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Thursday 1st October 2020

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Dimboola District Tennis | Arkona outlast Dimboola in thriller

 Tuesday 11th February 2020
 Dimboola and District Tennis Association
 Wangara Consulting

Dimboola District Tennis | Arkona outlast Dimboola in thriller
After a slow start to 2020, all matches went ahead for round 12 of the Dimboola and District Tennis Association on the weekend.

The matches started with Friday night tennis at Dimboola where Arkona hosted Dimboola and Antwerp took on Rainbow.

Arkona came out of the blocks firing in the mixed section, winning five of the six sets, but Dimboola’s Rob Barry and Danni Taylor evened out the game score winning their only set for the section 9-0.

A big turnaround in the men’s section kept Dimboola’s winning hopes alive. Some solid tennis for Dimboola’s men saw them coming out four sets to two winners.

The Women’s section was extremely close ending in three sets all, with Arkona trumping on games, 39-33. Meaghan Pohlner, Tracey Jorgenson and Maree Thompson all three set winners for the day, ensuring Arkona went home with the win.

Overall it was a great night of tennis with some very close games.

It was a different story at the other end of the courts, where ladder leaders Antwerp continued to outclass their opponents.

Spectators were entertained by a rare singles match between Daniel Polack and Adam Gould, with Daniel getting the ball rolling for Antwerp winning 9-3.

Antwerp had it all their own way in the Men’s section but had to fight it out in the Women’s. Rainbow getting a couple of sets back thanks to Georgia O’Halloran and partners, only going down three sets to two, 31 games to 29.

With only two home and away matches to be played, Antwerp continue to look pretty on top of the ladder.

Warrack Gold played Jeparit in Warracknabeal in beautiful conditions for tennis on Saturday.

The mixed section was a tight battle going tit for tat levelling at three sets all, but Warrack Gold managed 45 games to 36 to get the point.

From there it was mostly Warrack Gold’s day. Numerous three set winners ensured they only dropped another two sets for the day.

It was a similar situation at Hopetoun against Brim. Hopetoun having too much depth and talent across the court in both sections that Brim couldn’t manage a win for the day.

There will be some interesting games next week leading into finals that could keep some teams’ finals chances alive.

Brim v Antwerp; Rainbow v Hopetoun; Jeparit v Dimboola; Warrack Gold v Arkona.

Ladder after Round 12

Warrack Gold   45.5147.12
Hopetoun 41.5143.68
Arkona 2893.69

Round Twelve Results

Arkona 3.5 match points, 10 sets, 117 games defeated Dimboola 1.5 match points, 8 sets, 117 games

Mixed: Russell Hunter, Meaghan Pohlner d Jason Revell, Jennie Hauselberger 9-8, Nick Pietsch, Tracey Jorgensen d Ashley Clugston, Kate 9-6, Mitchell Jorgensen, Maree Thompson d Corey Goss, Rhianna Kuhne 9-1, Jonty & Karen Hunter d J. O’Halloran, Karen Bridgewater 9-4, Evan Hunter, Joanne Wolthuis lost to Rob Barry, Danni Taylor 0-9, Tonnis Wolthuis d Jack Wood, Issy Clugston 9-7.

Men: R. Hunter, N. Pietsch lost to J. Revell, A. Clugston 4-9, J. & E. Hunter d J. O’Halloran, R. Barry 9-7, R. Hunter, M. Jorgensen lost to J. Revell, C. Goss 5-9, J. Hunter, T. Wolthuis lost to J. O’Halloran, J. Wood 3-9, M. Jorgensen, N. Pietsch d C. Goss, A. Clugston 9-6, E. Hunter, T. Wolthuis lost to R. Barry, J. Wood 3-9.

Ladies: M. Pohlner, M. Thompson d J. Hauselberger, R. Kuhne 9-1, K. Hunter, J. Wolthiis lost to K. Bridgewater, D. Taylor 2-9, M. Pohlner, T. Jorgensen d J. Hauselberger, K. Clark 9-4, K. & L. Hunter lost to K. Bridgewater, I. Clugston 6-9, T. Jorgensen, M. Thompson d K. Clark, R. Kuhne 9-1, J. Wolthuis, L. Hunter lost to D. Taylor, I. Clugston 4-9.

