The last round of the home and away games for the Dimboola & District Tennis Association for season 2020-21 were held last weekend.

The story of the round saw Jeparit qualify for its first finals series of the new competition after cementing its fourth placing with a point against Warrack Gold.

It was all Jeparit needed to acquire to take their place in the finals series and will now play minor premier Hopetoun in the first round of finals in a fortnight’s time.

Round 14 started on Friday night with Rainbow being hosts to Hopetoun. The Mixed was won by Hopetoun with 6 sets, 54 games to Rainbow 0 sets, 25 games.

The Hopetoun men were strong winning 6 sets, 54 games to Rainbow 0 sets, 20 games. The Hopetoun ladies were also strong with 6 sets, 54 games to Rainbow 0 sets, 27 games.

The overall score was Hopetoun with 5 match points, 18 sets, 162 games to Rainbow 0 match points, 0 sets, 72 games.

Also on Friday night, Arkona were host to Dimboola. Arkona Mixed won with 3 sets, 39 games to Dimboola 2 sets, 29 games.

The Dimboola men won 4 sets, 46 games to Arkona 2 sets, 40 games. The Arkona ladies were stronger with 3 sets, 33 games to Dimboola 1 set, 21 games.

The overall score was Arkona with 4 match points, 8 sets, 112 games to Dimboola 1 match point, 7 sets, 96 games.

On Saturday, Antwerp were host to Brim. The Antwerp Mixed won 5 sets, 51 games to Brim 1 set, 27 games.

The Brim men hit back to claim a narrowly win with 4 sets, 49 games to Antwerp 2 sets, 45 games. The Antwerp ladies played a very strong match winning theirs 5 sets, 53 games to Brim 1 set, 16 games.

The overall score was Antwerp with 4 match points, 12 sets, 149 games to Brim 1 match point, 6 sets, 92 games.

Also on Saturday, Jeparit hosted Warrack Gold. Warrack won their Mixed match 5 sets, 47 games to Jeparit 1 set, 24 games.

The Jeparit men claimed their vital point with a narrow win with 3 sets, 46 games to Warrack 3 sets, 43 games. The Warrack ladies had a strong win with 5 sets, 51 games to Jeparit 1 set, 14 games.

The overall score was Warrack Gold with 4 match points, 13 sets, 141 games to Jeparit 1 match points, 5 sets, 84 games.

There will be a break for the Long Weekend then the first and second semi-finals will be held on Saturday 13th March.

Hopetoun will play Jeparit at Hopetoun and Antwerp will play Warrack Gold at the Dimboola Health & Fitness Centre Courts.

The Grand Final will be held on Saturday 20th March, 2021. Details regarding the Grand Final will be advised following the results of the semi’s.

Final 2020/21 Ladder

Hopetoun55.5  157.16
Warrack Gold  49.5157.47

Round Fourteen Results

Jeparit 1 point, 5 sets, 84 games lost to Warrack Gold 4 points, 13 sets, 141 games

Mixed: Rory O’Halloran, Luarna Cross lost to Mitch Greenwood, Sarah Spicer 2-9, Ben Inkster, Bec Schultz lost to Dan McKenzie, Emma Koschitzke 7-9, Daniel Keam, Erin Preston lost to Dave Nitschke, Lauren Kellett 2-9, Jason Hutson, Mikayla Smith lost to Chris Kellett, Rikki Nitschke 2-9, Michael Preston, Yolande Hutson d Dan Hunter, Jan Greenwood 9-2, Jake Smith, Montanna Hutson lost to Cameron Clyne, Macie Nitschke 2-9.

Men: R. O’Halloran, D. Keam lost to M. Greenwood, D. Nitschke 8-9, J. Hutson, M. Preston d C. Kellett, C. Clyne 9-4, R. O’Halloran, B. Inkster lost to M. Greenwood, D. McKenzie 4-9, J. Hutson, J. Smith lost to C. Kellett, D. Hunter 7-9, B. Inkster, D. Keam d D. McKenzie, D. Nitschke 9-4, M. Preston, J. Smith d C. Clyne, D. Hunter 9-8.

Ladies: L. Cross, Y. Hutson lost to S. Spicer, L. Kellett 2-9, E. Preston, M. Hutson lost to R. Nitschke, J. Greenwood 1-9, L. Cross, B. Schultz lost to S. Spicer, E. Koschitzke 0-9, E. Preston, M. Smith d R. & M. Nitschke 9-6, B. Schultz, Y. Hutson lost to E. Koschitzke, L. Kellett 0-9, M. Hutson, M. Smith lost to J. Greenwood, M. Nitschke 2-9.

