The Blackheath-Dimboola Bulls confirmed their place in the Horsham Cricket Association’s B grade semi-finals with a win over Horsham Saints this afternoon.

Needing to win the game to ensure pushing their season past the end of the home and away rounds, the Bulls confidently took on the Saints on the local ground in perfect conditions for cricket.

The road to victory began when captain Robert Somers called correctly at the toss and gave his batsmen the chance to set a target.

The loss of two early wickets was only a minor setback as innings high scorer Elliot Braithwaite then combined to put on 52 for the third wicket with Brodie Cramer (25) and 42 with Sam Polack (19) for the fourth wicket.

When he was the sixth batsman dismissed, Braithwaite had contributed 55 runs to the team’s eventual total of 137 for the loss of 8 wickets in their 40 overs.

Although this was not an imposing total to defend, the Bull’s set about earning their place in the finals with some tight bowling and equally impressive fielding.

All seven bowlers used shared the wickets, and six fieldsmen held onto seven catches, and the team only conceded three sundries.

Only one of the Saints’ batsmen made double figures, with Mark Crafter contributing two-thirds of his team’s 68 runs with 46.

Brent Tough was the best of the bowlers with two wickets for six runs off 2.4 overs, but Harry Young (2/19) and Brodie Cramer (2/23) also impressed with the ball.

Sam Polack, Somers, Braithwaite, and Archie Watt all took one wicket each.

The team now will wait on the other results from this round to find out who they will take on in the semi-finals next Saturday.

Horsham Cricket Association - B Grade - Round 15 - Limited Overs Match

Blackheath-Dimboola won by 69 runs


H Young b. B Sleep5
D Polackct. ?b. B Sleep6
B Cramerct. P Ryanbb. G Hughes25
E Braithwaite  ct. G Hughesb. B Hamerston  55
S Polackct. G Hughesb. B Stephens19
A Wattct. B Sleepb. P Ryan0
J Knorpprun out (B Sleep)    9
G O’Connornot out 3
B Tough b. N Groves3
R Somersnot outb. H Millar1
Sundries  11
TOTAL(40 Overs)8 for 137

Horsham Saints Bowling

     O    M    R    W
B Hamerston  82151
B Sleep81232
B Stephens82111
G Hughes50381
M Crafter3080
P Ryan60261
N Groves2091

Horsham Saints

B Stephensct. A Wattb. S Polack0
B Sleep b. R Somers0
M Crafter   46
P Ryanct. R Somersb. B Cramer9
L Crutect. B Cramerb. H Young0
M Grace&bb. B Cramer2
B Hamerston  ct. S Polackb. E Braithwaite1
J Hamerstonct. D Polackb. A Watt0
N Grovesct. D Polackb. B Tough0
G Hughesct. E Braithwaite   b. B Tough7
T Schultznot out    0
Sundries  3
TOTAL(26.4 Overs)68

Blackheath-Dimboola Bowling

     O    M    R    W
S Polack80542
R Somers  84272
E Braithwaite70323
H Young81301
B Cramer  62290