Round eight of the night bowls competition was played this week, and the ladder positions now determine where each team will commence in the finals next Thursday.

The competition now splits into three grades based on ladder position, with the top four teams forming the A grade, teams five to eight are in B grade and teams nine to twelve make up the C grade.

In each grade team number one plays four, and two plays three. The following week the winners of the semi-finals in each grade play off to determine the A, B, and C grade premiers and the defeated teams play off for fun.

Round Eight Results

Wallup25def.  Gerang 23
Bendigo Bank  26def.S and S 19
Warreguk33def.Dim Laundromat   20
Old Dogs20def. BBs 15
Scatmen32def.Spastic Seagulls 18
Allsorts24def.V.R.I. 19

Weekly Awards

Lead - Kelly Walker
Second - Troy Menzel
Skipper - Rob Lehmann
Bendigo Bank Encouragement - Butch Nicholson

Night Competition Ladder after Round Eight


Bendigo Bank954
Old Dogs829
S. and S. 8-38
Dim Laundromat6-5
V.R.I. 4-73
Spastic Seagulls2-61