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Friday 7th August 2020

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Bowls | Another tough weekend on the greens

 Wednesday 4th December 2019
 Kittyhawk Pete

Bowls | Another tough weekend on the greens
Not a good day on the bowling greens on Saturday.

This is how Kittyhawk Pete saw the games:

First Division

To say that the wheels have fallen off is an understatement. I can’t remember the last time that division one lost every rink two weeks in a row.

This has seen Dimboola slip from the top of the ladder to third, so this week against Kaniva will be a very vital game for the club.

Against Coughlin Park Two Dimboola went down by twelve shots overall. The team of Geoff Gazelle, Greg Cook, Darryl Both and Darryl Argall were the unlucky team going down narrowly by one shot in a game that could have gone either way. Alan Krahe, Wayne Albrecht, Rob Clark, and Josh Cook went down by five shots and Peter O’Loughlin, Judith Albrecht, Ron Gaulke, and Merv Roberts went down by six shots, all teams were in positions to win their games but just didn’t take their chances when they presented.

This week we have a couple of important outs with both Judy and Wayne unavailable, but I’m sure their replacements John and Cliff will do the job.

Division One to play Kaniva at Dimboola

Leads:Josh CookMerv RobertsDarryl Argall
Seconds:   Rob ClarkRon GaulkeCliff Unger
Thirds:Darryl Both   John MoarGreg Cook
Skips:Alan KrahePeter O’Loughlin   Geoff Gazelle

Players are to bring afternoon tea.

Second Division

Second division had a bad day against Nhill with only the team of Cliff Unger, John Moar, Bob Gooding, and Don Hallam having a win, well done to that team.

The team of Ric Danisch, Bill Ballard, Ian McRae, and Shannon Williams had a day they would like to forget together with the team of Bryan Beattie, Trevor Werner, Max Walker, and Ian Barry.

This week division two also play at home against Coughlin Park Three, let’s hope we all regroup and put on a better show.

Division Two at home to Coughlin Park Three.

Leads:Alex OrcsikShannon Williams   Will Eldridge
Seconds:   Don HallamIan McRaeIan Barry
Thirds: Bob GoodingWill BallardMax Walker
Skips: Trevor Werner   Ric DanischBryan Beattie

Emergency - Daniel Danisch

Players are to bring afternoon tea.

All the best in bowling - Kittyhawk Pete

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