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Tuesday 10th December 2019


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Wimmera Hockey Association - Round Eleven

Article Category  Current News
Date Published  Monday, July 29 2019
Author Wimmera Hockey Association
Photo  Wangara Consulting

Wimmera Hockey Association - Round Eleven
With a number of teams still to confirm their place in the Wimmera Hockey Association finals, four tied matches out of the six games over the Open and Women’s divisions highlights the evenness between the teams fighting for these positions with just four rounds left to play.


In Friday night’s Open division game the two teams currently outside the top four fought it out to keep their diminishing finals prospects alive, and after a two-all draw they both remain in the race for another week.

Two goals to Horsham Hurricanes’ Will Gulline in the first half gave them the advantage at half time, but when the Kaniva Cobras added to their one first half goal within a minute of the game restarting the scores were back to level and remained that way throughout a very even second half.

Clint Beattie and Lachie Mills shared the Kaniva goals and along with Dave Cole were their best players, and Stuart Hoffman, Gulline and Simon Trigg dominated for the Hurricanes.

The spectators who chose to brave the elements on Saturday evening were treated to two enthralling games of Open hockey, with the results of both having a significant influence on the positions within the top four.

The second-placed Warrack Hoops came from behind to draw their game with the improving Nhill Rangers, who use the two points they gained to retain their hold on fourth place.

A very even and skilful game featured solid attacking by both teams, with the ball regularly travelling the length of the field only to be driven back by determined defence.

Amongst this it was Jason Reichelt of the Rangers who scored first with a field goal midway through the first half, and it took until the last 12 minutes of play when a goal off the stick of Faith Eilola of the Hoops tied the game.

Midfielder Sam Bone was named as the best player for the Rangers, and Jordan Williamson was best for he Hoops.

The two points from this game keep the Hoops in second place on the ladder but they will have to display their best form in the coming weeks if they are to stay there.

In the final game, the Yanac Tigers held off a strong Dimboola Burras’ combination to keep their undefeated record intact, whilst even with the loss the Burras remain in third place and are still within striking distance of the Hoops.

Brothers Nathan and Todd Alexander were the Tigers’ goal scorers, and Jaiydn Honeyman and Alex Wheaton were their better players and defenders Talor Dent and Daniel Danisch stood out for the Burras.


A scoreless draw between Kaniva and the Horsham Jets on Friday evening has done nothing to clarify the last position available in the Women’s competition finals.

Kaniva remain one game ahead of the Jets, and with them both to face the same four opponents in the remaining rounds, are in the prime position to participate in the finals, but the Jets are still close enough that they could overtake Kaniva.

Lisa Stimson and Robyn Creek were Kaniva’s and the Jets’ best players respectively.

The Nhill Thunderbirds scored twice late in their game to finish ahead of Warracknabeal who have shown significant improvement over the last few rounds.

Warracknabeal matched their higher ranked opponent for three quarters of the game, and it was only in the dying minutes of play that Nhill drew ahead to maintain their hold on third place on the ladder.

Half a dozen Thunderbird penalty corners and the same number of solid field goal attempts were repulsed by the Warrack defenders in the first half, and if took another five shots a goal and two penalty corners before the Thunderbirds finally got on the scoreboard with just ten minutes of play remaining when best-on-ground Ellie Murden converted a penalty corner.

Another shot off a penalty corner five minutes later by Emily Koop established the final score line of two goals, but the determined Warrack team was far from disgraced by this result.

Warrack’s best players included Tiffany Bull at fullback and Ruth McNamara who controlled the midfield for her team.

Warrack is unlikely to feature in the finals this season, but may be the team which determines who does.

The clash between the top two teams was all that could be expected from these two dominant teams, with a very even and skilful display of hockey.

Yanac drew ahead in the first half with a goal by Nicole Penhall which was matched by a deflection by Adina King which found the Roos’ goal within the first minute of the second half.

Defenders Shanaye Alexander and Sophie Pipkorn were named as Yanac’s best players and Jennie Hauselburger and Brooke McMaster played well for the Roos.

With this results Yanac retain their place on top of the ladder, but the Roos are only one win behind and are ready to pounce if the leaders were to faulter at any stage in the last four rounds.

