This letter has been contributed by Costa Di Biase, one of the three candidates for the upcoming Hindmarsh Shire Council East Ward By-Election.
I have lived in country Victoria for 13 years and I love the lifestyle. My family and I moved to the lovely town of Dimboola eight months ago from Central Victoria. I have been a candidate in the previous local and state elections and considered nominating this time as well, but don’t know many people here as the last eight months have been mainly under lock down.

As well as carefully researching and representing my local community in all matters, my particular interests lie in building local community resilience, not only to natural disasters but social ones too. I was a member of the CFA and SES till recently.

I am well aware of the challenges that face rural Victoria but we also have strengths and assets not found in bigger, denser communities, we need to look to capitalize on these and work with what we do have to overcome the challenges.

The bush fires and virus response this year have highlighted that there are pros and cons in living in the city and in the country. As a councillor I would want to support people’s decision to live in Hindmarsh Shire (especially East Ward) by ensuring there is the economic, social and infrastructure support to do so. I look forward to working with the other councillors to achieve this for everyone in Hindmarsh shire.

Costa Di Biase
Hindmarsh Shire Council - East Ward By-Election 2020

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