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Sunday 7th June 2020

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Fire danger period to end for most of the Wimmera

 Current News
 Wednesday 10th April 2019
 Country Fire Authority
 Wangara Consulting

Fire danger period to end for most of the Wimmera
The fire danger period (FDP) is set to end for more of the district after this weekend.

The FDP will finish at 1 am on Monday 15 April in the following municipalities;

  • Horsham Rural City Council
  • West Wimmera Shire Council (Central West Part) That part north of the line described by the following: Fullertons Road, Fergusons Road, Powers Creek- Bourkes Bridge Road, Casterton- Edenhope Road and Glenelg River
  • West Wimmera Shire Council (Central East Part) That part north of the line described by the following: Natimuk-Frances Road, Lake Charlegrark Road, Kaniva-Edenhope Road, Sims Road, Charam - Wombelano Road, Wombelano Road and Harrow- Clear Lake Road.
  • Mildura Rural City Council
  • Swan Hill Rural City Council
  • Buloke Shire Council
  • Yarriambiack Shire Council (Remainder)

The southern part of the West Wimmera Shire will remain under restrictions until further notice or until the 1 am on May 1, and the whole of the Hindmarsh Shire had its FDP terminated earlier this week.

Acting Chief Officer Gavin Freeman emphasised that although the FDP is coming to an end in some areas, it is important to remain vigilant.

“Residents that wish to conduct burn-offs on their private properties need to follow some basic rules; register your burn-offs first and foremost, check weather conditions and monitor the wind, and follow local council laws and regulations.”

Chief Office Freeman also highlighted the need for landowners to openly communicate with authorities and neighbours.

“As well as registering your burn-offs with ESTA, you need to alert your neighbours to the fact that they may see smoke on the set dates.”

“It’s a waste of valuable resources if CFA Brigades are responding to false alarms because people are not registering their burn-offs.

“By registering your burn-off, when somebody reports that they’ve spotted smoke, the incident will be cross-checked with the burn-off register and prevent the embarrassment of a CFA crew showing up at your place.”

“False alarms take crews away from family, friends, work and other potential emergencies.”
Landowners can register their burn-off with the Emergency Services Telecommunications Authority (ESTA) by calling 1800 668 511 or emailing burnoffs@esta.vic.gov.au

Whether registering a burn-off by phone or email, people should be prepared to give some basic information including location, date, expected start and finish times, estimated size, and what they intend to burn.

“The burn-off line is very easy to use – the operators are friendly, and prompt you by asking key questions,” CO Freeman said.

“When conducting burn-offs, remain alert and always have resources on hand to extinguish the fire.”

To keep your burn off safe and legal:

  • Check fire restrictions in your area and always register your burn
  • Check and monitor weather conditions – particularly wind
  • Warn your neighbours beforehand that there will be smoke in the air
  • Stay in attendance the whole time your burn is going
  • Have sufficient equipment and water to stop the fire spreading


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