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Saturday 11th July 2020

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Dimboola & District Tennis | Warrack Gold into Grand Final

 Tuesday 5th March 2019
 Abbey Greig
 File Photo - Wangara Consulting

Dimboola & District Tennis | Warrack Gold into Grand Final
Warrack Gold have managed to secure a place in the Grand Final by beating Hopetoun in the second semi-final in what was a very close contest.

The match was played in Hopetoun on Saturday morning in order to beat the heat of the day.

At the end of the mixed section, both sides had won three sets each, but Warrack Gold had won 45 games to Hopetoun’s 42 games.

The men’s section saw Hopetoun win four sets, 48 games to Warrack Gold’s 2 sets, 28 games. This result was reversed in the ladies section where Warrack Gold won 5 sets, 45 games, to Hopetoun’s 1 set, 33 games.

Overall, Warrack Gold won 10 sets to claim the point for most sets won, but Hopetoun won more games for the day with 123 games to 118 when Gold forfeited its final ladies set 9-0 when the result was beyond doubt.

In the first semi-final, Antwerp and Arkona battled to keep their finals hopes alive. This match was played on Friday night at the Health and Fitness Centre in Dimboola.

Antwerp started the evening by dominating the mixed section to claim all six sets. This trend continued throughout the night when Arkona only managed to win one set in the men’s section and one in the ladies.

Antwerp will now face Hopetoun in the Preliminary final on March 16.

First Semi Final Results

Antwerp 5 match points, 16 sets, 157 games defeated Arkona 2 sets, 80 games.

Mixed: Tim Jorgensen & Abbey Greig d Mitchell Jorgensen & Jennifer Klinge 9-6. Daniel Greig & Tahlia Avery d Russell Hunter & Elizabeth Klinge 9-1. Daniel Polack & Samantha Baker d Trevor McBain & Meaghan Pohlner 9-6. Don Clark & Heather Jorgensen d John O’Dwyer & Tracey Jorgensen 9-7. Chris Avery & Emily Polack d Gordon Klinge & Laura Herben 9-3. Shane Bond & Hannah Somers d Jonty & Karen Hunter 9-2.

Men: T. Jorgensen & D. Greig d M. Jorgensen & T. McBain 9-6. C. Avery & D. Clark d J. O’Dwyer & G. Klinge 9-2. T. Jorgensen & D. Polack lost to M. Jorgensen & R. Hunter 8-9. C. Avery & S. Bond d J. O’Dwyer & J. Hunter 9-5. D. Polack & D. Greig d R. Hunter & T. McBain 9-4. D. Clark & S. Bond d G. Klinge & J. Hunter 9-3.

Ladies: A. Greig & E. Polack d J. Klinge & M. Pohlner 9-3. H. Jorgensen & S. Baker d T. Jorgensen & L. Herben 9-7. A. Greig & T. Avery d J. & E. Klinge 9-4. H. Jorgensen & H. Somers d T. Jorgensen & K. Hunter 9-2. T. Avery & E. Polack lost to E. Klinge & M. Pohlner 5-9. S. Baker & H. Somers d L. Herben & K. Hunter 9-1.

Second Semi Final Results

Hopetoun 2 match points, 8 sets, 123 games lost to Warrack Gold 3 match points, 10 sets, 118 games.

Mixed: Jacob Holm & Zali Brown lost to Daniel Krahe & Emma Koschitzke 5-9. Taylor Donnan & Dana Schache d Phil Huebner & Lauren Kellett 9-7. Coleman Schache & Remy George lost to Mitchell Greenwood & Sarah Spicer 5-9. Mal McLean & Jonti George lost to Cameron Clyne & Jan Greenwood 5-9. Tony George & Courtney Jones d Connor McKenzie & Rikki Nitschke 9-8. Anthony Schache & Nicole McLean d Chris Kellett & Julie Koschitzke 9-3.

Men: J. Holm & M. McLean lost to D. Krahe & M. Greenwood 4-9. C. Schache & T. George d C. Clyne & C. McKenzie 9-2. J. Holm & T. Donnan d D. Krahe & P. Huebner 9-3. C. & A. Schache d C. Clyne & C. Kellett 9-2. T. Donnan & M. McLean lost to P. Huebner & M. Greenwood 8-9. T. George & A. Schache d C. McKenzie & C. Kellett 9-3.

Ladies: Z. Brown & R. George lost to E. Koschitzke & L. Kellett 4-9. J. George & C. Jones lost to R. Nitschke & J. Greenwood 6-9. Z. Brown & D. Schache lost to E. Koschitzke & S. Spicer 6-9. J. George & N. McLean lost to R. Nitschke & J. Koschitzke 4-9. D. Schache & R. George lost to S. Spicer & L. Kellett 4-9. C. Jones & N. McLean d J. Greenwood & J. Koschitzke 9-0.

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