the positions.

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Thanks to our local business sponsors.


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