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Sunday 12th July 2020

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Cricket | Blackheath-Dimboola

 Monday 4th March 2019
 Dimboola Courier
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Cricket | Blackheath-Dimboola
The C grade Bulls continued their winning form as they move towards the finals of the Horsham District Cricket Association’s 2018/19 season and a rested B grade team will be keen to get back on the field next Saturday after another weekend off.

C Grade

The C grade Blackheath-Dimboola are almost assured of a place in the finals, barring a disastrous showing in the last two rounds after they comfortably overcame Colts on Saturday.

Colts were invited to bat first and although at one wicket down for 100 runs this move appeared to have backfired, but four wickets for only another 15 runs had the Bulls back on top.

Wickets continued to fall regularly with the Blackheath-Dimboola bowlers and fieldsmen not allowing their opponents to settle any more significant partnerships.

When the last wicket fell, the target had been set at 173 for a Bulls’ victory.

The wickets were shared around, with four bowlers taking two each and another two snared one each. Philip Merrett finished with 2 for 14 and Luke Hutchinson took 2 for 15 off four overs each.

In a good fielding performance, seven Colts’ wickets fell to catches.

It only took the Bulls 34 overs to pass this total and they finished with 181 for the loss of nine wickets.

Chris Hauselburger top scored with 60 not out and Michael Henderson made 30 to be the leaders of the five batsmen who made double figures.

Next weekend a victory over the bottom placed Jung Tigers on the Les Howland Oval will confirm a place in the finals.

B Grade

The B grade team had another weekend without a game after the West Wimmera Warriors forfeited their game last week, but will enjoy a return to the field when Colts visit the Dimboola Recreation Reserve for the last two day game before the finals.

With Blackheath-Dimboola firmly in the top two along side Colts, the winner of this game will go into the finals as minor premiers and with the psychological advantage if these two were to meet again in the grand final at the end of March.

Horsham Cricket Association - B Grade

Blackheath-Dimboola defeated West Wimmera Warriors by forfeit

Horsham Cricket Association - C Grade

Colts Innings

K Purchase  not out 53
C Flackct. M Henderson  b. D Sexton26
N Zanker b. A Watt9
D Davisct. M Hendersonb. A Watt12
J Offer b. L Hutchinson26
D Couchct. P Freckerb. C Hauselberger  0
D Collinsct. A Wattsb. L Hutchinson0
J Zankerct. M Hendersonb. D Sexton31
D Newellct. L Hutchinsonb. P Merrett2
M Sandfordct. D Sextonb. P Merrett2
J Souther b. L Hutchinson0
Sundries  11

Blackheath-Dimboola Bowling

     O    M    R    W
M Henderson30180
D Sexton2.30272
A Watt62232
M Polycarpou61320
C Hauselberger  61231
J Laverty41171
L Hutchinson41152
P Merrett40142

Blackheath-Dimboola Innings

C Hauselberger  not out 60
A Wattct. J Offerb. D Collins20
P Merrett b. K Purchase  5
M Barry b. J Offer0
M Polycarpouct. C Flackb. D Newell26
L Hutchinsonst. C Flackb. D Collins7
J Laverty b. D Newell11
M Hendersonnot out 30
D Sextonct. J Offerb. N Zanker2
P Freckerct. D Davies  b. D Newell1
C Rees b. D Couch1
Sundries  18
TOTAL 9 for 181

Colts Bowling

     O    M    R    W
D Couch60511
J Zanker40140
K Purchase  60411
D Newell60203
D Collins60222
J Offer51201
N Zanker1061

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