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Wednesday 17th July 2019

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Thank you to our local business sponsors.

Thanks to our local business sponsors.


Better facilities on the Wimmera River

Article Category  Community Interest
Date Published  Wednesday, October 24 2018
Author The office of Jaala Pulford
Photo  Wangara Consulting

Better facilities on the Wimmera River
New visitor facilities will be built near the Dimboola weir following the announcement this week of a funding package to improve recreation access to the Wimmera River.

The Member for Western Victoria, Jaala Pulford, has announced a funding package to improve visitor facilities and recreation on the Wimmera River as part of a new initiative to improve Victoria’s waterways.

Ms Pulford announced the $200,000 project to be delivered by Wimmera Catchment Management Authority to enhance recreation access for the community.

The project will enhance access so more families can enjoy the river at key locations including Horsham and Dimboola Weir Pools and Big Water.?

There will be significant improvements to recreation facilities at Horsham Weir Pool to allow for better use of the waterway.

The project will install pontoons, boat/kayak launching facilities and improved visitor facilities including a shelter, seating and picnic tables.??

At Big Water and Dimboola Weir Pool (above) new visitor facilities will be built to improve the experience for all users at the site including anglers, rowers, swimmers and passive users.

Ms Pulford said the project is one of nine priority waterways that will benefit from the Government’s $3.2 million Boosting Recreational Water Use Initiative.

“This funding will help improve the Wimmera River so it can thrive and be enjoyed as a natural treasure for many years to come,” Ms Pulford said.

“It’s about recognising the importance of the Wimmera River to the local community and making sure people can enjoy its natural beauty,” she said.

Project planning and development for all BRWUI projects will be in partnership with recreational users, local community members, Aboriginal Victorians, Traditional Owners and other key stakeholders, prior to delivery of on-ground works.

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Thank you to our local business sponsors.


Thanks to our local business sponsors.


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