As Year 12 VCE students conclude their classes and focus on exam preparation, I wish them good luck and all the best.

The completion of your secondary education can be an emotional time as it marks the end of one chapter of your life.

It is also an exciting time as you look forward to the future and the many opportunities that lie ahead.

It has certainly been a school year like no other and Year 12 students have dealt with situations and uncertainty that none of us could have imagined on the first day of school this year.

In the face of the COVID-19 pandemic these students, their parents, teachers and school communities have tackled the final year of their secondary education via remote learning – a concept many of us had never heard of until this year.

Learning from home without direct interaction with teachers, classmates and friends has been extremely difficult. As the Mum of a primary school student, I certainly understand the challenges this has presented for both students and their parents.

Then to return to class and adjust to the impacts of coronavirus protocols on school life has also been challenging.

Our local year 12 students are to be commended for their adaptability and endeavour this year and I wish them all the best for their upcoming exams.

Emma Kealy
Member for Lowan