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Sunday 12th July 2020

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Dimboola District Tennis | Round four carries on in trying conditions

 Tuesday 29th October 2019
 Dimboola and District Tennis Association
 Wangara Consulting

Dimboola District Tennis | Round four carries on in trying conditions
Round four of the Dimboola and District Tennis Association proved to be a challenge under Saturday’s cold and blustery conditions.

Warrack 11 sets, 126 games, and 4 match points defeated Brim 7 sets, 109 games, and 1 match point

Warrack hosted Brim at Anzac Park where the hosts got off to a strong start in the mixed, winning the first two sets comfortably. However, it wasn’t all going to be their way as Brim come back and won 2 sets of their own. In the end Warrack were the victors with 4 sets to Brim’s 2. The men’s section proved to be more one sided in Brim’s favour with Mitchell Greenwood and Cameron Clyne winning the only set for the home side. The women’s section was also a one-sided affair but in favour of Warrack, they managed to come away with a clean sweep claiming all 6 sets. Final score –

Mixed: Mitchell Greenwood & Lauren Kellett d Lachie Stewart & Merrily Keam 9-2, Cameron Clyne & Rikki Nitschke d Paul Slater & Erin Slater 9-2, Dan McKenzie & Jan Greenwood lost to Kyle George & Simone Lindsay 4-9, Chris Kellett & Carol Morcom d Hugh Keam & Tia Credlin 9-3, Dave Nitschke & Kirrilee Rowe d Lachie Golder & Josiah Keam 9-5, Dylan Dejong & Gen Gregson lost to Patrick Lindsay & Elyssia Preston 2-9.

Men: M Greenwood & D McKenzie lost to H Keam & K George 4-9, C Kellett & D Nitschke lost to P Slater & P Lindsay 3-9, M Greenwood & C Clyne d H Keam & L Stewart 9-3, C Kellett & D Dejong lost to P Slater & L Golder 2-9, C Clyne & D McKenzie lost to L Stewart & K George 4-9, D Nitschke & D Dejong lost to P Lindsay & L Golder 8-9.
Women: L Kellett & J Greenwood d J Keam & S Linsday 9-6, K Rowe & C Morcom d E Slater & E Preston 9-5, L Kellett & R Nitschke d J Keam & M Keam 9-4, K Rowe & G Gregson d E Slater & T Credlin 9-6, R Nitschke & J Greenwood d M Keam & S Lindsay 9-5, C Morcom & G Gregson d E Preston & T Credlin 9-5.

Jeparit 11 sets, 125 games and 3 match points defeated Rainbow 7 sets, 128 games and 2 match points

The second game of the round saw Jeparit host Rainbow. The day got off to a very tight start with both teams battling hard to get the upper edge in the mixed. With 3 sets a piece, Rainbow managed to sneak the win with 47 games to Jeparit’s 43. The men’s and women’s sections remained close throughout the day with the total game scores being neck and neck. However, Jeparit came out victors of both sections managing to win 4 sets to Rainbow’s 2. 3 set winners for the day were Elly Schumann and Rebecca Schultz for Jeparit and Phoebe O’Halloran for Rainbow. Final score –

Mixed: Ben Inkster & Elly Schumann d Marc Edelsten & Rylee Cocks 9-6, Jason Hutson & Rebecca Schultz d Jacob Hallam & Georgina O’Halloran 9-6, Rory O’Halloran & Yolande Hutson lost to Jon Fuller & Julie Fuller 8-9, Gavin Nikkelson & Erin Preston d Seamus O’Halloran & Bridie O’Halloran 9-8, Max McKenzie & Mel Butler lost to Aidan Gelligen & Macy Fuller 2-9, Bryce Day & Montanna Hutson lost to Joad Fuller & Phoebe O’Halloran 6-9.

Men: B Inkster & R O’Halloran d M Edelsten & Jon Fuller 9-6, G Nikkelson & B Day lost to S O’Halloran & A Gelligen 2-9, B Inkster & J Hutson lost to M Edelsten & J Hallam 1-9, G Nikkelson & M McKenzie d S O’Halloran & Joad Fuller 9-7, J Hutson & R O’Halloran d J Hallam & Jon Fuller 9-8, B Day & M McKenzie d A Gelligen & Joad Fuller 9-3.

Women: E Schumann & Y Hutson d R Cocks & J Fuller 9-8, M Butler & E Preston d B O’Halloran & M Fuller 9-4, E Schumann & R Schultz d R Cocks & G O’Halloran 9-3, M Butler & M Hutson lost to P O’Halloran & B O’Halloran 6-9, R Schultz & Y Hutson d G O’Halloran & J Fuller 9-6, E Preston & M Hutson lost to M Fuller & P O’Halloran 1-9.

Hopetoun 10 sets, 105 games, 5 match points defeated Dimboola 2 sets, 79 games.

Hopetoun hosted Dimboola in the third match for the round with teams cutting back to four men and four women. The mixed began with Hopetoun stating their dominance and winning the first 3 sets. However, Dimboola’s Jeff Cameron and Karen Bridgewater put a stop to a Hopetoun clean sweep by taking out the fourth and final set for Dimboola. The Men’s and Women’s sections saw Hopetoun come out on top, winning 7 out of the 8 sets.

Mixed: Jacob Holm & Remy George d Isaac Eldridge & Breanna Eldridge 9-1, Mal Mclean & Courtney Jones d Jason Revell & Kate Clark 9-5, Alex Kavoor & Tahlia Durie d Rob Barry & Becky Barry 9-5, Mark Williams & Courtney Williams lost to Jeff Cameron & Karen Bridgewater 7-9.
Men: J Holm & A Kavoor d I Eldridge & J Cameron 9-2, M Mclean & M Williams d J Revell & R Barry 9-8, J Holm & M Mclean d I Eldridge & J Revell 9-4, A Kavoor & M Williams lost to J Cameron & R Barry 8-9.

Women: R George & T Durie d B Eldridge & K Bridgewater 9-6, C Jones & C Williams d K Clark & B Barry 9-5, R George & C Jones d B Eldridge & K Clark 9-7, T Durie & C Williams d K Bridgewater & B Barry 9-8.

The final match of the round saw Arkona forfeit to Antwerp.

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