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Sunday 12th July 2020

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Bowls | First Division retain top spot despite narrow loss

 Tuesday 29th October 2019
 Kittyhawk Pete
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Bowls | First Division retain top spot despite narrow loss
Well what a weekend for bowls or any sport for that matter, 40 to 50 k winds with intermittent rain made it a very challenging day.

First division travelled to Horsham to play on the grass greens at Coughlin Park, the green was very slow running at about 11 seconds and with wind and rain thrown in it was very difficult. Despite winning two of three rinks overall, Dimboola went down by 13 shots 64 to 77.

The team of Peter O’Loughlin, Judith Albrecht, Merv Roberts and Alex Orcsik had a good 5 shot victory winning 27 to 22, Alan Krahe, Wayne Albrecht, Ron Gaulke and Josh Cook had a narrow hard fought win 22 to 21 and the team of Geoff Gazelle, Greg Cook, Darryl Both and Darryl Argall struggled for most of their going down by 19 shots 15 to 34.

The four points for winning two rinks was enough to place Dimboola on top of the ladder narrowly in front of Nhill and Horsham City.

Horsham Golf will be the next opponent when they travel to Dimboola to take on the locals on Saturday.

First Division teams for Saturday:

Leads:Josh CookMerv RobertsDarryl Argall
Seconds:  Rob ClarkRon GaulkeJohn Moar
Thirds:Wayne Albrecht  Judith AlbrechtGreg Cook
Skips:Alan KrahePeter O’Loughlin  Geoff Gazelle

Second Division played at home and overall went down by 14 shots, 63 to 77, against Edenhope’s number one side.

There were two close results with the team of Pete Ross, Trevor Werner, Bill Ballard and Shannon Williams going down by the barest margin of 1 shot 23 to 24, the team of Bryan (driver) Beattie, Ric Danisch, Bob Gooding and Ian Barry also had a close game going down by 3 shots 25 to 28. The team of Cliff Unger, Frank Neagle, Max Walker and Billy Eldridge struggled in their game going down by 12 shots 15 to 27.

This team will travel to Natimuk on Saturday, with cars leaving at 12:35 pm.

Second Divisions Teams for Saturday:

Leads:Billy Eldridge  Shannon Williams   Ian Barry
Seconds:   Ian McRaeBill BallardBob Gooding
Thirds:Frank NeagleTrevor WernerRic Danisch
Skips:Cliff UngerPeter RossBryan Beattie

Sunday saw the first two rounds of the club Men’s Singles Championship and there were some great bowls played by all who took part.

Four players are left, with Josh Cook, in only his second season, playing Geoff Gazelle in one semi final and Robert Clark taking on Alan Krahe in the other semi final.

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