Dimboola and District Tennis Association’s round three matches saw rain intervene on two matches as Warrack Gold took over ladder leadership.

A Friday night match between Rainbow and Brim at Rainbow was completely washed out due to heavy rain, while the clash of last season’s grand finalists Hopetoun and Antwerp, also on Friday night, was able to finish their mixed section before the rain set in and washed out the remainder of the match.

Warrack Gold hosted Dimboola with Warrack dominating the contest-winning 153 games, 14 sets, 5 points to Dimboola 65 games, 1 set, 0 points. Dimboola borrowed Carol Morcom and Dan McKenzie from Warrack Gold to play for their team.

Jeparit were host to Arkona with the home team winning the day 144 games, 13 sets, 4 points to Arkona 113 games, 5 sets, 1 point.

Arkona’s ladies claimed the closest section of the round when they won three sets, 45 games to three sets, 43 games. Jeparit claimed the final set 9-3 but were unable to close the margin.

The win saw Jeparit enter the top four at the expense of Brim who shared the points from their wash out.

Ladder after Round Three

Warrack Gold14   258.05

Round Three Results

Warrack Golf v Dimboola

Mixed: Mitch Greenwood, Lauren Kellett d Corey Goss, Jennie Hauselberger 9-2, Phil Huebner, Sarah Spicer d Ash Clugston, Breanna Eldridge 9-7, Chris Kellett, Lynley Clyne d Dan McKenzie (sub), Carol Morcom (sub) 9-8, Mitch Hadley, Kirrilee Rowe d Will Schilling, Kate Clark 9-3, Ben Spicer, Meg Pryor d Jason Revell, Issy Clugston 9-8.

Men: M. Greenwood, C. Kellett d C. Goss, J. Revell 9-2, M. Hadley, B. Spicer d W. Schilling, D. McKenzie 9-3, M. Greenwood, P. Huebner d C. Goss, A. Clugston 9-2, C. Kellett, B. Spicer lost to J. Revell, D. McKenzie 7-9, P. Huebner, M. Hadley d A. Clugston, W. Schilling 9-5.

Ladies: S. Spicer, L. Clyne d J. Hauselberger, C. Morcom 9-3, K. Rowe, M. Pryor d K. Clark, I. Clugston 9-4, S. Spicer, L. Kellett d J. Hauselberger, B. Eldridge 9-0, L. Clyne, M. Pryor d C. Morcom, I. Clugston 9-6, L. Kellett, K. Rowe d B. Eldridge, K. Clark 9-3.

Jeparit v Arkona
Mixed: Ben Inkster, Ebony Spokes d Russell Hunter, Meagan Pohlner 9-2, Daniel Keam, Elly Schumann lost to Nick Pietsch, Elizabeth Klinge 6-9, Rory O’Halloran, Yolande Huston d Jonty Hunter, Tracey Jorgensen 9-4, Jason Huston, Erin Preston d Johno O’Dwyer, Shannon Pietsch 9-6, Michael Preston, Mikayla Smith lost to Evan Hunter, Kaylene Pietsch 5-9, Jake Smith, Mel Butler d Luke & Karen Hunter 9-3.

Men: R. O’Halloran, D. Keam d R. & J. Hunter 9-8, J. Hutson, M. Preston d J. O’Dwyer, E. Hunter 9-6, R. O’Halloran, B. Inkster d R. Hunter, N. Pietsch 9-8, J. Huston, J. Smith d J. O’Dwyer, L. Hunter 9-7, B. Inkster, D. Keam d N. Pietsch, J. Hunter 9-4, M. Preston, J. Smith d E. & L. Hunter 9-2.

Ladies: E. Spokes, Y. Hutson lost to M. Pholner, T. Jorgensen 7-9, M. Hutler, M. Smith lost to S. & K. Pietsch 4-9, E. Spokes, E. Schumann d M. Pohlner, E. Klinge 9-7, M. Butler, E. Preston d S. Pietsch, K. Hunter 9-8, E. Schumann, Y. Hutson lost to E. Klinge, T. Jorgensen 5-9, M. Smith, E. Preston d K. Pietsch, K. Hunter 9-3.

Hopetoun v Antwerp

Mixed: Jacob Holm, Remy George d Daniel & Abbey Greig 9-7, Taylor Donnan, Trudi Hallam lost to Daniel & Emily Polack 3-9, Mal McLean, Jonti George d Shane Bond, Alisha Albrecht 9-2, Alex Kovoor, Courtney Jones d Don Clark, Heather Jorgensen 9-6, Zac Robins, Neha Kovoor lost to Chris Avery, McKenzie Bellinger (sub) 6-9, Jonty Bellinger, Bridget Williams d Ben Miller, Ant Toet 9-8.

Men: Washed out

Ladies: Washed out

Rainbow v Brim

Washed out.

Round Four - Saturday 31 October 2020

Round four will continue this weekend with Rainbow hosting Antwerp, Hopetoun travelling to Brim, Jeparit and Dimboola clashing on the former’s courts, and Arkona will take on ladder leader Warrack Gold at Anzac Park.