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Friday 23rd August 2019

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Thank you to our local business sponsors.

Thanks to our local business sponsors.


Dimboola Tennis returns after summer break

Article Category  Sport
Date Published  Tuesday, February 5 2019
Author Abbey Greig
Photo  File Photo

Dimboola Tennis returns after summer break
Dimboola and District Tennis Association has resumed after the harvest/Christmas/school holiday break and the first match played for the round was on Friday night.

Antwerp hosted Arkona in perfect conditions and were able to win convincingly to put them six points ahead on Arkona on the ladder.

Jeparit hosted Brim where they played with five men and five ladies. Jeparit claimed one point for the day against Brim when their men won four of the five sets. Brim’s ladies were too strong for Jeparit. They won all five sets and only lost 14 games.

Rainbow travelled to Hopetoun and were low on numbers. They borrowed two Hopetoun men and the teams were able to play the day with six men and five ladies.

This meant there was a men’s singles matched played. Hopetoun’s Jacob Holm defeated Rhys Boehm 9-1. Hopetoun won all the mixed and men’s sets. Rainbow’s ladies claimed the point in the ladies section by winning three of the five sets played.

The final match saw Warrack Gold host Dimboola and the format of play for the day was four men and four ladies. The results appear to be very one sided with Warrack claiming all five match points for the day, but in actual fact it was a close encounter.

The mixed section ended with both teams winning two sets each, but the Warrack team won 30 games, which was eight more than Dimboola’s 22.

The men’s section was a similar story with both teams winning two sets each. Warrack won one extra game than Dimboola and denied them the chance to win a match point for the day.

Ladder after Round 11

Warrack Gold      50   163.07


Antwerp 5 match points, 14 sets, 140 games defeated Arkona 4 sets, 83 games.

Mixed: Tim Jorgensen & Abbey Greig d Mitchell Jorgensen & Meaghan Pohlner 9-2. Don Clark & Heather Jorgensen d Nick Pietsch & Jennifer Klinge 9-8. Daniel Polack & Samantha Baker d Russell Hunter & Laura Herben 9-3. Shane Bond & Emily Polack d Johnno O’Dwyer & Kaylene Pietsch 9-2. Nathan Albrecht & Tahlia Avery d Jonty & Karen Hunter 9-4. Sam Polack & Hannah Sommers lost to Trevor McBain & Tracey Jorgensen 1-9.

Men: T. Jorgensen & D. Clark d M. Jorgensen & R. Hunter 9-5. S. Bond & N. Albrecht d J. O’Dwyer & J. Hunter 9-4. T. Jorgensen & D. Polack d M. Jorgensen & N. Pietsch 9-2. S. Bond & S. Polack d J. O’Dwyer & T. McBain 9-5. D. Clark & D. Polack lost to N. Pietsch & R. Hunter 4-9. N. Albrecht & S. Polack d J. Hunter & T. McBain 9-4.

Ladies: A. Greig & E. Polack d M. Pohlner & L. Herben 9-1. S. Baker & T. Avery lost to T. Jorgensen & K. Pietsch 3-9. A. Greig & H. Jorgensen lost to M. Pohlner & J. Klinge 6-9. S. Baker & H. Sommers d T. Jorgensen & K. Hunter 9-4. H. Jorgensen & E. Polack d J. Klinge & L. Herben 9-0. T. Avery & H. Sommers d K. Pietsch & K. Hunter 9-3.

Jeparit 1 match point, 4 sets, 78 games lost to Brim 4 match points, 11 sets, 121 games.

Mixed: Ben Inkster & Lou Cross lost to Hugh Keam & Amanda Marshman 4-9. Daniel Keam & Raylene Werner lost to Steven Murphy & Casey Quick 7-9. Jason Hutson & Jackie Efferett lost to Patrick Lindsay & Kylie O’Connor 6-9. Ash O’Halloran & Montanna Hutson lost to Darren Marshman & Simone Lindsay 4-9. Bryce Day & Mel Butler lost to Levi & Merrily Keam 0-9.

Men: B. Inkster & J. Hutson lost to H. Keam & P. Lindsay 7-9. A. O’Halloran & B. Day d D. Marshman & L. Keam 9-4. B. Inkster & D. Keam d H. Keam & S. Murphy 9-5. J. Hutson & B. Day d P. Lindsay & L. Keam 9-8. D. Keam & A. O’Halloran d S. Murphy & D. Marshman 9-5.

Ladies: L. Cross & J. Efferett lost to A. Marshman & K. O’Connor 5-9. M. Butler & M. Hutson lost to S. Lindsay & M. Keam 0-9. L. Cross & R. Werner lost to A. Marshman & C. Quick 7-9. J. Efferett & M. Hutson lost to K. O’Connor & M. Keam 1-9. R. Werner & M. Butler lost to C. Quick & S. Lindsay 1-9.

Hopetoun 4 match points, 14 sets, 137 games defeated Rainbow 1 match point, 3 sets, 75 games.

Singles: Jacob Holm d Rhys Boehm 9-1.

Mixed: Mal McLean & Remy George d Taylor Donnan (borrowed from Hopetoun) & Rowena Keller 9-6. Coleman Schache & Jonti George d Anthony Schache (borrowed from Hopetoun) & Sharyn Gelligen 9-6. Nathan Williams & Courtney Jones d Jakob & Rylee Cocks 9-4. Alex Kovoor & Nicole McLean d Matthew Thomas & Colleen Petschel 9-1. Oliver Hallam & Shiarne Petschel d Aiden Gelligen & Bridie O’Halloran 9-8.

Men: J. Holm & C. Schache d T. Donnan & R. Boehm 9-1. A. Kovoor & N. Williams d J. Cocks & M. Thomas 9-1. J. Holm & M. McLean d T. Donnan & A. Schache 9-5. A. Kovoor & O. Hallam d J. Cocks & A. Gelligen 9-5. M. McLean & C. Schache d A. Schache & R. Boehm 9-3. N. Williams & O. Hallam d M. Thomas & A. Gelligen 9-2.

Ladies: R. George & C. Jones lost to R. Keller & R. Cocks 7-9. N. McLean & S. Petschel d C. Petschel & B. O’Halloran 9-4. R. & J. George lost to R. Keller & S. Gelligen 1-9. C. Jones & S. Petschel d R. Cocks & B. O’Halloran 9-1. J. George & N. McLean lost to S. Gelligen & C. Petschel 3-9.

Warrack Gold 5 match points, 7 sets, 97 games defeated Dimboola 5 sets, 70 games.

Mixed: Todd Krahe & Rikki Nitschke lost to Isaac & Breanna Eldridge 8-9. Mitch & Jan Greenwood d Corey Goss & Kate Clark 9-1. Connor McKenzie & Carol Morcom lost to Tim Bond & Jennie Hauselberger 4-9. Dave Nitschke & Lynley Clyne d Rob & Becky Barry 9-3.

Men: T. Krahe & C. McKenzie d I. Eldridge & T. Bond 9-6. M. Greenwood & D. Nitschke lost to C. Goss & R. Barry 7-9. T. Krahe & M. Greenwood d I. Eldridge & C. Goss 9-7. C. McKenzie & D. Nitschke lost to T. Bond & R. Barry 7-9

Ladies: R. Nitschke & C. Morcom d B. Eldridge & K. Clark 9-6. J. Greenwood & L. Clyne d J. Hauselberger & B. Barry 9-1. R. Nitschke & J. Greenwood lost to B. Eldridge & J. Hauselberger 8-9. C. Morcom & L. Clyne d K. Clark & B. Barry 9-1.

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