Rounds eleven produced some thrilling tennis, with the first draw of the season in the Dimboola and District Tennis Association competition, and Hopetoun moved back to the top of the ladder, half a point ahead of Antwerp.

Warrack Gold and Jeparit played out a thriller at Anzac Park on Saturday with the final result was not known until the final set was played which saw the teams locked together on nine sets apiece with Jeparit finishing one game ahead in the total number of games won.

Warrack Gold mixed won their match 4 sets, 42 games to Jeparit 2 sets, 34 games. The Jeparit men had a good win with 4 sets, 46 games to Warrack Gold 2 sets, 27 games.

The Warrack women narrowly won their section 3 sets, 48 games to Jeparit 3 sets, 38 games. The overall score was a draw with Warrack Gold 2.5 match points, 9 sets, 117 games to Jeparit 2.5 match points, 9 sets, 118 games.

Hopetoun were hosts to Rainbow on Friday night under stormy weather conditions.

Hopetoun were winners on the night with the mixed winning 5 sets, 47 games to Rainbow 1 set, 15 games. The Hopetoun men won their match 6 sets, 54 games to Arkona 3 sets, 37 games.

The Hopetoun ladies won with 5 sets, 50 games to Rainbow 1 sets, 28 games. The overall score was Hopetoun with 5 match points, 16 sets, 157 games to Rainbow 0 match points, 2 sets, 73 games.

Also on Friday night Dimboola and Arkona played between showers and wind.

Arkona were winners on the night with mixed winning 5 sets, 52 games to Dimboola 1 set, 29 games. The Arkona men won 5 sets, 48 games to Dimboola 1 set, 35 games.

The Arkona women were also strong on the night winning 5 sets, 47 games to Dimboola 1 set, 29 games. The overall score was Arkona with 5 match points, 15 sets, 147 games to Dimboola 0 match points, 3 sets, 93 games.

On Saturday, Brim were host to Antwerp with the visitors winning their mixed by 5 sets, 46 games to Brim 1 set, 29 games. The Brim men were very strong winning 6 sets, 54 games to Antwerp 0 sets, 40 games.

The Antwerp women played a strong match winning the section 6 sets, 54 games to Brim 0 sets, 14 games. The overall score was Antwerp 4 match points, 11 sets, 140 games to Brim 1 match point, 7 sets, 97 games.

Ladder after Round Eleven

Hopetoun43  135.82
Warrack Gold  38163.2


Warrack Gold 2.5 points, 9 sets, 117 games drew Jeparit 2.5 points, 9 sets, 118 games

Mixed: Mitch Greenwood, Lauren Kellett d Rory O’Halloran, Ebony Spokes 9-3, Dan McKenzie, Rikki Nitschke d Daniel Keam, Elly Schumann 9-2, Dave Nitschke, Linley Clyne d Ben & Max Inkster 9-6, Mitch Hadley, Kirrilee Rowe d Jason Hutson, Rebecca Schultz 9-5, Chris Kellett, Macie Nitschke lost to Michael Preston, Yolande Hutson 6-9, Harry Allan, Nicola Clyne lost to Brett Schultz, Montanna Hutson 0-9.

Men: M. Greenwood, D. Nitschke d R. O’Halloran, D. Keam 9-5, C. Kellett, M. Hadley lost to J. Hutson, M. Preston 4-9, M. Greenwood, D. McKenzie d R. O’Halloran, B. Inkster 9-5, C. Kellett, H. Allan lost to J. Hutson, B. Schultz 3-9, D. McKenzie, D. Nitschke lost to B. Inkster, D. Keam 2-9, M. Hadley, H. Allan lost to M. Preston, B. Schultz 0-9.

Ladies: L. Kellett, K. Rowe d E. Spokes, M. Inkster 9-6, R. Nitschke, N. Clyne lost to R. Schultz, Y. Hutson 8-9, L. Kellett, L. Clyne d E. Spokes, E. Schumann 9-0, R. & M. Nitschke d R. Schultz, M. Hutson 9-5, L. Clyne, K. Rowe lost to E. Schumann, M. Inkster 5-9, N. Clyne, M. Nitschke lost to Y. & M. Hutson 8-9.

Antwerp 4 points, 11 sets, 140 games d Brim 1 point, 7 sets, 97 games

Mixed: Lachie Stewart, Levi Keam d Tim Jorgensen, Abbey Greig 9-1, Cam Blinman, Molly Stewart lost to Chris Avery, Emily Polack 1-9, Kyle George, Kiani Stewart lost to Don Clark, Heather Jorgensen 7-9, Hugh Keam, Tia Credlin lost to Daniel Greig, Tahlia Avery 4-9, Patrick Lindsay, Merrily Keam lost to Ash Avery, Lucinda Newton 3-9, Josiah Keam, Amber O’Connor lost to Basil Jorgensen, Sonia Avery 5-9.