Antwerp 4 points, 12 sets, 149 games d Brim 1 point, 6 sets, 107 games

Mixed: Tim Jorgensen, Tahlia Avery d Kyle George, Molly Stewart 9-4, Chris Avery, Emily Polack d Hugh Keam, Tia Credlin 9-3, Shane Bond, Alicia Albrecht d Josiah Keam, Erin Slater 9-3, Simon Albecht, Heather Jorgensen d Paul Slater, Elysia Preston 9-5, Ash Avery, Lucinda Newton d Jeremy Preston, Jarve Beney 9-5, Basil Jorgensen, Vinnie Baker lost to Aiden Credlin, Amber O’Connor 6-9.

Men: T. Jorgensen, S. Bond d K. George, J. Keam 9-7, S. Albrecht, A. Avery lost to P. Slater, J. Preston 4-9, T. Jorgensen, C. Avery lost to K. George, H. Keam 7-9, S. Albrecht, B. Jorgensen lost to P. Slater, A. Credlin 8-9, C. Avery, S. Bond lost to H. & J. Keam 8-9, A. Avery, B. Jorgensen d J. Preston, A. Credlin 9-6.

Ladies: E. Polack, T. Avery d M. Stewart, E. Preston 9-1, H. Jorgensen, L. Newton d T. Credlin, A. O’Connor 9-1, E. Polack, A. Albrecht d M. Stewart, E. Preston 9-2, H. Jorgensen, V. Baker lost to T. Credlin, J. Beney 8-9, A. Albrecht, T. Avery d E. & E. Preston 9-2, L. Newton, V. Baker d A. O’Connor, J. Beney 9-1.

Arkona 4 points, 8 sets, 112 games d Dimboola 1 point, 7 sets, 96 games

Mixed: Russell Hunter, Meaghan Pohlner lost to Ash Clugston, Breanna Eldridge 4-9, Mitchell & Tracey Jorgensen d Will Schilling, Jennie Hauselberger 9-3, Evan Hunter, Megan Hutchinson lost to Jason Revell, Issy Clugston 8-9, Luke Hunter, Laura Herben d Lenny Eldridge, Kate Clark 9-3, Jonty Hunter, Johno O’Dwyer d Corey Goss, Isaac Eldridge 9-5.

Men: M. Jorgensen, J. Hunter lost to A. Clugston, C. Goss 8-9, J. O’Dywer, E. Hunter lost to I. Eldridge, W. Schilling 1-9, M. Jorgensen, R. Hunter d A. Clugston, J. Revell 9-4, J. O’Dywer, L. Hunter d I. & L. Eldridge 9-6, R. & J. Hunter lost to J. Revell, C. Goss 5-9, E. & L. Hunter lost to W. Schilling, L. Eldridge 8-9.

Ladies: M. Pohlner, M. Hutchinson d B. Eldridge, I. Clugston 9-1, T. Jorgensen, L. Herben d J. Hauselberger, K. Clark 9-8, M. Pohlner, T. Jorgensen lost to B. Eldridge, J. Hauselberger 6-9, M. Hutchinson, L. Herben d I. Clugston, K. Clark 9-3.

Rainbow 0 points, 0 sets, 72 games lost to Hopetoun 5 points, 18 sets, 162 games

Mixed: Will Batson, Rowena Keller lost to Jacob Holm, Remy George 6-9, Rory O’Halloran (sub), Jacinta Effrett lost to Mal McLean, Jonti George 8-9, Liam Preston (sub), Colleen Petschel lost to Lou White, Trudi Cook 5-9, Rhys Boehm, Georgina O’Halloran lost to Jonty Bellinger, Courtney Jones 3-9, Kodi Effrett, Cooper Stasinowsky lost to Zac Robins, Nicole McLean 1-9, Anthony Effrett, Sophie Thomas lost to Alex Kovoor, Tahlia Durie 2-9.

Men: W. Batson, L. Preston lost to J. Holm, L. White 4-9, R. Boehm, K. Effrett lost to J. Bellinger, Z. Robins 3-9, W. Batson, R. O’Halloran lost to J. Holm, M. McLean 2-9, R. Boehm, A. Effrett lost to J. Bellinger, A. Kovoor 3-9, R. O’Halloran, L. Preston lost to M. McLean, L. White 7-9, K. & A. Effrett lost to Z. Robins, A. Kovoor 1-9.

Ladies: R. Keller, C. Petschel lost to R. & J. George 4-9, G. O’Halloran, C. Stasinowsky lost to C. Jones, T. Durie 8-9, R. Keller, J. Effrett lost to R. George, T. Cook 7-9, G. O’Halloran, S. Thomas lost to C. Jones, N. McLean 3-9, J. Effrett, C. Petschel lost to T. Cook, J. George 2-9, C. Stasinowsky, S. Thomas lost to T. Durie, N. McLean 3-9.