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Sunday 12th July 2020

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Jeparit Community Conversation – Planned Infrastructure Projects

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 Monday 2nd December 2019
 Hindmarsh Shire Council
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Jeparit Community Conversation – Planned Infrastructure Projects
An invitation has been extended to residents of Jeparit and district to attend a community conversation to learn more about a number of community-based infrastructure projects planned for the town.

The community conversation will be held in the Senior Citizens Room at the Jeparit Memorial Hall on Monday 9 December 2019 from 5.30pm.

Hindmarsh Shire Council Mayor Cr Rob Gersch said that this will be a good chance for Jeparit and district residents to interact with Council about initiatives planned for their town.

Proposed infrastructure projects that are being planned for Jeparit include:
  • The refurbishment of the existing Council Customer Service Centre and Senior Citizens Room to incorporate a public library.
  • The redevelopment of the area between the Jeparit Caravan Park / Jeparit Tennis Club and the Wimmera River to establish the Jeparit Visitor Node of the Wimmera River Discovery Trail.
  • The redevelopment of the terraced erosion control system at the Wimmera River area known locally as the Jeparit Swimming Hole, and
  • Landscaping and streetscape improvements in Roy Street.
Cr Gersch said that Council is aware of discussions and concerns raised by residents.

“Council is aware that there have been discussions and concerns raised by the Jeparit community regarding the proposed refurbishment of the existing Council Customer Service Centre and Senior Citizens Room to establish a public library,” Cr Gersch said.

“The community conversation will be a great opportunity for the community to gain a better understanding of the plans and Council’s objectives for this proposal. It will also be able to assure people that the room will continue to be available for current activities including senior citizens and those involving the billiard table.”

Hindmarsh Shire Council has previously reviewed its Library services and resolved to withdraw from the Wimmera Regional Library Corporation effective from the start of July next year.

Jeparit and Rainbow are currently served by a mobile library receiving two hours per fortnight and two and a half hours per fortnight respectively.

Council resolved to establish static libraries jointly located with Council Customer Service Centres in each of these towns in order to provide residents with at least one and a half days of service per week.

Hindmarsh and Yarriambiack Shire Councils have both agreed to share library services, including the implementation of new and improved systems and operations to increase access for the broad range of services that modern libraries are now providing elsewhere.

On the topic of the Jeparit Visitor Node, Cr Gersch said that the development of the Wimmera River Discovery Trail, and the fact that it will go through Jeparit, means that it is important that suitable visitor facilities are available. Council recognises that these facilities should be designed with the community in mind as much as visitors to the district.

The initiatives that will be discussed at the Community Conversation event are aimed at improving community and public spaces and therefore increasing the aesthetics and amenities for Jeparit residents and visitors.

“If you have an interest in future developments for Jeparit, then please attend the Community Conversation.”

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