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Friday 7th August 2020

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Bowls | Bounce back for Division One

 Monday 9th December 2019
 Peter O’Loughlin
 File Photo

Bowls | Bounce back for Division One
Dimboola One has bounced back after a couple of weekends of losses on the bowling greens. Read about the weekend’s bowls action in Kittyhawk Pete’s report below.
Division one have bounced back after a couple of bad weeks on the greens.

On Saturday with Dimboola finally back on their home greens Dimboola proved way to powerful for the Kaniva one side running out winners by 41 shots 89 to 48. This was a great win as we had Judy and Wayne Albrecht unavailable for the game and at the last minute Kittyhawk Pete deciding to have a bit of a rest in the Ballarat Base Hospital for a few days.

Teams were changed around and Daniel Danisch was called up to first division to lead for Merv Roberts’ side. As I was resting in Ballarat I don’t know the exact composition of the sides so I will give the results of each skipper: Alan Krahe’s team had a good win 31 to 16, Geoff Gazelle’s team had a big win winning 37 to 13 and Merv Roberts’ team had the close game winning by 2 shots 21 to 19. As I said this was a great result, so well done to all.

This week we have Judy and Wayne back from their break and Kittyhawk Pete up and around again for the game against the Wimmera Division’s top side Nhill at Nhill, this will be an important game for us to gauge where we are at, so let’s hope we all perform to our best.

First Division teams:

Leads:Josh CookMerv RobertsDarryl Argall
Seconds: Wayne AlbrechtRon GaulkeCliff Unger
Thirds:Darryl BothJudy AlbrechtGreg Cook
Skips:Alan KrahePeter O’LoughlinGeoff Gazelle

Manager: Darryl Both

Cars leave at 12.45.

Second division also played at home against the strong Coughlin Park 3 side who proved to strong for our team. Bryan Beattie’s side was the best performed side having a draw 23 all, both Trevor Werner’s and Ric Danisch’s sides went down 12 to 28 and 14 to 29 respectively. This week division 2 play Sunnyside 3 at home and we welcome our international traveller Rob Pyers back in the side, hope you had a great trip with your family and are raring to go. This week we expect a good performance as division 2 have their strongest side for many weeks, good luck.

Second Division teams:
Leads:Alex OscsikShannon WilliamsDaniel Danisch
Seconds: Don HallamIan McRaeIan Barry
Thirds:Bob GoodingRob PyersRob Clark
Skips:John MoarRic DanischBryan Beattie

Manager: David Farmer

Afternoon tea please.

I would like to thank everyone for their concern and calls last weekend, it was much appreciated.

All the best in bowls,

Kittyhawk Pete

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