Victorian Fox and Wild Dog Bounty collections have resumed and the program has been extended from October to November 2020.

The program has been extended due to disruptions caused by the pandemic.

Hunters are encouraged to continue to collect fox scalps and wild dog body parts, while following coronavirus restrictions relevant to their area.

Pieces can be frozen or air dried and submitted for reward at an alternative collection centre or when the suspended collection centres reopen, in line with bounty terms and conditions.

All hunters are reminded to use common sense when hunting and when it comes to attending bounty collections.

Two collection dates are scheduled for the Wimmera collection site at Vectis:
180 Horsham-Noradjuha Rd, Vectis - Foxes only
  • Wednesday 28th October 2020, 1.30pm to 3.30pm
  • Wednesday 25th November 2020, 1.30pm to 3.30pm
Agriculture Victoria has a COVIDSafe Plan in place for each bounty collection centre.

If you are attending a collection centre, you must comply with coronavirus (COVID-19) restrictions including physical distancing, good hygiene practices and wearing a face mask (unless you have a lawful reason not to).