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Friday 7th August 2020

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Dimboola District Tennis | Warrack Gold outlast Antwerp in thriller

 Wednesday 11th December 2019
 Dimboola and District Tennis Association

Dimboola District Tennis | Warrack Gold outlast Antwerp in thriller
Warrack Gold has maintained its lead in Dimboola and District Tennis Association, but only after a titanic struggle with Antwerp in round nine action on Saturday.

The battle between the top two sides of the competition came down to the final set of the day as Gold prevailed in a thriller by one game.

The result saw Gold win six sets, 77 games, 3.5 match points to Antwerp six sets, 76 games, 1.5 match points as Gold claimed the Mixed and Ladies’ sections and Antwerp won a clean sweep of sets in the Men’s section.

Playing four men and four ladies, Gold grabbed what turned out to be a match winning break in the mixed section when they claimed three sets to one before Antwerp hit back in the Men’s section to claim all four sets.

The result came down to the Ladies section where Gold was able win three of the four sets contested and claim the section to ensure victory.

Hopetoun maintained its presence for a top two finish when they dominated their clash with Jeparit winning all five points on offer, 12 sets, 124 games to three sets, 68 games.

Playing four men and six ladies, Hopetoun claimed the mixed section four sets to one as Bryce Day and Erin Preston teamed to win Jeparit’s only set as Hopetoun won 40 games to 21.

Hopetoun’s men proved too strong when they won three of the four sets played, 34 games to 14, while the ladies section saw some competitive matches despite Hopetoun winning five of the six sets played, 50 games to 33.

Arkona made the trip to the Brim courts which saw Brim claim the day 4.5 points to 1.5 with a thrilling tie in the Ladies section.

Brim won the day eight sets, 94 games to four sets, 74 games in a competitive day of tennis which started with a tense battle in the mixed section.

Brim prevailed three sets to one with the opening set a tight tie-breaker when Lachie Stewart and Amanda Marshman prevailed over Meaghan Pohlner and Elizabeth Klinge as the home side claimed the opening point 32 games to 25.

Brim controlled the Men’s section, winning three sets to one, as the ladies played a thrilling day of tennis where games finished even at two sets apiece.

Arkona led two sets to one, 23 games to 18 heading into the last set when Simone Lindsay and Courtney Taylor teamed to win 9-4 which levelled the section at 27 games apiece.

Another tight battle took place at Rainbow when Dimboola made the trek which saw the home side claim the day four points to one, winning seven sets, 81 games to five sets, 72 games.

Playing four men and four ladies, Rainbow started well when they claimed three mixed sets to win the opening point 33 games to 25.

From there, it was the Dimboola men and Rainbow ladies who dominated proceedings which kept the match on an even keel to the finish.

Dimboola won a clean sweep of sets in the Men’s section to win 36 games to 12, while it was a reverse in the ladies section when Rainbow won all four sets to win the section 36 games to 11.
The final result saw a tight tussle to the finish line as Rainbow prevailed by nine games.

Ladder after Round 9

Warrack Gold  35154.33

Round Nine Results

Brim 8 sets, 94 games, 4.5 points defeated Arkona 4 sets, 74 games, 0.5 points

Mixed: Lachie Stewart, Amanda Marshman d Meaghan Pohlner, Elizabeth Klinge 9-8, Cameron Blinman, Molly Stewart lost to Jonty Hunter, Tracey Jorgensen 5-9, Lachie Golder, Simone Lindsay d Evan Hunter, Olivia Jorgensen 9-1, Matt Golder, Courtney Taylor d Luke & Karen Hunter 9-7.

Men: L. Stewart, L. Golder d M. Pohlner, E. Hunter 9-3, C. Blinman, M. Golder d J. & L. Hunter 9-5, L. Stewart, C. Blinman lost to M. Pohlner, J. Hunter 8-9, L. & M. Golder d E. & L. Hunter 9-5.

Ladies: A. Marshman, S. Lindsay d E. Klinge, O. Jorgensen 9-5, M. Stewart, C. Taylor lost to T. Jorgensen, K. Hunter 6-9, A. Marshman, M. Stewart lost to E. Klinge, T. Jorgensen 3-9, S. Lindsay, C. Taylor d O. Jorgensen, K. Hunter 9-4.

Hopetoun 12 sets, 124 games, 5 points defeated Jeparit 3 sets, 68 games.

Mixed: Jacob Holm, Zali Brown d Gavin Nikkelson, Christina Henke, 9-1; Lou White, Remy George d Elly Schumann, Lou Cross 9-3, Declan Brown, Abby White lost to Bryce Day, Erin Preston 4-9, Jonty Bellinger, Vanessa Glare d Jake Smith, Neha Kovoor (sub) 9-8, Courtney Jones, Nicole McLean d Mel Butler, Montanna Hutson 9-0.

Men:> J. Holm, D. Brown d G. Nikkelson, B. Day 9-0, L. White, J. Bellinger d E. Schumann, J. Smith 9-1, J. Holm, L. White d G. Nikkelson, E. Schumann 9-4, D. Brown, J. Bellinger lost to B. Day, J. Smith 7-9.

Ladies: R. George, C. Jones d C. Henke, M. Butler 9-5, N. McLean, V. Glare d M. Hutson, E. Preston 9-6, R. George, Z. Brown d C. Henke, L. Cross 9-7, N. McLean, A. White d M. Hutson, N. Kovoor 9-5, Z. Brown, C. Jones d L. Cross, M. Butler 9-1, V. Glare, A. White lost to E. Preston, N. Kovoor 5-9.

Rainbow v Dimboola

Mixed: Simon Clugston, Penny Fisher d Jason Revell, Jenni Hauselberger 9-5, Jacob Cocks, Rowie Keller d Rob Barry, Kate Clark 9-3, Rhys Boehm, Rylee Cocks d Breanna Eldridge, Danni Taylor 9-8, Joad Fuller, Colleen Petschel lost to Ash & Issy Clugston 6-9.

Men:M S. Clugston, R. Boehm lost to A. Clugston, R. Barry 4-9, J. Cocks, J. Fuller lost to J. Revell, B. Eldridge 0-9, S. Clugston, J. Cocks lost to A. Clugston, J. Revell 4-9, R. Boehm, J. Fuller lost to R. Barry, B. Eldridge 4-9.

Ladies: P. Fisher, R. Cocks d J. Hauselberger, D. Taylor 9-7, R. Keller, C. Petschel d K. Clark, I. Clugston 9-2, P. Fisher, R. Keller d J. Hauselberger, K. Clark 9-2, R. Cocks, C. Petschel d D. Taylor, I. Clugston 9-0.

Warrack Gold 6 sets, 77 games, 3.5 match points defeated Antwerp 6 sets, 76 games, 1.5 match points.

Mixed: Warrack Gold 3 sets to Antwerp 1 set.

Men: Antwerp 4 sets to Warrack Gold 0 sets.

Women: Warrack Gold 3 sets to Antwerp 1 set.

Full details unavailable.

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