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Sunday 12th July 2020

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Inaugural Rainbow Rises 240

 Wednesday 13th March 2019
 Wangara Consulting

Inaugural Rainbow Rises 240
The first round of the CAMS Victorian Off Road Championship, known as the Rainbow Rises 240, was held at Rainbow on the weekend, and although some fickle weather deterred some spectators, those who braved the elements were treated with some spectacular racing.

This event follows on from the success of the Rainbow Desert Enduro which has been held in August of the last two years and will return again later this year.

The course used is much shorter than the full Desert Enduro course as it winds its way around the Bow Hill site just west of the township of Rainbow for around 8.7 kilometres.

For this event the 24 competitors traversed the track between 8 and 10 times per heat.

The day started with all competitors completing a single reconnaissance lap to familiarise themselves with the course, and this was followed by Hindmarsh Shire Mayor Ron Ismay experiencing a hot lap with Justin Watt.

The very dusty conditions led to a impressive spectacle with the vehicles stirring up large plumes of dust particularly around the corners.

Not all of the competitors enjoyed a trouble free event, and this unfortunately included the local entrant who suffered gearbox issues on the reconnaissance lap and was unable to take his place on the grid for any of the heats.

This event is a new one on the off road racing calendar and was an excellent opportunity for competitors to familiarise themselves with this venue, as it forms part of the course for the 2019 Rainbow Desert Enduro which includes the third round of the BFGoodrich CAMS Australian Off Road Championship which will be held in August.

2019 Rainbow Rises 240 Results

Place   Car Number   Driver(s)
1 1055 Eric Schlifelner
2 1064 Steven Graham / Daryl Graham
3 619 Luke Densly / Warren Colins
4 248 Peter Stevenson / Brock Stevenson
5 680 Regi Lumani / Oriola Lumani

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