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Tuesday 26th March 2019

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Dimboola District Tennis | Warrack Gold continue winning form

Article Category  Sport
Date Published  Tuesday, November 6 2018
Author Abbey Greig
Photo  File Photo

Dimboola District Tennis | Warrack Gold continue winning form
Friday night saw a double-header at the Health and Fitness Centre in Dimboola. Dimboola and Arkona faced off, while Antwerp hosted Rainbow.

The clash between Dimboola and Arkona started very evenly in the mixed section. Both teams won three sets each, but Arkona won three more games with 44 to Dimboola’s 41.

Arkona was able to win four sets to two in both Men’s and Ladies sections to secure the win for the evening.

Russell Hunter, Petra Wolthuis and Kaylene Pietsch from Arkona and Tamara Exell and Will Schilling from Dimboola won all their three sets.

Antwerp were too strong for a depleted Rainbow side and for the third time this season, they did not drop a set and only gave away 42 games for the evening.

On Saturday, Warrack Gold proved too strong for Jeparit, and Hopetoun was too strong for Brim with the end results being nearly exact.

The Warrack team began the mixed section by claiming the first four sets and Jeparit won the last two.

In both the men’s and ladies section, Warracknabeal only lost one set in each to win convincingly.

Warracknabeal’s Phil Huebner, Lauren Kellett, Kevin Mills, Wendy Hewitt, Todd Krahe, Julie Koschitzke, Connor McKenzie and Jess Kelly all won three sets.

Hopetoun started well with the mixed section by only dropping one set.

Hopetoun’s men were too strong. They did not lose a set and only gave away 10 games for the entire sections.

The ladies section was very tight. Both teams won three sets each, but Hopetoun won 46 games to Brim’s 42 and denied the visitors the match point and were able to claim all five on offer for the day.

Hopetoun’s Jacob Holm, Remy George, Taylor Donnan, Mal McLean, Coleman Schache and Alex Kovoor were three set winners.

Next week, the top four sides will face off, with top of the ladder leaders Hopetoun hosting Warrack Gold and Brim will host Antwerp.

Ladder After Round Five

Hopetoun24   185.54
Warrack Gold   23166.43
Dimboola4 57.90


Dimboola 7 sets, 104 games lost to Arkona 5 match points, 11 sets, 133 games.

Mixed: Anthony Baker & Jennie Hauselberger d Mitchell & Tracey Jorgensen 9-7. Corey Goss & Kate Clark lost to Russell Hunter & Meaghan Pohlner 6-9. Wayne Anderson & Tamara Exell d Michael Pohlner & Laura Herben 9-5. Rob & Becky Barry lost to Nick Pietsch & Petra Wolthuis 3-9. Tim Bond & Bronwyn Ingram lost to Jonty Hunter & Kaylene Pietsch 5-9. Will Schilling & Danni Haebich d Tonnis Wolthuis & Karen Hunter 9-5.

Men: A. Baker & W. Anderson lost to M. Jorgensen & R. Hunter 6-9. R. Barry & T. Bond lost to N. Pietsch & J. Hunter 6-9. A. Baker & C. Goss lost to M. Jorgensen & M. Pohlner 5-9. R. Barry & W. Schilling d N. Pietsch & T. Wolthuis 9-4. C. Goss & W. Anderson lost to M. Pohlner & R. Hunter 2-9. T. Bond & W. Schilling d J. Hunter & T. Wolthuis 9-1.

Ladies: J. Hauselberger & T. Exell d M. Pohlner & L. Herben 9-8. B. Barry & B. Ingram lost to K. Pietsch & P. Wolthuis 1-9. J. Hauselberger & K. Clark lost to M. Pohlner & T. Jorgensen 4-9. B. Barry & D. Haebich lost to K. Pietsch & K. Hunter 1-9. K. Clark & T. Exell d T. Jorgensen & L. Herben 9-4. B. Ingram & D. Haebich lost to P. Wolthuis & K. Hunter 2-9.

Antwerp 5 match points, 18 sets, 162 games defeated Rainbow 41 games.

Mixed: Chris Avery & Abbey Greig d Ashley Clugston & Lauren Hallam 9-2. Don Clark & Heather Jorgensen d Will Batson & Rylee Cocks 9-0. Daniel Polack & Samantha Baker d Rhys Boehm & Jordi Heinrich 9-3. Daniel Greig & Hannah Somers d Nathan Cocks & Georgine O’ Halloran 9-2. Shane Bond & Emily Polack d Jakob Cocks & Bridie O’Halloran 9-1. Tim Jorgensen & Sonia Avery d Matthew Thomas & Colleen Petschel 9-4.

