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Sunday 12th July 2020

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Dimboola District Tennis | Arkona hold off Rainbow in thriller

 Tuesday 22nd October 2019
 Dimboola and District Tennis Association

Dimboola District Tennis | Arkona hold off Rainbow in thriller
Round three of the Dimboola and District Tennis Association started with Friday tennis between Arkona and Rainbow at Dimboola.

It started off very closely in the mixed section and continued right throughout the night.

Rainbow got off to a flying start winning the first three mixed sets, only for Arkona to bounce straight back winning the final three sets. Going into the Men’s and Ladies it was tied on sets and Arkona up by one game.

The Men’s and Ladies sections were also closely contested. Rainbow took home the win in the men’s sections two sets to four, 40 games to 51 but again Arkona rallied, winning the ladies section four sets, 45 games to two sets, 31 games

Three set winners for the match were Tracey Jorgenson and Karen Hunter for Arkona and Simon Clugston for Rainbow.

The second game on the Friday night in Dimboola was a more one-sided affair with Antwerp putting on a dominant display of tennis, only dropping two sets for the night against Dimboola.

Danni Taylor took home the honours for Dimboola winning two of her sets with Karen Bridgewater and Kate Clark.

Even though one sided, there was still some tight sets played for the evening.

On Saturday, Brim hosted Jeparit in what was to be a tight tussle.

The day started with a singles match, where the more experienced player in Ben Inkster was able to combat his younger opponent Josiah Keam 9-1.

Brim were able to turn the mixed around finishing the section four sets to two ahead.

The Brim men proved they are a strength this season, winning five of the six sets. It was a role reversal in the Women’s section, with Jeparit helping their side to a five sets to zero win.

This made for an interesting result for the day, Brim coming out victors 9 sets 108 games 3 match points to Jeparit 8 sets 100 games 2 match points.

The final game of the round was between the two grand finalists from last season; Hopetoun and Warrack Gold at Hopetoun.

In the past these games have been won or lost in the Mixed section and again it didn’t disappoint. Warrack Gold got the early start winning three sets to two.

The Men’s section was also closely contested, but again Warrack Gold came away winners winning three sets to two. Jacob Holm for Hopetoun was impressive winning his three sets at number one.

Chris Kellett for Warrack Gold did his part, remaining undefeated for the year so far.

The Warrack Gold ladies outclassed the Hopetoun ladies with strong performances from Emma Koschitzke and Rikki Nitschke. Nicole McLean and Shiarne Petschel won the only ladies set in a tiebreaker.

Ladder after Round 3

Warrack Gold   14  211.50
Brim 12115.05
Antwerp 11132.30
Hopetoun 7103.20
Rainbow 6.596.40
Arkona 4.587.93
Jeparit 476.86
Dimboola 161.75

Round Three Results

Arkona defeated Rainbow, 9 sets 128 games 3.5 match point to 9 sets, 124 games 1.5 match points

Mixed: Mitchell Jorgenson & Meaghan Pohlner lost to Adam Gould & Penny Fisher 4-9, Russell Hunter & Elizabeth Klinge lost to Mark Bastin & Rowie Keller 6-9, Jonty Hunter & Rachel Pellegrino lost to Simon Clugston & Rilee Cocks 6-9, Matthew Rosier & Tracey Jorgenson d Jon & Julie Fuller 9-8, Justin Beugelaar & Olivia Jorgenson d Jacob Cocks & Macy Fuller 9-1, Evan & Hunter Hunter d Aiden Gelligen & Sophie Thomas 9-6.

Men: M Jorgenson & J Hunter lost to A Gould & S Clugston 6-9, M Rosier & J Beugelaar lost to J Fuller & J Cocks 5-9, M Jorgenson &b R Hunter d A Gould & M Bastin 9-7, M Rosier & E Hunter lost to J Fuller & A Gelligen 6-9, R & J Hunter lost to M Bastin & S Clugston 5-9, J Beugelaar & E Hunter d J Cocks & A Gelligen 9-8

Women: M Polhner & T Jorgenson d P Fisher & R Cocks 9-5, O Jorgenson & R Pellegrino lost to J & M Fuller 7-9, M Polhner & E Klinge lost to P Fisher & R Keller 2-9, O Jorgenson & K Hunter d J Fuller & S Thomas 9-3, E Klinge & T Jorgenson d R Keller & R Cocks 9-2, R Pellegrino & K Hunter d M Fuller & S Thomas 9-3.