Men: L. Stewart, K. George d T. Jorgensen, D. Greig 9-8, H. Keam, P. Lindsay d D. Clark, A. Avery 9-7, L. Stewart, C. Blinman d T. Jorgensen, C. Avery 9-7, H. & J. Keam d D. Clark, B. Jorgensen 9-5, C. Blinman, K. George d C. Avery, D. Greig 9-5, P. Lindsay, J. Keam d A. Avery, B. Jorgensen 9-8.

Ladies: L. Keam, K. Stewart lost to A. Greig, T. Avery 2-9, T. Credlin, M. Keam lost to H. Jorgensen, L. Newton 2-9, L. Keam, M. Stewart lost to A. Greig, E. Polack 2-9, T. Credlin, A. O’Connor lost to H. Jorgensen, S. Avery 2-9, M. & K. Stewart lost to E. Polack, T. Avery 2-9, M. Keam, A. O’Connor lost to L. Newton, S. Avery 4-9.

Dimboola 0 points, 3 sets, 93 games lost to Arkona 5-15-147games

Mixed: Will Schilling, Jennie Hauselberger lost to Russell Hunter, Meaghan Pohlner 2-9, Isaac & Breanna Eldridge d Mitchell Jorgensen, Elizabeth Klinge 9-7, Ash & Issy Clugston lost to Nick Pietsch, Megan Hutchinson 0-9, Jason & Olivia Revell lost to Johno O’Dwyer, Kayelene Pietsch 7-9, Chris Hauselberger, Billie Barber lost to Jonty Hunter, Laura Herben 3-9, Lenny Eldridge, Becky Barry lost to Evan Hunter, Joanne Wolthuis 8-9.

Men: A. Clugston, W. Schilling lost to M. Jorgensen, N. Pietsch 8-9, I. Eldridge, C. Hauselberger d J. Hunter, J. O’Dwyer 9-3, A. Clugston, J. Revell lost to M. Jorgensen, R. Hunter 7-9, I. & L. Eldridge lost to J. & E. Hunter 5-9, J. Revell, W. Schilling lost to R. Hunter, N. Pietsch 4-9, C. Hauselberger, L. Eldridge lost to J. O’Dywer, E. Hunter 2-9.

Ladies: J. Hauselberger, I. Clugston lost to M. Pohlner, M. Hutchinson 1-9, B. Barry, B. Barber lost to K. Pietsch, L. Herben 3-9, J. Hauselberger, B. Eldridge d M. Pohlner, E. Klinge 9-2, B. Barry, O. Revell lost to K. Pietsch, J. Wolthuis 5-9, B. Eldridge, I. Clugston lost to E. Klinge, M. Hutchinson 7-9, B. Barber, O. Revell lost to L. Herben, J. Wolthuis 4-9.

Hopetoun 5 points, 16 sets, 157 games d Rainbow 0 points, 2 sets, 73 games

Mixed: Jacob Holm, Remy George d Lucas Edelsten, Rowie Keller 9-0, Coleman Schache, Jonty George d Will Batson, Rylee Cocks 9-2, Jonty Bellinger, Vanessa Glare lost to Rory O’Halloran (sub), Shiarne Petschel (sub) 2-9, Zac Robins, Mackenzie Bellinger d Liam Preston (sub), Cooper Stasinowsky 9-2, Anthony Schache, Abby White d Rhys Boehm, Georgina O’Halloran 9-2, Tristan Glare, Nicole McLean d Aiden Gelligen, Sophie Thomas 9-0.

Men: J. Holm, J. Bellinger d L. Edelsten, R. O’Halloran 9-8, Z. Robins, A. Schache d L. Preston, R. Boehm 9-0, J. Holm, C. Schache d L. Edelsten, W. Batson 9-6, Z. Robins, T. Glare d L. Preston, A. Gelligen 9-8, C. Schache, J. Bellinger d W. Batson, R. O’Halloran 9-6, A. Schache, T. Glare d R. Boehm, A. Gelligen 9-2.

Ladies: R. George, M. Bellinger d R. Keller, S. Petschel 9-5, A. White, V. Glare lost to S. Stasinowsky, G. O’Halloran 5-9, R. & J. George d R. Keller, R. Cocks 9-0, A. White, N. McLean d C. Stasinowsky, S. Thomas 9-6, J. George, M. Bellinger d R. Cocks, S. Petschel 9-3, V. Glare, N. McLean d G. O’Halloran, S. Thomas 9-5.