Men: C. Avery & D. Clark d A. Clugston & R. Boehm 9-1. T. Jorgensen & D. Greig d N. & J. Cocks 9-1. C. Avery & D. Polack d A. Clugston & W. Batson 9-1. T. Jorgensen & S. Bond d N. Cocks & M. Thomas 9-2. D. Polack & D. Clark d W. Batson & R. Boehm 9-7. D. Greig & S. Bond d J. Cocks & M. Thomas 9-2.

Ladies: A. Greig & S. Baker d L. Hallam & J. Heinrich 9-2. E. Polack & H. Somers d G. & B. O’Halloran 9-1. A. Greig & H. Jorgensen d L. Hallam & R. Cocks 9-0. E. Polack & S. Avery d G. O’Halloran & C. Petschel 9-6. S. Baker & H. Jorgensen d R. Cocks & J. Heinrich 9-4. H. Somers & S. Avery d B. O’Halloran & C. Petschel 9-2.

Warrack Gold 5 match points, 14 sets, 145 games defeated Jeparit 4 sets, 80 games.

Mixed: Phil Huebner & Lauren Kellett d Ben Inkster & Lou Cross 9-4. Kevin Mills & Wendy Hewitt d Daniel Keam & Raylene Werner 9-0. Todd Krahe & Julie Koschitzke d Jason Hutson & Rebecca Schutlz 9-3. Connor McKenzie & Jess Kelly d Max McKenzie & Yolande Hutson 9-2. Chris Kellett & Megan Pryor lost to Bryce Day & Lil McKenzie 6-9. Lachie Hadley & Melissa Butler lost to Bo & Jake Smith 3-9.

Men: P. Huebner & T. Krahe d B. Inkster & J. Hutson 9-3. C. McKenzie & C. Kellett d M. McKenzie & B. Smith 9-7. P. Huebner & K. Mills d B. Inkster & D. Keam 9-4. C. McKenzie & L. Hadley d M. McKenzie & B. Day 9-4. T. Krahe & K. Mills d D. Keam & J. Hutson 9-4. C. Kellett & L. Hadley lost to B. Smith & B. Day 5-9.

Ladies: L. Kellett & J. Koschitzke d L. Cross & R. Werner 9-1. J. Kelly & M. Pryor d Y. Hutson & L. McKenzie 9-7. L. Kellett & W. Hewitt d L. Cross & R. Schultz 9-1. J. Kelly & M. Butler d Y. Hutson & J. Smith 9-2. J. Koschitzke & W. Hewitt d R. Schultz & R. Werner 9-2. M. Pryor & M. Butler lost to L. McKenzie & J. Smith 5-9.

Hopetoun 5 match points, 14 sets, 147 games defeated Brim 4 sets, 78 games.

Mixed: Jacob Holm & Remy George d Hugh Keam & Kylie O’Connor 9-4. Taylor Donnan & Courtney Jones d Steven Murphy & Casey Quick 9-5. Mal McLean & Jonti George d Darren Marshman & Molly Stewart 9-1. Coleman Schache & Courtney Williams d Patrick Lindsay & Levi Keam 9-4. Alex Kovoor & Nicole McLean d Lochie Golder & Merrily Keam 9-3. Mark Williams & Shiarne Petschel lost to Josiah Keam & Amanda Marshman 2-9.

Men: J. Holm & M. McLean d H. Keam & P. Lindsay 9-2. C. Schache & A. Kovoor d L. Golder & J. Keam 9-1. J. Holm & T. Donnan d H. Keam & S. Murphy 9-1. C. Schache & M. Williams d L. Golder & D. Marshman 9-1. T. Donnan & M. McLean d S. Murphy & P. Lindsay 9-0. A. Kovoor & M. Williams d J. Keam & D. Marshman 9-5.

Ladies: R. George & C. Jones d K. O’Connor & C. Quick 9-4. N. McLean & C. Williams d M. Stewart & M. Keam 9-5. R. & J. George d K. O’Connor & A. Marshman 9-6. N. McLean & S. Petschel lost to M. Stewart & L. Keam 8-9. J. George & C. Jones lost to A. Marshman & C. Quick 8-9. C. Williams & S. Petschel lost to M. Keam & L. Keam 3-9.

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