Under 16

In the Under 16 competition, Kaniva Raiders scored a two goal victory over the Horsham Bombers, with Max Goodwin finding the goals once in each half of the game. He was also named as the Raider’s best player ahead of team mates Elizabeth Dixon and Skye Braisby, whilst Serina Foot, Lars Simmons and Bonnie Brookes were the best for Horsham.

In a similar fashion to the corresponding game in the Women’s competition, the Warrack Revengers matched the Nhill Leopards for most of their game, only to concede two late goals.

The first goal came at the 15 minute mark of the second half when Seve Delaney scored, and a second was scored by Cory Koop with just five minutes of play left.

The best players for the victors were defenders Lance McBride and Kendra Clark and goalkeeper Kayden Rowe, and Ben Williamson continued his good season by being named as the best player for the Revengers along with Faith Eilola and Noah Eilola.

Although the competition leading Yanac Warriors won their game against the sixth placed Dimboola Kangaroos, they did not dominate play as may have been expected.

A Yanac goal in the first minute was not a good omen for the Kangaroos, but they were not daunted and took the game up to the reigning premiers for the full seventy minutes, even becoming only the second team to score a gaol against them this season whilst restricting them to the relatively low score of six goals.

The scoresheet featured six different goal scorers for the Warriors, and Nathan Colbert as their best player. Simone Rayes was the Kangaroos’ goal scorer and defender Tom Krelle was names as their best.

Under 12 Development Program

In the Under 12 Development Program the Kaniva Rampagers narrowly defeated the Horsham Black Hawks, the Nhill Bandits finished ahead of the Warrack Avengers and the Yanac Lowan Stars defeated Dimboola Kookaburras.

Round Twelve Preview

For round twelve of the Wimmera Hockey Association season teams will take to the field at Nhill’s Davis Park next Saturday, and as the end of the regular season approaches the result of most games will have an influence on which teams will progress to the finals.


The biggest game for the round will be a blockbuster game featuring the Dimboola Burras and Warracknabeal Hoops, with a clear result possibly determining which will finish in second place on the ladder and earn the valuable double chance in the finals.

The Hoops currently sit one win ahead of the Burras, but they still have to face the undefeated Yanac again, so a Hoops win in this game would have them draw two games ahead which might nearly be enough to stay in second place. In contrast a Burras win will bring these teams level on points, and as they have the easier run to the end of the season would be in a prime position to snatch second place on the ladder by the end of the regular season.

The winner of the game between the Kaniva Cobras and Nhill Rangers will end the round in the top four which could prove to be significant as they both have to play all three teams above them again before the finals.

The Horsham Hurricanes face the daunting task of needing to be the first team this season to defeat the Yanac Tigers if they are to remain in the hunt for a place in the finals. A Tigers victory will ensure they once again finish as minor premiers, and will also make it very difficult for the Hurricanes to climb into fourth place.


The feature game in this division will be the clash between the Nhill Thunderbirds and Kaniva. A win for the former team will firm their grip on third place on the ladder and a win for the latter will all but ensure that they will make the finals.

Warracknabeal who can no longer qualify for the finals will have nothing to lose when they take on the Dimboola Roos who have more at stake if they wish to remain in the hunt to finish on top of the ladder, making this a danger game for the Roos.

The Horsham Jets must score an unlikely win in their game against the dominant Yanac team if they are to remain a chance to make the top four, and Yanac need to win to stay ahead of the Roos.

Under 16

The results of all three Under 16 games will have a profound influence on this division’s ladder by the end of the round.

The Horsham Bombers will take on the undefeated Yanac Warriors in a game they must win if they are to have a chance of making the finals, and after seeing the sixth placed Dimboola Kangaroos push the reigning premiers for the full game last weekend, will go into the game with some confidence that they could be the first to defeated them this season.

The Warrack Revengers, need the win to confirm a place in the finals, will not want to take the Kangaroos too lightly, as they although the latter team is now out of contention for the finals they could still influence who does make it.

The Kaniva Raiders need a win over the Nhill Leopards if they are to stay in second place on the ladder whilst the Nhill team needs the points if they are to hold fourth place, ahead of the Bombers who are only once win behind in fifth place.

