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Friday 7th August 2020

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Dimboola Bowls | Comfy win for Second Division

 Sunday 15th December 2019
 Peter O’Loughlin
 File Photo

Dimboola Bowls | Comfy win for Second Division
Read about the weekend’s bowls action in Kittyhawk Pete’s report below.
It was a tough day on the greens for division 1 when they took on Wimmera division’s top side Nhill on Nhill’s greens.

All three teams got of to a slow start and never recovered even though the team of Peter O’Loughlin, Judith Albrecht, Ron Gaulke and Merv Roberts did fight back to hit the lead by one on the second last end and have one shot on the last end with one bowl to come, the Nhill skipper drove out our shot bowl out giving Nhill three shots to win the game 22 to 20.

In the other two games the team of Geoff Gazelle, Greg Cook, Cliff Unger and Darryl Argall just couldn’t get back into a winning position to go down by seven shots 16 to 23 and the team of Alan Krahe, Darryl Both, Wayne Albrecht and Josh Cook went down by twelve shots 15 to 27 for a final result of 51 to 72.

Division One teams for next week versus Coughlin Park 1 at Dimboola

Leads:Darryl ArgallMerv RobertsJosh Cook
Seconds:Greg CookRon GaulkeWayne Albrecht
ThirdsRob PyersJudith AlbrechtDarryl Both
Skips:Geoff GazellePeter O’LoughlinAlan Krahe

Please bring afternoon tea.

It was a much better day for Second division when they defeated Sunnyside 3 by A comfy 24 shots on our local greens.

The team of Rick Danisch, Rob Pyers, Ian McRae and Shannon Williams had a great day winning by 13 shots. Then the team of Bryan Beattie, Rob Clark, Ian Barry and Daniel Danisch put Dimboola in comfortable position winning by 10 shots 31 to 21.

The team of John Moar, Bob Gooding, Don Hallam and Alex Orcsik had the close one for the day winning by one shot 29 to 28 for a total of 88 to 64, well done 2nd division and carry that good form to Goroke next week.

Division Two teams for next week versus Goroke at Goroke

Please check to see what time the cars will be leaving.

Leads:Alex OrcsikBill BallardMax Pilmore
Seconds:Max WalkerShannon WilliamsIan Barry
Thirds:John MoarDaniel DanischRob Clark
Skips:Cliff UngerRick DanischBryan Beattie

The Dimboola Bowling Club wishes everyone a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year.

Until next year, all the very best in bowling.

Kittyhawk Pete

Peter O’Loughlin

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