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Sunday 7th June 2020

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Wimmera River Revegetation Project

 Ag and Environment
 Thursday 8th August 2019
 Rommi Crouch - Landcare Facilitator
 Wangara Consulting

Wimmera River Revegetation Project
The Hindmarsh Landcare Network is working in partnership with Parks Victoria to deliver the Wimmera River Revegetation Project. The project aims to connect the Little Desert with the Big Desert by revegetating native species along the Wimmera River.

We are seeking expressions of interest from landholders along the Wimmera River between Dimboola and Jeparit. The project will support revegetating and fencing materials on any landscapes from degraded, unproductive ground, salt scalds, riparian strips or remnant woodlands. Parks Victoria will undertake pest and weed control of revegetated areas and adjoining crown land.

Restoring the natural environment can have several benefits for productivity and of course environmental aspects. Established revegetation can be utilised as a shelter belt for livestock and crops, reduce spray drift, water logging, wind and water erosion, increase farm value and aesthetics, and encourage the return of native wildlife, plant pollinators and beneficial invertebrates.

This project has been funded by the Victorian Government’s Biodiversity Response Planning program and is helping to ensure that Victoria’s natural environment is healthy, valued and actively cared for.

If you would like to become involved, please contact Kaniva District Landcare Facilitator Rommi Crouch via email rc.kanivalandcare@gmail.com or phone 0438 492 505.


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