The 2020/21 Dimbooal District Tennis season resumed after the break on the weekend, with the run to the finals still seeing six teams in the running for places in the final four.

Round 10 with Arkona hosting Antwerp at the Dimboola Health & Fitness Centre on Friday night.

Antwerp was the stronger team on the night with the Mixed winning 5 sets, 53 games to Arkona 1 set, 30 games.

The Antwerp Men won their match 3 sets, 45 games to Arkona 3 sets, 37 games.

The Antwerp Ladies narrowly won with 4 sets, 49 games to Arkona 2 sets, 43 games.

The result was a victory to Antwerp with 5 match points, 12 sets, 147 games to Arkona 0 match points, 6 sets, 110 games.

The other match scheduled for Friday night was Rainbow taking on Dimboola but Rainbow forfeited due to lack of player numbers.

On Saturday, Jeparit were host to Hopetoun. Hopetoun was the stronger team on the day winning the Mixed 4 sets, 47 games to Jeparit 2 sets, 26 games.

Hopetoun Men were very strong winning 6 sets, 54 games to Jeparit 0 sets, 15 games.

The Hopetoun Women narrowly won theirs 2 sets, 44 games to Jeparit 4 sets, 40 games. The overall score was Hopetoun 4 match points, 12 sets, 145 games to Jeparit 1 match point, 6 sets, 81 games.

Warrack Gold was host to Brim on Saturday.

Warrack Gold Mixed won their match 5 sets, 50 games to Brim 1 sets, 29 games.

Warrack Men had a good win with 5 sets, 53 games to Brim 1 sets, 33 games and their Women also won theirs 3 sets, 34 games to Brim 2 sets, 26 games.

The overall score was Warrack Gold 5 match points, 13 sets, 137 games to Brim 0 match point, 4 sets, 88 games.

Ladder after Round 10

Antwerp38.5  142.97
Warrack Gold35.5175.93


Warrack Gold 5 points, 13 sets, 137 games d Brim 0 points, 4 sets, 88 games

Singles: Sean McKenzie d Lachie Stewart 9-5.

Mixed: Mitch Greenwood, Rikki Nitschke lost to Cam Blinman, Sarah Spicer (sub) 5-9, Dan McKenzie, Jan Greenwood d Josiah Keam, Kylie O’Connor 9-3, Cameron & Lynley Clyne d Kyle George, Molly Stewart 9-6, Mitch Hadley, Kirrilee Rowe d Lachie Golder, Kat Bardell 9-3, David Nitschke, Nicola Clyne d Jarve Beney, Merrily Keam 9-3.

Men: S. & D. McKenzie d L. Stewart, J. Keam 9-7, C. Clyne, D. Nitschke d K. George, L. Golder 9-7, S. McKenzie, M. Greenwood d L. Stewart, C. Blinman 9-2, C. Clyne, M. Hadley lost to K. George, J. Beney 8-9, M. Greenwood, D. McKenzie d C. Blinman, J. Keam 9-6, D. Nitschke, M. Hadley d L. Golder, J. Beney 9-2.

Ladies: R. Nitschke, L. Clyne lost to S. Spicer, M. Stewart 5-9, K. Rowe, N. Clyne d K. Bardell, M. Keam 9-2, R. Nitschke, J. Greenwood lost to S. Spicer, K. O’Connor 2-9, L. & N. Clyne d M. Stewart, M. Keam 9-1, J. Greenwood, K. Rowe d K. O’Connor, K. Bardell 9-5.

Jeparit 1 points, 6 sets, 81 games lost to Hopetoun 4 points, 12 sets, 145 games

Mixed: Rory O’Halloran, Ebony Spoke lost to Jacob Holm, Remy George 1-9, Brett Schulze, Lu Cross lost to Taylor Donnan, Trudi Cook 5-9, Jason Hutson, Elly Schumann lost to Mal McLean, Abby White 2-9, Mick Preston, Yolande Hutson d Jonty Bellinger, Courtney Jones 9-6, Bo Smith, Erin Preston d Lou White, Taela McLean 9-5, Jake Smith, Maddi Price lost to Nathan & Bridget Williams 0-9.

Men: R. O’Halloran, J. Hutson lost to J. Holm, J. Bellinger 4-9, M. Preston, B. Smith lost to T. Donnan, L. White 3-9, R. O’Halloran, B. Schulze lost to J. Holm, M. McLean 2-9, M. Preston, J. Smith lost to T. Donnan, N. Williams 0-9, B. Schulze, J. Hutson lost to M. McLean, J. Bellinger 4-9, B. & J. Smith lost to L. White, N. Williams 2-9.

Ladies: E. Spokes, L. Cross d R. George, C. Jones 9-7, Y. Hutson, E. Preston lost to A. White, B. Williams 3-9, E. Spokes, E. Schumann d R. George, T. Cook 9-7, Y. Hutson, M. Price lost to A. White, T McLean 1-9, E. Schumann, L. Cross d T. Cook, C. Jones 9-6, E. Preston, M. Price d B. Williams, T. McLean 9-6.

Arkona 0 points, 6 sets, 110 games lost to Antwerp 5 points, 12 sets, 14 games

Mixed: Russell Hunter, Meaghan Pohlner lost to Daniel & Emily Polack 7-9, Mitchell Jorgensen, Elizabeth Klinge lost to Chris & Tahlia Avery 6-9, Jonty Hunter, Tracey Jorgensen lost Don Clark, Heather Jorgensen 0-9, John O’Dwyer, Megan Hutchinson lost to Shane Bond, Alicia Albrecht 5-9, Evan Hunter, Joanne Wolthuis lost to Simon Albrecht, Ant Toet 3-9, Tonnis & Petra Wolthuis d Basil Jorgensen, Sonia Avery 9-8.

Men: M. Jorgensen, J. Hunter lost to D. Polack, D. Clark 2-9, J. O’Dwyer, E. Hunter d S. Bond, S. Albrecht 9-6, M. Jorgensen, R. Hunter lost to D. Polack, C. Avery 8-9, J. O’Dwyer, T. Wolthuis d S. Bond, B. Jorgensen 9-7, R. & J. Hunter lost to C. Avery, D. Clark 0-9, E. Hunter, T. Wolthuis d S. Albrecht, B. Jorgensen 9-5.

Ladies: M. Pohlner, T. Jorgensen lost to E. Polack, T. Avery 8-9, M. Hutchinson, P. Wolthuis d H. Jorgensen, A. Toet 9-6, M. Pohlner, E. Klinge d E. Polack, A. Albrecht 9-7, M. Hutchinson, J. Wolthuis lost to H. Jorgensen, S. Avery 6-9, E. Klinge, T, Jorgensen lost to A. Albrecht, T, Avery 3-9, P. & J. Wolthuis lost to A. Toet, S. Avery 8-9.

Dimboola d Rainbow on forfeit.