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Sunday 12th July 2020

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Dimboola District Tennis | Matches down to the wire

 Tuesday 4th December 2018
 Abbey Greig
 File Photo

Dimboola District Tennis | Matches down to the wire
Two thrilling contests have highlighted Dimboola and District Tennis Association’s round nine matches on Saturday.

In windy conditions, Jeparit claimed its first win of the season when they outlasted Antwerp by two games, while Warrack Gold claimed a narrow five-game win over Rainbow at Anzac Park.

Hopetoun returned to the top of the ladder when they dominated Dimboola, while Arkona climbed into the top four when they proved too strong for Brim.

Jeparit celebrated its win in dramatic fashion having to withstand a late surge from Antwerp who closed the final winning margin to two games.

Antwerp opened the day with a win in the mixed doubles section 27-30, winning three sets to two.

Antwerp also claimed the Men’s section by a narrow margin when they claimed a 9-0 win in the final set to claim the section by three games, 22-25.

Playing a full complement of six ladies, Jeparit turned the tables in a closely fought section which saw the home side win four sets to two and claim the section 49 games to 41.

In a gripping finish, Jeparit prevailed three match points to two, after Antwerp claimed the final Men’s set 9-0 and a last ladies set 9-5.

Warrack Gold claimed four match points to one over Rainbow, but the final results was on a knife’s edge to the final set.

Gold started well to claim a narrow four-game win in the mixed doubles, 37-33 before the Men’s and Ladies’ section continued the close action of the day.

Playing four men and five ladies, Rainbow claimed the Men’s section 34 games to 26, winning three of the four sets.

Gold was able to turn the tables in the Ladies’ section when they claimed four of the five sets with the final set being decided in a tie-breaker which was enough to ensure victory on the day, winning the section 39 games to 30.

The final result saw Gold win the day 102 games to 98.

Hopetoun returned from a week off to dominate Dimboola, losing just one set for the day in a 132 games to 44 games win.

Playing five men and five ladies, Hopetoun won all sets in the mixed doubles and were savage in the Men’s section, dropping just four games for the day.

Dimboola’s joy came in the Ladies’ section when Becky Barry and Karen Bridgewater claimed a 9-6 win as Hopetoun claimed all other sets to complete a big win.

The final match of the round saw Arkona make its way into the fop four at the expense of Brim after claiming a clean sweep of points 135 games to 43.

Playing five men and five ladies, Arkona won all sets for the day and climbed two premiership points ahead of Brim on the ladder.

Ladder after Round 9

Hopetoun  40  177.72
Warrack Gold40158.22


Jeparit 3 match points, 8 sets, 98 games defeated Antwerp 2 match points, 7 sets, 96 games.

Mixed: Grant O’Calloghan & Ebony Spokes d Tim Jorgensen & Emily Polack 9-2. Ben Inkster & Lou Cross lost to Don Clark & Heather Jorgensen 4-9. Daniel Keam & Yolande Hutson lost to Chris Avery & Paige Glover 5-9. Max McKenzie & Mikayla Smith lost to John Polack & Mel Butler (borrowed from Jeparit) 0-9. Rebecca Schultz & Raylene Werner d Hannah Somers & Macey Laverty 9-1.

Men: G. O’Calloghan & D. Keam d T. Jorgensen & D. Clark 9-7. B. Inkster & M. McKenzie lost to C. Avery & J. Polack 4-9. G. O’Calloghan & B. Inkster d T. Jorgensen & C. Avery 9-0. D. Keam & M. McKenzie lost to D. Clark & J. Polack 0-9.

Ladies: E. Spokes & R. Schultz lost to H. Jorgensen & H. Somers 8-9. R. Werner & Y. Hutson d M. Laverty & P. Glover 9-2. E. Spokes & L. Cross d H. Jorgensen & E. Polack 9-7. R. Werner & M. Smith d M. Laverty & M. Butler 9-7. L. Cross & R. Schultz d E. Polack & H. Somers 9-7. Y. Hutson & M. Smith lost to P. Glover & M. Butler 5-9.

Warrack Gold 4 match points, 8 sets, 102 games defeated Rainbow 1 match point, 6 sets, 97 games.

Singles: Lauren Kellett d Bridie O’Halloran 9-0.

