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Sunday 12th July 2020

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Great Vic Bike Ride 2020 starting at Rainbow

 Current News
 Saturday 30th November 2019
 Bicycle Network

Great Vic Bike Ride 2020 starting at Rainbow
Hindmarsh Shire Council have secured Rainbow as the location for the start of the Great Victorian Bike Ride 2020.

The week long cycling holiday, organised by Bicycle Network, will see over 3000 participants overnight in Rainbow on Saturday 28 November 2020 before starting the 532 km journey across the Wimmera Southern Mallee region through to the finishing point at Great Western.

Bicycle Network is Australia’s biggest bike riding organisation and has been taking thousands of cyclists each year on the Great Vic Bike Ride for 36 years. The event will not only bring significant economic impact to Rainbow during the riders’ stay but will showcase the town and region as a unique cycling destination, with statistics showing a high percentage of return visitation by participants.

Hindmarsh Shire Council Mayor, Cr Rob Gersch said that he is happy to see Rainbow chosen as the starting point.

“I am excited to see Rainbow selected as the starting point of the Great Vic Bike Ride 2020. Rainbow is a perfect place to begin their exploration of the Wimmera Southern Mallee region. Participants will see a diverse range of agriculture, towns and sites on their journey through to Great Western.”

Organisers and volunteers will be arriving in Rainbow in the days leading up to the event and Council will be working with community groups and local businesses to maximize the economic benefits of attracting such an event to the town.

“This event presents a significant opportunity to build on projects such as the Wimmera River Discovery Trail development, the Silo Art Trail and other regional cycling infrastructure and branding campaigns to help build the Wimmera Southern Mallee as a cycling holiday destination,” Cr Gersch said.

The ride will take in the sights between Rainbow, Brim, Horsham, Halls Gap, Dunkeld, Pomonal and Great Western, as participants meander their way through the region.

Each day will see riders on the road for between 44 kilometres and 109 kilometres, with a well-positioned rest day in Halls Gap along the way.

For those not confident in tackling all 532 kilometres of the ride, there are three different options: 9 days from Rainbow to Great Western (532km), 5 days from Rainbow to Halls Gap (320km), or 3 days from Halls Gap to Great Western (212km).

Great Victorian Bike Ride 2020 Route Map. Source: Bicycle Network.

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