Warrack Gold 5 match points, 13 sets, 144 games defeated Jeparit 0 match points, 5 sets, 73 games

Mixed: Mitch Greenwood, Sarah Spicer d Rory O’Halloran, Ebony Spokes 9-3, Cameron Clyne, Lauren Kellett lost to Brett Schulz, Lou Goss 8-9, Chris Kellett, Rikki Nitschke lost to Daniel Keam, Elly Schumann 6-9, Dave Nitschke, Jan Greenwood d Gavin Nikkelson, Mel Butler 9-2, Mitch Hadley, Kirrillee Rowe d Bryce Day, Mikayla Smith 9-4, Dan McKenzie, Gen Gregson lost to Max McKenzie, Eric Preton 4-9.

Men: M. Greenwood, D. Nitschke d R. O’Halloran, D. Keam 9-6, C. Kellett, M. Hadley d G. Nikkelson, B. Day 9-1, M. Greenwood, C. Clyne d R. O’Halloran, B. Schultz 9-4, C. Kellett, D. McKenzie d G. Nikkelson, M. McKenzie 9-0, C. Clyne, D. Nitschke lost to B. Schultz, D. Keam 4-9 M. Hadley, D. McKenzie d B. Day, M. McKenzie 9-3.

Ladies: S. Spicer, R. Nitschke d E. Spokes, E. Schumann 9-1, J. Greenwood, K. Rowe d M. Butler, M. Smith 9-1, S. Spicer, L. Kellett d E. Spokes, L. Goss 9-1, J. Greenwood, G. Gregson d M. Butler, E. Preston 9-0, L. Kellett, R. Nitschke d L. Goss, E. Schumann 9-2, K. Rowe, G. Gregson lost to M. Smith, E. Preston 5-9.

Antwerp 5 match points, 14 sets, 135 games defeated Rainbow 0 match points, 3 sets, 72 games

Mixed: Singles, Daniel Polack d Adam Gould 9-3; Tim Jorgensen, Abbey Greig d Simon Clugston, Rowie Keller 9-7, Chris Avery, Carly Werner d Lucas Edelsten, Lauren Hallam 9-1, Don Clark, Heather Jorgensen d Mark & Rebecca Bastin 9-1, Daniel Greig, Emily Polack d Seamus & Georgina O’Halloran 9-1, Shane Bond, Alicia Albrecht d Basil Jorgensen (sub), Aidan Gelligen 9-3.

Men: T. Jorgensen, C. Avery d A. Gould, L. Edelsten 9-3, D. Clark, D. Greig d M. Bastin, S. O’Halloran 9-7, T. Jorgensen, D. Polack d A. Gould, S. Clugston 9-4, D. Clark, S. Bond d M. Bastin, B. Jorgensen 9-1, D. Polack, C. Avery lost to S. Clugston, L. Edelsten 5-9, D. Greig, S. Bond d S. O’Halloran, B. Jorgensen 9-3.

Ladies: A. Greig, E. Polack d R. Keller, R. Bastin 9-4, H. Jorgensen, A. Albrecht lost to G. O’Halloran, A. Gelligan 4-9, A. Greig, C. Werner d R. Keller, L. Hallam 9-7, E. Polack, A. Albrecht d R. Bastin, A. Gelligen 9-0, C. Werner, H. Jorgensen lost to L. Hallam. G. O’Halloran 0-9.

Hopetoun 5 match points, 18 sets, 162 games defeated Brim 0 match points, 0 sets, 64 games

Mixed: Jacob Holm, Courtney Jones d Lachie Stewart, Amanda Marshman 9-5, Taylor Donnan, Emma Mill d Cameron Blinman, Casey Quick 9-4, Mal & Nicole McLean d Steven Murphy, Kylie O’Connor 9-4, Coleman Schache, Jonti George d Lachie Golder, Abby White (sub) 9-1, Lou White, Lee George d Darren Marshman, Simone Lindsay 9-3, Anthony Schache, Mackenzie Bellinger d Patrick Lindsay, Tahlia Durie (sub) 9-0.

Men: J. Holm, M. McLean d L. Stewart, S. Murphy 9-6, C. Schache, L. White d L. Golder, D. Marshman 9-1, J. Holm, T. Donnan d L. Stewart, C. Blinman 9-6, C. & A. Schache d L. Golder, P. Lindsay, T. Donnan, M. McLean d C. Blinman, S. Murphy 9-2, L. White, A. Schache d D. Marshman, P. Lindsay 9-0.

Ladies: C. Jones, J. George d A. Marshman, K. O’Connor 9-4, E. Mill, L. George d T. Durie, S. Lindsay 9-8, C. Jones, N. McLean d A. Marshman, C. Quick 9-4, E. Mill, M. Bellinger d T. Durie, A. White 9-4, N. McLean, J. George d C. Quick, K. O’Connor 9-1, L. George, M. Bellinger d S. Lindsay, A. White 9-3.

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