The 2020/21 Dimboola and District Tennis Associaton competition season began on Friday evening with Rainbow hosting Arkona, and continued with the three other matches played on Saturday.

Players dusted off their racquets for a very different year of tennis during the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions. Tennis Victoria has set out an extensive list of guidelines to be met by teams and players. It was disappointing, however, to learn that spectators are not allowed at courts to watch the matches.

This year all players are to wear masks and social distance until they hit the court when masks can be removed during play. Each home team is to appoint a designated COVID officer for the match. Regardless, we were all very relieved and excited when the Victorian Government announced that the regional tennis season would go ahead.

Some excellent games of tennis were played last weekend indicating a great season of tennis to follow.

Rainbow kicked off the season hosting Arkona and claiming victory on a chilly Friday night. Arkona won the Mixed winning 4 sets, 48 games to Rainbow 2 sets, 39 games with two tie-breakers being won by Rainbow. The Rainbow Men won by 4 sets, 43 games to Arkona 2 sets, 30 games. Rainbow Women were victorious winning 5 sets, 48 games to Arkona 1 set, 39 games. The overall score was Rainbow 11 sets, 130 games to Arkona 7 sets, 117 games.

On Saturday Hopetoun were hosts to Dimboola, The Mixed was won by Hopetoun 4 sets, 43 games to Dimboola 1 set, 22 games. The Men narrowly won 3 sets, 36 games to Dimboola 2 sets, 34 games. The Hopetoun Women won 4 sets, 40 games, to Dimboola 1 set, 24 games. The final score was Hopetoun 11 sets, 119 games to Dimboola 4 sets, 80 games.

Next match was Brim who was host to Jeparit. Jeparit won the Mixed 4 sets, 43 games to Brim 2 sets, 34 games. The Jeparit Men also won their match 3 sets, 44 games to Brim 3 sets, 36 games. Jeparit’s Women were victorious with 5 sets, 55 games to Brim 1 set, 31 games. Overall scores were Jeparit 12 sets 140 games to Brim 6 sets, 101 games.

The last match for the weekend was Warrack Gold hosting Antwerp. The Mixed was won by Warrack Gold 4 sets, 48 games to Antwerp 2 sets, 34 games. The Antwerp Men claimed victory with 4 sets, 52 games to Warrack Gold 2 sets, 37 games. The Warrack women came back in force to win 4 sets, 50 games to Antwerp 2 sets, 29 games. Overall scores were Warrack Gold 10 sets, 135 games to Antwerp 8 sets, 115 games.

Ladder after Round One

Warrack Gold   4117.39

Round Two - Saturday 17 October

Next week Hopetoun will take on Arkona, Brim will host Dimboola, Jeparit and Antwerp will clashon the Jeparit courts, and WarrackGold will play Rainbow, with all games played on Saturday.