Antwerp defeated Dimboola, 16 sets 157 games 5 match points to 2 sets 77 games 0 match points

Mixed: Daniel & Emily Polack d Corey Goss & Jennie Hauselberger 9-2, Carly Werner & Dan Clark d Rob Barry & Breanna Eldridge 9-1, Daniel & Abby Greig d John O’Halloran & Kate Clark 9-3, Shane Bond & Rhianna Kuhne d Jack Wood & Karen Bridgewater 9-4, Sam Polack & Ant Toet d Jack King & Beck Barry 9-3, Simon Albrecht & Kylie Barry d Jeff Cameron & Danni Taylor 9-8.

Men: D Polack & D Clark d C Goss & J O’Halloran 9-4, S Bond & S Polack d J Wood & J Cameron 9-8, D Polack & D Greig d C Goss & R Barry 9-5, S Bond & S Albrecht d J Wood & J King 9-1, D Greig & D Clarlk d R Barry & J O’Halloran 9-2, S Polack & S Albrecht d J Cameron & J King 9-4

Ladies: E Polack & R Kuhne d B Eldridge & K Clark 9-3, A Greig & A Toet d K Bridewater & B Barry 9-4,
E Polack & C Werner d B Eldridge & J Hauselberger 9-3, A Greig & K Barry lost to K Bridgewater & D Taylor 7-9, C Werner & R Kuhne d J Hauselberger & K Clark 9-4, A Toet & K Barry lost to B Barry & D Taylor 6-9.

Brim 9 sets 108 games 3 match points to Jeparit 8 sets 100 games 2 match points

Mixed: Josiah Keam lost to Ben Inkster 1-9, Hugh Keam & Casey Quick d Bo Smith & Ebony Spokes 9-5, Steve Murphy & Molly Stewart d Jason Hutson & Ellie Schumann 9-5, Lachie Golder & Erin Slater lost to Gavin Nikkelson & Lou Cross 2-9, Patrick Lindsay & Tia Credlin d Jack Smith & Erin Preston 9-4, Levi & Merrily d Max McKenzie & Matt Golder (sub) 9-1.

Men: H & J Keam lost to B Inkster & B Smith 3-9, P Lindsay & L Stewart d G Nikkelson & J Smith 9-1, H Keam & S Murphy d B Inkster & J Hutson 9-5, P Lindsay & L Keam d G Nikkelson & M McKenzie 9-7, S Murphy & J Keam d J Hutson & B Smith 9-4, L Stewart & L Keam d J Smith & M McKenzie 9-6

Ladies: C Quick & M Stewart lost to E Spokes & E Schumann 5-9, M Keam & T Credlin lost to E Preston & M Golder 8-9, C Quick & E Slater lost to E Spokes & L Cross 3-9, M Stewart & T Credlin lost to E Schumann & M Golder 1-9, E Slater & M Keam lost to L Cross & E Preston 4-9

Warrack Gold 10 set 118 games 5 match points defeated Hopetoun 5 sets 72 games 0 match points.

Mixed: Jacob Holm & Remy George d Mitch Greenwood & Lauren Kellett 9-5, Taylor Donnan & Courtney Jones lost to Sarah Spicer & Emma Koschitzke 0-9, Mal McLean & Brodie Hallam lost to Mark Phelan & Rikki Nitschke 5-9, Jonty Bellinger & Shiarne Petschel lost to Chris Kellett & Jan Greenwood 1-9, Declan Brown & Nicole McLean d Dave Nitschke & Genevieve Gregson 9-8

Men: J Holm & M McLean d M Greenwood & M Phelan 9-5, J Bellinger & D Brown lost to C Kellett & D Nitschke 1-9, J Holm & T Donnan d M Greenwood & Spicer 9-2, M McLean & D Brown lost to M Phelan & D Nitschke 4-9, T Donnan & J Bellinger lost to S Spicer & C Kellett 6-9

Ladies: R George & B Hallam lost to E Koschitzke & R Nitschke 2-9, N McLean & S Petschel d J Greenwood & G Gregson 9-8, R George & C Jones lost to E Koschitzke & L Kellett 2-9, B Hallam & S Petschel lost to R Nitschke & G Gregson 0-9, C Jones & N McLean lost to L Kellett & J Greenwood 6-9.

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