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Tuesday 18th December 2018

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Thank you to our local business sponsors.

Thanks to our local business sponsors.


Fire restrictions to begin in northern Hindmarsh Shire

Article Category  Current News
Date Published  Thursday, October 11 2018
Author CFA
Photo  File Photo

Fire restrictions to begin in northern Hindmarsh Shire
The Fire Danger Period has been declared for the northern part of the Hindmarsh Shirel to commence at 0100 hours on Monday 15 October 2018 and will remain in place until 1 May 2019 unless stated otherwise.

The area involved is described as the part of the Hindmarsh Shire north of the line described by Sanders Road, Netting Fence Track, Netting Fence Road easterly to Perkins road, Pullet West Road, Pullet East Road and Galaquil West Road. (Formerly known as the wire netting fence.)

The commencement of the Fire Danger Period is determined on local existing and predicted conditions that lead to increased fire risk in the area.

This means you cannot light a fire in the open air unless you have a permit or comply with certain requirements.

If you do not obtain a permit, you could be breaking the law and may be prosecuted. Penalties may include a fine up to $19,342 and/or imprisonment for up to 12 months.

For guides on what you can and cannot do during the Fire Danger Period or on days of total fire ban, visit the CFA website.

For burn-offs prior and after the declared Fire Danger Period, ensure you comply with any municipal local laws and always register your burn on 1800 668 511.

Knowledge is the best tool when it comes to fighting fires; help spread this information by talking to your family, friends and neighbours.

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Thank you to our local business sponsors.


Thanks to our local business sponsors.


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