Round Eleven Fixture

- at Davis Park, Nhill

Field One

9:30 am - Under 16 - Nhill Leopards v Kaniva Raiders
11:00 am - Under 16 - Dimboola Kangaroos v Warracknabeal Revengers
12:30 pm - Under 12 Development Program - Dimboola Kookaburras v Warracknabeal Avengers
12:30 pm - Under 12 Development Program - Horsham Black Hawks v Yanac Lowan Stars
12:30 pm - Under 12 Development Program - Nhill Bandits v Kaniva Rampagers
2:00 pm - Open - Nhill Thunderbirds v Kaniva Women
3:30 pm - Open - Dimboola Burras v Warracknabeal Hoops

Field Two

9:30 am - Under 16 -Horsham Bombers v Yanac Warriors
11:00 am - Women - Horsham Jets v Yanac Women
12:30 pm - Women - Dimboola Roos v Warracknabeal Women
2:00 pm - Open - Horsham Hurricanes v Yanac Tigers
3:30 pm - Open - Nhill Rangers v Kaniva Cobras

Round Eleven Results


Kaniva Cobras 2 (Goals - L Mills, C Beattie; Best - D Cole, L Mills, C Beattie) drew with Horsham Hurricanes 2 (Goals - W Gulline 2; Best - S Hoffman, W Gulline, S Trigg)

Nhill Rangers 1 (Goal - J Reichelt; Best - S Bone, J Reichelt, B Miller) drew with Warrack Hoops 1 (Goal - F Eilola; Best - J Williamson, M Williamson, E Schilling)

Yanac Tigers 2 (Goals - N Alexander, T Alexander; Best - J Honeyman, A Magrath, M Higgins) defeated Dimboola Burras 0 (Best - T Dent, D Danisch, J Lovett)

 Pts  GD
Yanac Tigers4227
Warrack Hoops3019
Dimboola Burras269
Nhill Rangers14-14
Kaniva Cobras12-21
Horsham Hurricanes8-20


Kaniva 0 (Best - L Stimson, H White, J Wallis) drew with Horsham Jets 0 (Best - R Creek, L Schilling, C Lawson)

Nhill Thunderbirds 2 (Goals - E Murden, E Koop; Best - E Murden, K Farquharson, C Kessler) defeated Warracknabeal 0 (T Bull, R McNamara, F Eilola)

Yanac 1 (Goal - N Penhall; Best - S Alexander, S Pipkorn, E Alexander) drew with Dimboola Roos 1 (Goal - A King; Best - J Hauselberger, B McMaster, E Klinge)

 Pts  GD
Yanac Women3838
Dimboola Roos3428
Nhill Thunderbirds241
Kaniva Women20-4
Horsham Jets16-12
Warrack Women0-51

Under 16

Kaniva Raiders 2 (Goals - M Goodwin 2; Best - M Goodwin, E Dixon, S Braisby) defeated Horsham Bombers 0 (Best - S Foot, L Simmons, B Brooks)

Nhill Leopards 2 (Goals - C Koop, S Delaney; Best - L McBride, K Clark, K Rowe) defeated Warrack Revengers 0 (Best - B Williamson, F Eilola, N Eilola)

Yanac Warriors 6 (Goals - Archie Zanker, Caleb Zanker, N Colbert, C Dickinson, Chloe Zanker, C Hassall; Best - N Colbert, M Farmers, J Croot, C Hassall) defeated Dimboola Kangaroos 1 (Goal - S Rayes; Best - T Krelle, B Williamson, L Krelle, W Abbott)

 Pts  GD
Yanac Warriors4489
Kaniva Raiders287
Warrack Revengers24-11
Nhill Leopards20-3
Horsham Bombers16-31
Dimboola Kangaroos0-51

Under 12

Kaniva Rampagers 1 (Goal - C White; Encouragement Award - J White) defeated Horsham Black Hawks 0

Nhill Bandits 3 (Goals - T Maloney, K Chequer, G Pohlner; Encouragement Award - K Chequer) defeated Warrack Avengers 2 (Goals - S Williamson 2)

Yanac Lowan Stars 4 (Goals - Asher Zanker 2, A Zanker, L Cramer; Encouragement Award - T Rethus) defeated Dimboola Kookaburras 0


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