The Hindmarsh Landcare Network recently moved its office from Nhill into a new office located at 109 Lloyd Street in Dimboola.

Hindmarsh Landcare Network has been serving the local community for over 20 years, working with six Landcare groups in the region to encourage farmers to adopt sustainable land management practices. The network can assist landowners with pest animal and plant control, planting shelterbelts and undertaking revegetation for biodiversity.

Local Landcare groups provide an important social connection amongst rural communities, whether on-farm or in town.

The Hindmarsh Landcare Network’s long-term project, Project Hindmarsh, which for over 20 years has been working towards reconnecting the Big Desert and Little Desert through a series of biolinks across the landscape.

Above - Volunteers planting trees near the Wimmera River at Jeparit during the 2017 Project Hindmarsh planing weekend

What began as a conversation on a living room floor in 1997 has grown into one of the longest-running community planting weekends, involving hundreds of volunteers annually.

More information about the Hindmarsh Landcare Network can be obtained from their new office, or on their website