Mixed: Sarah Spicer & Rikki Nitschke d Marc Edelsten & Rowena Keller 9-7. Connor McKenzie & Jan Greenwood lost to Lucas Edelsten & Wendy Zimmermann 8-9. Chris Kellett & Lynley Clyne d Rhys Boehm & Tracey Tregenza 9-8. Lachie Hadley & Liz Doyle lost to Jakob Cocks & Sharyn Gelligen 2-9.

Men: S. Spicer & C. Kellett d M. Edelsten & R. Boehm 9-7. C. McKenzie & L. Hadley lost to L. Edelsten & J. Cocks 7-9. S. Spicer & C. McKenzie lost to M. & L. Edelsten 8-9. C. Kellett & L. Hadley lost to R. Boehm & J. Cocks 2-9.

Ladies: L. Kellett & J. Greenwood lost to T. Tregenza & R. Keller 3-9. L. Clyne & L. Doyle d S. Gelligen & B. O’Halloran 9-3. L. Kellett & R. Nitschke d T. Tregenza & W. Zimmermann 9-3. J. Greenwood & L. Doyle d R. Keller & B. O’Halloran 9-7. R. Nitschke & L. Doyle d W. Zimmermann & S. Gelligen 9-8.

Dimboola 1 set, 44 games lost to Hopetoun 5 match points, 14 sets, 132 games.

Mixed: Corey Goss & Kate Clark lost to Jacob Holm & Zali Brown 3-9. Isaac & Breanna Eldridge lost to Taylor Donnan & Dana Schache 8-9. Will Schilling & Jennie Hauselberger lost to Mal McLean & Remy George 2-9. Rob & Becky Barry lost to Nathan Williams & Nicole McLean 3-9. Chris Rae & Karen Bridgewater lost to Tony George & Gina Boehm 5-9.

Men: C. Goss & W. Schilling lost to J. Holm & M. McLean 0-9. R. Barry & C. Rae lost to N. Williams & T. George 0-9. C. Goss & I. Eldridge lost to J. Holm & T. Donnan 1-9. W. Schilling & C. Rae lost to M. McLean & T. George 0-9. I. Eldridge & R. Barry lost to T. Donnan & N. Williams 3-9.

Ladies: B. Eldridge & K. Clark lost to Z. Brown & R. George 5-9. B. Barry & K. Bridgewater d N. McLean & G. Boehm 9-6. B. Eldridge & J. Hauselberger lost to Z. Brown & D. Schache 1-9. K. Clark & K. Bridgewater lost to R. George & G. Boehm 4-9. J. Hauselberger & B. Barry lost to D. Schache & N. McLean 0-9.

Arkona 5 match points, 15 sets, 135 games defeated Brim 43 games.

Mixed: Mitchell Jorgensen & Meaghan Pohlner d Cameron Blinman & Amanda Marshman 9-5. Michael Pohlner & Jennifer Klinge d Lachie Stewart & Erin Slater 9-4. Nick Pietsch & Tracey Jorgensen d Lachie Golder & Katherine Lenz 9-2. Johnno O’Dwyer & Kaylene Pietsch d Darren Marshman & Molly Stewart 9-1. Jonty Hunter & Petra Wolthuis d Even Hunter (borrowed from Arkona) & Rachael Pellegrino (borrowed from Arkona) 9-0.

Men: M. Jorgensen & N. Pietsch d C. Blinman & L. Golder 9-4. J. O’Dwyer & J. Hunter d D. Marshman & E. Hunter 9-3. M. Jorgensen & M. Pohlner d C. Blinman & L. Stewart 9-5. N. Pietsch & J. Hunter d L. Golder & E. Hunter 9-2. M. Pohlner & J. O’Dwyer d L. Stewart & D. Marshman 9-5.

Ladies: M. Pohlner & T. Jorgensen d A. Marshman & K. Lenz 9-4. K. Pietsch & P. Wolthuis d M. Stewart & R. Pellegrino 9-1. M. Pohlner & J. Klinge d A. Marshman & E. Slater 9-0. T. Jorgensen & P. Wolthuis d K. Lenz & R. Pellegrino 9-6. J. Klinge & K. Pietsch d E. Slater & M. Stewart 9-1.

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