The Blackheath-Dimboola Bulls made a confident return to the cricket pitch after the Christmas/New Year break with a 92 run victory over Horsham Saints.

The Bulls batted first, led by Brodie Cramer’s 64 and 20 by both Harry Young and Elliot Braithwaite, posted the substantial total of 144 for the loss of seven wickets off their twenty overs.

The run chase by Horsham Saints never really took off, with Braithwaite taking the first wicket when their total was just six, and another four wickets falling before they reached 20.

By the time they lost their sixth wicket for just 23, even an unbeaten partnership of 29 for the next wicket was too little too late to keep then in the game.

Braithwaite finished with two wickets for six runs off four overs, Justin Knorpp took 2 for 6 off three overs, Brent Tough took 2 for 8 off four overs to share the six wickets to fall in the innings.

This game was the first of four Twenty20 matches that will be played to decide the two teams that will play off in the T20 grand final which is to be played on the Horsham City Oval on 14 February, and the Bulls next game is on Friday evening against Jung Tigers at Quantong.

With this solid win, Blackheath-Dimboola is sitting in second place on the T20 ladder with a good percentage, which also sits well with their current equal-second place on the One-Day ladder with four more games in this format before the semi-finals in mid-March.

Horsham Cricket Association - B Grade - Round 8 - Twenty20 Match

Blackheath-Dimboolawon by 92 runs


H Youngct. A Hedtb. J Wundke20
D Polack b. M Grace10
B Cramerct. B Stephens   b. L Pike64
E Braithwaite  ct. A Hedtb. J Joseph20
A Watt b. J Joseph2
J Beugelaar b. B Stephens  10
L Hutchinsonct. A Hedtb. L Pike2
J Knorppnot out 1
B Toughnot out 0
Sundries  15
TOTAL(20 Overs)7 for 144

Horsham Saints Bowling

     O    M    R    W
M Grace40521
B Stephens40221
J Wundke20151
L Pike41242
J Joseph41202
P Ryan  20100

Horsham Saints

B Stephens  ct. H Youngb. E Braithwaite7
P Ryan b. E Braithwaite  0
J Fitzgerald b. J Knorpp2
J Josephct. H Young   b. B Tough0
A Hedtct. D Polackb. B Tough3
K Dalgleish b. J Knorpp0
D Pikenot out    11
M Gracenot out 18
Sundries  11
TOTAL(20 Overs)6 for 52

Blackheath-Dimboola Bowling

     O    M    R    W
E Braithwaite  4362
R Somers4160
J Knorpp3162
B Tough4182
J Beugelaar30180
B Cramer2150