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Friday 29th May 2020

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Cricket | West Wimmera Warriors

 Monday 16th March 2020
 Wangara Consulting

Cricket | West Wimmera Warriors
The West Wimmera Warriors completed the perfect regular season with a solid 219 run victory over Jung Tigers on Saturday and will go into the semi finals next weekend from first place on the ladder.

The Warriors set the daunting total of 346 for the loss of three wickets the previous Saturday, with Mitch Dahlenburg’s 172 and Nathan Alexander’s 98 making the biggest contributions.

An early wicket by veteran Ash Dickinson and a run out orchestrated by Josh Lees and Ben Pollock saw both the Tigers’ opening batsmen back in the pavilion before their total reached 20.

A 64 run partnership for the third wicket kept them in the game, but when three wickets fell with the score at 95 and a further three fell at 118 it was only a matter of time before the innings came to an end.

The multiple wicket takers were Liam Preston, who took with 3 for 14 off 7 overs, and Nathan Alexander took two, and Dickinson, Luke Smith, Josh Cramer and Dylan Webb all took one each.

This result preserves the team’s undefeated record for the 2019/20 season, and they now go into the semi finals next weekend full of confidence.

The semi finals will be played over both Saturday and Sunday with the Warriors taking on Horsham Saints at Sunnyside Recreation Reserve, with play beginning at 1 pm on both days.

The C grade Warriors had the week off with the bye and have finished in second place on the ladder and will now meet Laharum on Davis Park in Nhill in a one day semi-final commencing at 1 pm. In the other semi final Colts take on Horsham Saints on the Dimboola Road Oval in Horsham.

Horsham Cricket Association - B Grade - Round 18 - Day two of a two-day game

West Wimmera Warriors won by 219 runs

West Wimmera Warriors 3 for 346 (M Dahlenburg 172, N Alexander 98, A Cramer 56 not out)
Jung Tigers First Innings

M Knightrun out (J Lees / B Pollock) 8
L Sonegoct. A Cramerb. A Dickinson0
S Smithct. L Prestonb. L Smith38
J Pymerct. A Dickinson   b. N Alexander   39
S Leighct. A Cramerb. L Preston13
C Maybery b. N Alexander0
A Leithct. D Webbb. J Cramer0
C Bald b. L Preston12
J Frostct. D Webbb. L Preston0
T Iredell_Burke   not out 8
N Sonego b. D Webb1
Sundries  8

West Wimmera Warriors Bowling
     O    M    R    W
J Lees92200
A Dickinson61251
L Smith50181
N Alexander60322
J Cramer   5271
L Preston73143
D Webb3.5161
B Pollock   1050


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