The upgrading works on the Dimboola to Rainbow railway line has reached the halfway point, with crews making it to Jeparit by Wednesday afternoon.

This project is set to be completed before the task of transporting the new season grain ramps up during harvest and will see 63,000 new sleepers inserted along the 66 kilometres of the line. Both concrete and timber sleepers are being used, and new ballast is also be added where required.

The task of delivering the sleepers has reached Antwerp, with a large stockpile appearing adjacent to the siding.

This work is in addition to the installation of 5,000 new timber sleepers earlier this year to re-open the line in late March after it had now seen any trains from June last year.

Above - Work underway in the Jeparit railway yards on Wednesday afternoon.

Grainflow is also taking the opportunity to carry out some maintenance on their rail infrastructure before harvest, with the ballast along their siding at the Dimboola Grainflow Centre to be topped up and tamped.