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Friday 7th August 2020

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Dimboola District Tennis | One sided matches highlight round

 Monday 2nd December 2019
 Dimboola and District Tennis Association

Dimboola District Tennis | One sided matches highlight round
Round eight of the Dimboola and District Tennis Association was a one-sided affair across all games.

Player availability due to harvest also a big contributor with Friday night’s game between Rainbow and Warrack Gold being forfeited by Rainbow.

Dimboola and Brim played the closest game of the round, going toe to toe most of the day. The mixed section was up and down with Dimboola sneaking over the line four sets to two.

The Men’s and Women’s sections also didn’t disappoint, both sections close on games and sets.

In the Men’s section; it was Dimboola who got over the line again, winners four sets to two. Rob Barry for Dimboola played well to win all three sets as did Kevin Mills from Brim.

Brim rallied in the Women’s section winning four sets to two. There was some quality tennis played and only split by five games difference. Simone Lindsay for Brim pivotal to the win winning all three of her sets.

Jeparit hosted ladder leaders Antwerp.

It was always going to be a tough task for Jeparit, and Antwerp came out firing right from the start thanks to Emily Polack’s singles win over Elly Schumann 9-1. Antwerp continued on, taking home the mixed five sets to nil.

The Antwerp men showed a dominate display of tennis only dropping five games in the section and winning four sets to nil.

The Ladies’ section was certainly the closest section for the day, but Jeparit were unable to get a win on the board. Again, Antwerp clear winners five set to nil.

Hopetoun travelled to Dimboola to take on Arkona for the last game of the round. This was anticipated to be match of the round, with Arkona fighting to find a place in the top four.

Player unavailability forced the sides to play with four men and four women and unfortunately Arkona couldn’t match the Hopetoun team.

The mixed section was dominated by Hopetoun winning all four sets and only dropping five games.

This continued throughout the Men’s section, Hopetoun all over Arkona again winning all four sets and dropping two games for the section.

The Women’s section was the closest for the afternoon, but Arkona couldn’t get a win on the board, Hopetoun again winning all four sets, 16-36 games.

Ladder after Round Eight

Warrack Gold   32.5  164.77
Brim 14.078.26
Jeparit 11.575.00
Dimboola 10.0 74.89

Round Eight Results

Dimboola 10 sets, 128 games, 4 match points defeated Brim 8 sets, 113 games, 1 match point.

Mixed Corey Goss, Brenna Eldridge d Cameron Blinman, Casey Quick 9-5, Jack Wood, Rianna Kuhne lost to Kevin Mills, Simone Lindsay 1-9, John O’Halloran, Kate Clark d Amanda Marshman, Molly Stewart 9-6, Rob Barry, Karen Bridgewater d Erin Slater, Mel Mills 9-4, Darren Sexton, Danni Taylor lost to Lachie Golder, Elysia Preston 4-9, Ash & Issy Clugston d Matt Golder, Tia Credlin 9-3.

Men: C. Goss, J. O’Halloran d C. Blinman, A. Marshman 9-8, R. Barry, D. Sexton d E. Slater, L. Golder 9-2, C. Goss, A. Clugston lost to C. Blinman, K. Mills 5-9, R. Barry, J. Wood d E. Slater, M. Golder 9-1, A. Clugston, J. O’Halloran lost to K. Mills, A. Marshman 8-9, D. Sexton, J. Wood d L. & M. Golder 9-5.

Ladies: B. Eldridge, K. Clark d C. Quick, M. Stewart 9-3, K. Bridgewater, D. Taylor d M. Mills, E. Preston 9-4, B. Eldridge, R. Kuhne lost to C. Quick, S. Lindsay 7-9, K. Bridgewater, I. Clugston lost to M. Mills, T. Credlin 2-9, R. Kuhne, K. Clark lost to S. Lindsay, M. Stewart 4-9, D. Taylor, I. Clugston lost to E. Preston, T. Credlin 7-9.

Hopetoun 16 sets, 108 games 5 match points defeated Arkona 0 sets, 23 games, 0 match points.

Mixed John O’Dwyer, Meaghan Pohlner lost to Jacob Holm, Dana Schache 2-9, Jonty Hunter, Tracey Jorgensen lost to Mal McLean, Courtney Jones 3-9, Luke & Karen Hunter lost to Anthony Schache, Tahlia Durie 0-9, Evan Hunter, Joanne Wolthuis lost to Declan Brown, Abby White 0-9.

Men: J. O’Dwyer, E. Hunter lost to J. Holm, A. Schache 0-9, J. & L. Hunter lost to M. McLean, D. Brown 1-9, J. O’Dwyer, J. Hunter lost to J. Holm, M. McLean 1-9, E. & L. Hunter lost to A. Schache, D. Brown 0-9.

Ladies: M. Pohlner, K. Hunter lost to D. Schache, T. Durie 5-9, T. Jorgensen, J. Wolthuis lost to C. Jones, A. White 4-9, H. Pohlner, T, Jorgensen lost to D. Schache, C. Jones 7-9, K. Hunter, J. Wolthuis lost to T. Durie, A. White 0-9.

Antwerp 14 sets, 126 games, 5 match points defeated Jeparit 0 sets, 38 games 0 match points.

Mixed Singles: Elly Schumann lost to Emily Polack 1-9, Christiana Henke, Ebony Spokes lost to Tim Jorgensen, Abbey Greig 3-9, Gavin Nikkelson, Lou Cross lost to Chris Avery, Carly Werner 4-9, Jake Smith, Mel Butler lost to Daniel Polack, Samantha Baker 0-9, Max McKenzie, Montanna Hutson lost to Don Clark, Ant Toet 4-9.

Men: C. Henke, J. Smith lost to T. Jorgensen, D. Polack 5-9, G. Nikkelson, M. McKenzie lost to C. Avery, D. Clark 0-9, C. Henke, G. Nikkelson lost to T. Jorgensen, C. Avery 0-9, J. Smith, M. McKenzie lost to D. Polack, D. Clark 0-9.

Ladies: E. Spokes, L. Cross lost to A. Greig, E. Polack 2-9, M. Butler, M. Huston lost to S. Baker, A. Toet 1-9, E. Spokes, E. Schumann lost to A. Greig, C. Werner 4-9, L. Cross, M. Hutson lost to E. Polack, A. Toet 8-9, E. Schumann, M. Butler lost to C. Werner, S. Baker 6-9.

Warrack Gold defeated Rainbow by forfeit.

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