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Sunday 12th July 2020

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Dimboola District Tennis | Hopetoun claim minor premiership

 Tuesday 26th February 2019
 Abbey Greig
 Wangara Consulting

Dimboola District Tennis | Hopetoun claim minor premiership
Dimboola and District Tennis Association will prepare for finals this weekend after completing the final round of the season on the weekend.

Semi-finalist were finalised after the final round which saw reigning premier Hopetoun claim the minor premiership ahead of Warrack Gold, Antwerp and Arkona.

The final round hit off on Friday night when Rainbow hosted Jeparit and Antwerp welcomed Warrack Gold to the Health and Fitness Centre courts in Dimboola.

In a tense battle, Rainbow claimed a win over Jeparit, claiming four points to one to finish its season on a winning note by 16 games, 117-101.

Rainbow claimed the mixed double 43 games to 33 and also won the ladies section 48 games to 19, while the Jeparit men dominated their section.

A 49 games to 32 win to Jeparit saw them claim five of the six sets played to keep the scores tight throughout the night.

Antwerp claimed a 10-game win in the mens section after Warrack Gold had opened up a 15-game lead after the mixed doubles, winning 50 games to 35.

Warrack Gold’s ladies proved the difference on the night when they dominated their section, winning all sets to claim the section 54 games to 15.

On Saturday, Hopetoun continued on their winning way with a dominant win over Arkona, dropping just two sets for the day on their way to a 155 games to 77 victory.

Their win secured the minor premiership and finished six points clear of second-placed Warrack Gold.

The final game of the round produced the closest match of the round as Brim hosted Dimboola and finished the season on a winning note, claiming four match points to one.

Action was closely fought out throughout the day as Brim opened up an important early lead when they claimed the mixed doubles section 50 games to 37, winning four sets to two.

The Men’s and ladies section produced a thriller as Brim was successful in the Men’s winning four sets to two, 49 games to 46, before the Dimboola ladies hit back to win their section.

A see-sawing section saw Dimboola lead by one game after five sets and claimed the final set 9-7 to win the section 48 games to 45 as both sides won three sets each.


Hopetoun 64191.14
Warrack Gold   58150.50
Antwerp 45139.07
Jeparit 855.38


Rainbow 4 match points, 10 sets, 117 games defeated Jeparit 1 match point, 8 sets, 101 games.

Mixed: Will Batson & Rowena Keller d Ben Inkster & Ebony Spokes 9-6. Seamus O’Halloran & Tracey Tregenza d Daniel Keam & Lil McKenzie 9-2. Rhys Boehm & Sharyn Gelligen d Jason & Yolande Hutson 9-2. Matthew Thomas & Rylee Cocks lost to Rory & Georgina O’Halloran (borrowed from Rainbow) 4-9. Bryce Day (borrowed from Jeparit) & Sophie Thomas lost to Brett Schultz & Montanna Hutson 3-9. Aiden Gelligen & Colleen Petschel d Max & Kate McKenzie 9-5.

Men: W. Batson & R. Boehm lost to B. Inkster & J. Hutson 6-9. M. Thomas & B. Day lost to R. O’Halloran & B. Schultz 1-9. W. Batson & S. O’Halloran lost to B. Inkster & D. Keam 6-9. M. Thomas & A. Gelligen lost to R. O’Halloran & M. McKenzie 4-9. S. O’Halloran & R. Boehm d D. Keam & J. Hutson 9-4. B. Day & A. Gelligen lost to B. Schultz & M. McKenzie 0-9.

Ladies: R. Keller & S. Gelligen d E. Spokes & L. McKenzie 9-4. R. Cocks & S. Thomas lost to G. O’Halloran & K. McKenzie 3-9. R. Keller & T. Tregenza d E. Spokes & Y. Hutson 9-0. R. Cocks & C. Petschel d G. O’Halloran & M. Hutson 9-2. T. Tregenza & S. Gelligen d Y. Hutson & L. McKenzie 9-0. S. Thomas & C. Petschel d K. McKenzie & M. Hutson 9-4.

Antwerp 1 match point, 4 sets, 98 games lost to Warrack Gold 4 match points, 14 sets, 142 games.

Mixed: Tim Jorgensen & Tahlia Avery lost to Phil Huebner & Emma Koschitzke 6-9. Don Clark & Heather Jorgensen lost to Kevin Mills & Lauren Kellett 4-9. Chris Avery & Samantha Baker lost to Mitchell Greenwood & Sarah Spicer 6-9. Daniel & Emily Polack d Connor McKenzie & Jan Greenwood 9-5. Shane Bond & Hannah Somers lost to Cameron Clyne & Julie Koschitzke 3-9. Nathan Albrecht & Sonia Avery lost to Chris Kellett & Kathryn Lenz 7-9.

Men: T. Jorgensen & C. Avery lost to P. Huebner & M. Greenwood 8-9. D. Clark & S. Bond d C. McKenzie & C. Clyne 9-7. T. Jorgensen & D. Polack d P. Huebner & K. Mills 9-4. D. Clark & N. Albrecht d C. McKenzie & C. Kellett 9-0. D. Polack & C. Avery lost to K. Mills & M. Greenwood 6-9. S. Bond & N. Albrecht lost to C. Clyne & C. Kellett 7-9.

Ladies: H. Jorgensen & T. Avery (retired hurt) lost to E. Koschitzke & S. Spicer 1-9. S. Baker & H. Somers lost to J. Greenwood & J. Koschitzke 2-9. H. Jorgensen & E. Polack lost to E. Koschitzke & L. Kellett 3-9. S. Baker & S. Avery lost to J. Greenwood & K. Lenz 6-9. E. Polack & T. Avery forfeited to L. Kellett & S. Spicer 0-9. H. Somers & S. Avery lost to J. Koschitzke & K. Lenz 3-9.

Hopetoun 5 match points, 16 sets, 155 games defeated Arkona 2 sets, 77 games.

Mixed: Jacob Holm & Zali Brown d Nick Pietsch & Elizabeth Klinge 9-2. Taylor Donnan & Remy George d Russell Hunter & Jennifer Klinge 9-3. Mal McLean & Jonti George d Trevor McBain & Meaghan Pohlner 9-8. Tony George & Courtney Jones d Gordon Klinge & Tracey Jorgensen 9-3. Alex Kovoor & Nicole McLean d Jonty Hunter & Laura Herben 9-5. Anthony Schache & Shiarne Petschel d Even Hunter & Petra Wolthuis 9-3.

Men: J. Holm & M. McLean d N. Pietsch & T. McBain 9-3. T. George & A. Kovoor d G. Klinge & J. Hunter 9-1. J. Holm & T. Donnan d N. Pietsch & R. Hunter 9-6. T. George & A. Schache d G. Klinge & E. Hunter 9-1. T. Donnan & M. McLean d R. Hunter & T. McBain 9-3. A. Kovoor & A. Schache d J. & E. Hunter 9-1.

Ladies: Z. Brown & J. George d J. Klinge & M. Pohlner 9-5. C Jones & N. McLean lost to T. Jorgensen & L. Herben 5-9. Z. Brown & R. George d J. & E. Klinge 9-4. C. Jones & S. Petschel d T. Jorgensen & P. Wolthuis 9-6. R. & J. George d E. Klinge & M. Pohlner 9-5. N. McLean & S. Petschel lost to L. Herben & P. Wolthuis 6-9.

Brim 4 match points, 11 sets, 144 games defeated Dimboola 1 match point, 7 sets, 131 games.

Mixed: Hugh Keam & Kylie O’Connor d Corey Goss & Kate Clark 9-3. Steven Murphy & Amanda Marshman lost to Isaac & Breanna Eldridge 7-9. Lochie Golder & Simone Lindsay d Will Schilling & Jennie Hauselberger 9-7. Darren Marshman & Odette Heinrich lost to Tim Bond & Karen Bridgewater 7-9. Paul & Erin Slater d Rob & Becky Barry 9-4. Patrick Lindsay & Courtney Taylor d Chris Rae & Billie Barber 9-5.

Men: H. Keam & L. Golder d C. Goss & W. Schilling 9-6. P. Lindsay & P. Slater d T. Bond & R. Barry 9-7. H. Keam & S. Murphy d C. Goss & I. Eldridge 9-7. P. Lindsay & D. Marshman lost to T. Bond & C. Rae 5-9. S. Murphy & L. Golder d I. Eldridge & W. Schilling 9-8. P. Slater & D. Marshman lost to R. Barry & C. Rae 8-9.

Ladies: K. O’Connor & S. Lindsay d B. Eldridge & K. Clark 9-5. O. Heinrich & E. Slater d K. Bridgewater & B. Barry 9-8. K. O’Connor & A. Marshman lost to B. Eldridge & J. Hauselberger 5-9. O. Heinrich & C. Taylor d K. Bridgewater & B. Barber 9-8. A. Marshman & S. Lindsay lost to J. Hauselberger & K. Clark 6-9. E. Slater & C. Taylor lost to B. Barry & B. Barber 7-9.

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